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f you are like us, you share your photos with your friends and your family and they share theirs with you. And some of these friends may share their photos on Facebook while some others may do so using Flickr or MySapce. Still others may send you photos as email attachments to your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account.

How to keep track of all these photos?
How get photos out of mailboxes?
How to copy these photos to your favorite photo site?

How to pass them to other friends or family members?
How to make collection of photos from different photo sites?

Managing photos stored in different social networking accounts can be tiring. You have photos stored in Facebook, Picasa web albums, Gmail and Flickr and always longed for a central location to view, download and share all of them. Well here it is.

Showzey, a new start up, solves this problem. All you need to do is visit Showzey and connect all your accounts. There are no sign ups or registrations involved. Showzey will then gather photos from Facebook, Flickr, Gmail and Picasa web albums and give you a central place to view, download and share all of them.

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