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Get your Company Page

Many users can easily land on your page through simple Glabex browsing.
Glabex e-business platform is free for any company.
Every employee has the opportunity to promote your company

Create Roles and assign responsibilities to your team
You can describe your various products as a whole

Glabex offers a robust product
awareness perspective

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  1. 1. E-Business Solutions
  2. 2. Online Presence Whatever you need for your business is always with you in the cloud
  3. 3. Whatever you need whenever you need
  4. 4. Easy Accessible Get your Company Page Many users can easily land on your page through simple Glabex browsing
  5. 5. Time Sufficient Manage you web presence from one spot instantly YOUR Glabex profile is connected to all social profiles you have
  6. 6. Cost Efficient Glabex e-business platform is free for any company
  7. 7. Flexibility Every employee has the opportunity to promote your company Create Roles and assign responsibilities to your team
  8. 8. What Glabex consists of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  9. 9. What Else
  10. 10. Product Awareness Company Pages on Glabex provide a section for talking about specific products. You can describe your various products as a whole Glabex offers a robust product awareness perspective
  11. 11. SELL on Glabex Create product listing Import products form csv/text files in bulk Sell them online for free of charge! Set up your professional store You have never get this opportunity before
  12. 12. Define your target audience Let your Customers learn about the products and services your company offers Show how many of their connections have recommended these products
  13. 13. Search Engine Optimization You Glabex Products and Company Page appear in search results
  14. 14. Web Visibility By having a Glabex Company Page, you will greatly increase your visibility across the web Additionally, Glabex search engine allows anybody search for your products and service
  15. 15. Social SYNC Sync and manage all your social activity cross several platforms: Company Updates Product Comments Couponed Offers Employee updates Customer Updates When you post updates to Glabex, just as you would on Facebook or Google+, they are automatically appear cross your social page.
  16. 16. Drive a huge amounts of traffic and leads Your Products page has huge opportunity for lead generation with its call-to-action capabilities. The product, service and offer tabs, help you find the right people with a high interest in what your company has to offer. Company updates as well as a trusted recommendations from fans and recognizable connections.
  17. 17. What is your Glabex Company page? “ Glabex Company Pages tell your company’s story and help you generate leads.
  18. 18. What s Glabex Company page? Overview| Company Description Store | Products and service you company has to offer Career | Job Postings you company have to Social Hub | News, updates HUB Analytics | Insights of your sales, visitors and leads Employee Insights | The list of your company’s key employees Offers | The list of your couponed offers and promotions Contact Info | Your company physical location Media library | The cloud based media files
  19. 19. Company page| For Marketers Excellent opportunities to Highlight products and services, Tell your company’s story, Generate leads, Engage with your audience, Share career opportunities within your company Drive word of mouth at scale.
  20. 20. Company page| For Your Customers Excellent opportunities to Conduct product and service Buy products online Ger services online Get updates of new products Read product reviews Get in touch with sales team Company page
  21. 21. Company Overview Section The Overview space is incredibly important for making a good first impression. Why should someone become interested in your company? When was the company founded? By whom? Has your company accomplished anything noteworthy since the first day?
  22. 22. Career Section • If you want to become the company that everyone wants to work for, your Careers Tab is absolutely essential. • Help your audience understand your company’s culture and available career opportunities. • Post jobs with descriptions and requirements • Use Job Analytics tool to see exactly who has viewed your job, how closely they match your posting.
  23. 23. Post Jobs As mentioned before, you are allowed to post openings at your company. While your company may already have various methods of announcing that you’re hiring, Glabex allows you to populate your job posting into different sources automatically based on promotion plan you’ve selected. Basic publishing on you page is free of charge.
  24. 24. Post now click on the button that says, “Post a job.” Pop up page allows you to write a detailed description for your job and post it. This feature is free.
  25. 25. Job Posting Analytics When you want to dig deeper and understand who is viewing your job posts to follow up with this person find go to the job posting analytics
  26. 26. Products Services Showcase Your Products (or Services) tab is a great place to collect recommendations • Enables you to drive traffic back to your Store • Ultimately drive sales. • 70% of people follow links posted by friends and family • Users have the ability to see recommendations from trusted people • Follow recommendations and buy your goods here in your store.
  27. 27. Analytics Get analytics about all aspects of your business: Company update engagement Follower demographics Company update impressions Profile visitors Profile followers The great thing about Page Analytics is that it shows page views and unique visitors by tab and how many clicks you’ve received on your Products page.
  28. 28. What Analytics gives to you? You are able to take an even deeper dive into your page analytics by viewing engagement by clicks, likes, comments, shares, and percentage
  29. 29. Insights So you understand a bit more about your followers and page visitors, but you’d like to learn more about what makes your business actually run. Who are the people that help make the company function and what are they all about? With Insights, you can learn about company’s employees – Company Soul. Study profiles, top skills and expertise these employees have.
  30. 30. OverView Page Tell more about your company, the history, people, opportunities, products , industries. Share more information. Think how you company could be interested to the different people.
  31. 31. Company Updates Share with a “targeted audience” Share with “all followers” Share with individuals Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Get your news back to your Company page on Share pictures Share videos Share Documents Share Tasks
  32. 32. Store or Product Listing RIGHT! You can sell on Glabex! Product listing is free as well as selling online is free! Also you can set up your professional store with your own url and sell up to 10000 products monthly!
  33. 33. Get product online instantly Step by step Smart Wizard helps you to list your products instantly and smart!
  34. 34. Your product is found instantly Glabex indexed search engines helps to find your product among others Rich library of 4500 different categories and filters helps your customer to narrow their chooses and get exactly what they need
  35. 35. Search makes Easy Glabex indexed search engines helps to find your product among others Rich library of 4500 different categories and filters helps your customer to narrow their chooses and get exactly what they need
  36. 36. What helps you to be found on Glabex - Searching Keywords Fill out your company’s summary section by adding searchable keywords, or “specialities” related to what your company does. Show a bit of personality and grab attention!
  37. 37. Set up your Company Page Search for your company with Glabex search engine Once you found, click on Become an Official representative Glabex will prompt you to fill in generic information about your company. Be sure to provide current phone and email number, Glabex representatives and category And fine-tune the description, it is crucial for user to understand your company’s business
  38. 38. Another Way to add Your Company Click on Add Company Be sure to provide current phone and email number and the following information • Company name • Official email • Website URL • Industry Category • Locations
  39. 39. Location Select your location on the map, move markets to perform exact business address:
  40. 40. LOGO Do not forget to include a square and standard Logo Logo helps to unify your page and allow s to sell your product online to show up you logo in the receipt and contact information. Add some personality, but also keep your branding consistent.
  41. 41. Media Gallery Market and showcase your company with images; Glabex will create a rotating spotlight module to display on your page. Drive traffic to your website by adding URLs where you want people to go when they click your images.
  42. 42. Your personal URL Need your unique business URL to give to your colleges and customers, not a problem.. …create one in Url field with Glabex SmartWizard
  43. 43. Invite colleges | Assign Admins Add your designated page admins (You can choose multiple admins to manage your page) Invite your colleges to make your profile alive Assign responsibilities like online store manager like social media manager
  44. 44. Description Lastly, include a brief write-up of what your company is all about. Your company description and specialties will show exactly what your company does, while including searchable keywords to optimize for Glabex’s search feature.
  45. 45. Post Updates/News/ Links/Media If you’re currently using Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin for your marketing, you’ll discover that posting updates on Glabex is quite similar. Your Glabex company feed is not strictly for jobs or new hire updates. Promote your new blog posts, ebooks and webinar on Glabex. Your feed should include anything your audience would be interested in, and give you a chance to generate leads.
  46. 46. Promotion makes easy with Synchronization Sync your updates with the major social networking platforms. Post and renew your content cross several platform with just one click! Easy enough? So Get it done!
  47. 47. Walkthrough Adding your Products or Services Take advantage of the most valuable asset of Glabex platform List your products and Sell online
  48. 48. We’ve already learned how Glabex can effectively showcase your various products, now it’s time to actually include them. You now have the option to “add a product or service” Start it now >>
  49. 49. Glabex SmartWizard | List your Product Simple step by step process will guide you to create an effective listing type.
  50. 50. Glabex SmartWizard | List your Product Step 1: Product or service? Choose between a product or service. Step 2: Pick category (Select a category that best fits your product/service) Step 3: Give your product characteristics Step4: Description Step 5: Select shipping and payment options Step 6: Add Youtube Video or upload Video form PC
  51. 51. Smart Targeting Target your Products page to different segments. You can create versions of this page to be served to custom audiences based on their profile content. For example, you can create a version targeted to people in the U.S., and a different version targeted to members in Europe.
  52. 52. Get your listings Promoted Glabex allows you to promote your Company Page as well as your Products and Job listings through an ad campaign. A Glabex ad campaign could help spread the word about your company as you build and integrate inbound marketing efforts into your business platform.
  53. 53. Insights and Analytics Your Company Page has insights and analytics tool, locates on each tab of the company page. Remember that everything you do with internet marketing involves taking the time to see how those efforts are playing out. This will help you determine whether or not those efforts are worth the time and how you should prioritize in the future.
  54. 54. How you can measure progress with your followers, page insights, employees, product stat and new leads.
  55. 55. Follower Insights Follower Insights shows you who is following you and how engaged they are with your page. Discover how you should be interacting with these followers and what the right messaging should be. This information will help you create a persona, to which you will adapt all your messaging.
  56. 56. Page Insights The Page Insights tab will allow you to track page views and unique visitors on your overall page, as well as each individual tab. Glabex measures how many clicks your products or services have received and the number of members following your company. how many people come from what social media tool.
  57. 57. Employee Insights Employee Insights matter because they help you take the right steps towards hiring employees in the future and maintain a strong company culture Learn exactly which companies your employees have come from Discover top skills and expertise these employees have
  58. 58. Customers Insights Analytics on Customer base How many clicks product page has How many customers you have on the particular product Where your customer come form (fb, twitter, google etc) Discover customer profiles
  59. 59. News feeds Insights  How many like you have  How many followers you have  Who have seen your news updates  How many people have been participated on the discussion  Where these people  come from
  60. 60. You are all set Manage your business remotely and effectively with Glabex eBusiness platform
  61. 61. “Posting, monitoring, responding, and analyzing should take you no more than few minutes a day
  62. 62. Work Smart Think ahead with Glabex
  63. 63. Once your page is developed, maintaining shouldn’t be too time consuming. Unlike social pages, which requires constant publishing and monitoring, marketing on Glabex should be easy in terms of time management. Focus on posting valuable content that is helpful to your audience. If you post one invaluable piece of information per day, your audience will be much more engaged and appreciative than if you post six boring, useless pieces of content.