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Shopping e volution


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Shopping evolution is new technologies for your eCommerce business, telling your customer what to buy or listening him/her? Read More to know more about Glabex innovative ebusiness platform

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Shopping e volution

  3. 3. All around US Glabex Connects local retailers and gives them the power to fight back against supermarkets online shops
  4. 4., the US’s first website designed to showcase local, independent shops, launches in August 1st 2013
  5. 5. For the first time, shoppers can pop to their trusted Brand whatever the weather, any time of the day or night via a PC, smartphone or tablet computer.
  6. 6. Shoppers can browse and buy the same carefully-selected products they would if they visited the shops in person, with the same feel of shopping on the High Street. Time-pressed customers can then arrange to Click & Collect or opt for delivery to their door.
  7. 7. Local shops can join and become professional online retailers within 24 hours
  8. 8. Retailers pay nothing upfront and no ongoing fees, NO commission from each sale
  9. 9. “ Keven Mrcoy says: US has a long and proud heritage of independent stores, and is one of the reasons it remains a great attraction for the thousands of visitors who come here every year. Residents have also done a tremendous job of supporting their local independent retailers over the years and continue to do so. “ “
  10. 10. The Difference “ However, the city's retailers are not immune to the trend of online shopping, which is why I am so supportive of and its efforts to help local retailers help themselves to compete with supermarkets, malls and internet shopping sites.