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Free or cheap methods to promote your blog


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Free or cheap methods to promote your blog

  1. 1. 20/04/2012 01:49 How To Promote a Blog? Free Or Cheap Methods! customers, and leads coming to your business. So, buckle up, and read on! How To Promote a Blog –  Social Media: This article not only will describe all the methods you can use to promote your blog, but also will explain in the details, which popular services you can use to grow your auditory, get more Love this PDF? Add it to your Reading List! 4 Page 1
  2. 2. 20/04/2012 01:49 How To Promote a Blog? Free Or Cheap Methods! Youtube views (Facebook, linke- din, google plus, etc) V agex: If you want to add some Youtube Views to your Youtube Channel or video – this is How To Promote a Blog -Referral probably the best service you can find around. Service: Not only these views will come from different IPs, but they are actually might be watched by real hu- man (since the views are running through a small app, that installs on someone’s PC. Good way to get couple hundred to a thousand views in a day. Check it out: Get More Followers to Your Twitter Account: Twiends: Looking for the way to increase your followers base? This is the service for you. Easy and simple. Requires just a 10 minutes a day (if you choose a free option) to get a free credits, and add more followers. (At this moment one of the most ReferralKey: Good idea to generate your leads via popular services with a customer base of about 1 incentive + power of a social networking. You can million users). ask your collegues to send you a referrals for a small treat. (Also, you can see that they are smartly utilize the power of a social gaming, helping you to grow your referral network even faster) You Like hits: Great website, which uses the same concept as Twiends, but in a much wider scale. You can get followers for almost any service – from You- tube Channel to StumbleUpon, to Facebook Group. (Also good for youtube Crowdfactory: This is one of the coolest webservice subscribers, stumbleupon followers, and more). I’ve seen so far. Combining previous service and a power of a Facebook it allow you to incentivise How To Promote a Blog -Network any of your followers (Group followers, or page fol- building: lowers) to recommend your business or service to their friends. (If you ever bought something, when OpenNetworker: Started as an Open Networker hearing about it from a friend post on facebook, group on LinkedIn this service offers an ability to you know what I’m talking about). quickly grow your network to an insane size of 10 000 and more. At this moment moved beyond Lin-  (Social Media Re- kedIn, and expanded to Google Plus, Facebook, and ferral Service) around 10 more networks. Love this PDF? Add it to your Reading List! 4 Page 2
  3. 3. 20/04/2012 01:49 How To Promote a Blog? Free Or Cheap Methods! How To Promote a Blog -Backlinks,   reposts, blog traffic: Here is a link to guestposting: http://blog.blokube.   com/submit-your-article/ TribePro:  Been around for a while already, and you are probably heard about it, this network operates on the same concept as a BlogEngage, but, since it has so many users now, the impact you can get buy establishing your tribe, might be much more drastic, for example it is not unusual to get up to a thousand social backlinks to your article. Sign up Free Here:   OnlyWire: PostSyndication Service. Works on the same concept as a PingFm, but, has a greater sup- port, which allows it to be on top of any changes (half of the services, PingFm uses, currently is not working), at this time OnlyWire works with over 40 services, and offers a 300 backlinks FREE. To sign Up with them – check link below: BlogEngage: Interesting concept, that allow you to (SMM backlinks building web- get targeted traffic from the blog Engage community site) instantly. All you need to do is submit your article (it works kinda like tribepro, but it mostly targets SocialAdr: Similar with tribe pro idea – bookmarks a blog owners, so you can actually connect to the get shared via other people’s accounts. Totally free most prolific bloggers in your niche, and probably if you use it with your own accounts: even get a backlink from them to your article. Sign Up for Free Here: Also, you can hire a bunch of people on BloKube: Community blog, that allow you to do for 2-3$ an hour, and make them do the linkbuilding) a guest post, with up to 2 links pointing to exter- nal websites. Good way to get a permanent link to   your website from PR 3 site with active commu- nity. (Though, you will still need to produce quality content to get in) Love this PDF? Add it to your Reading List! 4 Page 3
  4. 4. 20/04/2012 01:49 How To Promote a Blog? Free Or Cheap Methods! How To Promote a Blog - Banner How To Promote a Blog -Fiverr: networks: One of the ways to attract a customers to your web- site, and increase a brand awareness, is to compile an attractive banner, and place it to the website, that has a lots of hits (preferrable for CPC price, since banner clicks are very low). It will gets you a decent amount of customers, who, after seen your banners all over the web will decide to check what is all the buzz about. You can compile a very easy banner like this one in just a couple of minutes, using photoshop, and post it to BSA: fiverr   Also for a quick FB group and video promotion you can use these services from Fiverr, they are dirt cheap too: How To Promote a Blog - SEO monitoring: (10k views 4 youtube channel) Measuring your efforts is one of the very important (1000 likes) factors if you want to make money on the internet, cutting losses from underperforming activities, (Stumble upon promotion) improving, what’s works, is the only way to get to the top. To became that type of person, you need   a service, that will monitor all your activity and report daily about all the changes on your website. SeoMoz is one of the top websites in this niche, that allow you to monitor every factor, that affects your website performance in Search Engines.  (SEO and SMM parameters monitoring)   Love this PDF? Add it to your Reading List! 4 Page 4
  5. 5. 20/04/2012 01:49 How To Promote a Blog? Free Or Cheap Methods! How To Promote a Blog – Underground Hope you liked my article about How to Promote a Metods: blog!| Igor Sentchenko I wrote a post the other day about couple of under- ground methods you can use to promote yoru blog, you can find it here: Easy Website Promotion Also check my post on getting an aged domain names, it has couple of tips, that you can use as well: Get a great Domain name Another way to promote your blog is to use a news sites (CNN, FOX, etc), that has a tons of content, and allows you to leave a comments (especially the ar- chives, which is not moderated as heavy as a new content). You can just outsource your backlink crea- tion on Odesk for the fraction of a price, explaining to the outsourcers, what exactly you are trying to accomplish. So, here is couple of methods that I use to promote my blog. I will write about several more tomorrow, so tune up, subscribe, add to your bookmarks, and don’t forget to leave a comment or queston! (If you like it – don’t forget to share it with others, post it on your facebook wall, twitter or linkedin!) Love this PDF? Add it to your Reading List! 4 Page 5