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Modern and interactive web presence helps you


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Looking for ways to expand your business? Get online in minutes, sell your products with ease?
glabex is your solution,
Glabex is free eCommerce social business website, provides all tools to succeed in your business!!

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Modern and interactive web presence helps you

  1. 1. Modern and Interactive Web presence helps You Showcase your Busienss
  2. 2. with - Create a powerful webresence - Enchance your company's ranking on search engines - Manage oyur social media accounts - Integrate with eCommerce - Manage your action and coupon campaigns - Manage your clint, finince and real time analytics
  3. 3. • Social Hub Get Started
  4. 4. Social Hub Target your website audience with your social media marketing. - bring the marketing effort put into social media back onto the website Make the most of each post - utilize the content posted on each social network to the maximize the benefit Increase engagement - create more opportunities for a customer to interact with a brand, whether it be through a retweet, or a shared Facebook post Increase sales - link your social hub to your product lising on Glabex, integrate with actions, media campaignss Get Started
  5. 5. MARKETPLACE • Build Your Store • Sell inline Instantly • Sell on social websites • Engage with your customer • CRM platform included Glabex allows different sellers to sell items directly to customers Glabex offers easy e-commerce solutions for any kind of business. With No listing fee With No selling fee Get Started
  6. 6. Business Directory - Get found - Update your business info cross social platforms - Allow your customers to participate in your social life - Post your store on you business site - Get all your colleagues and peers together to promote your business and answer questions Get Started