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Selfie Sticks- A Sensational Fashion Accessory


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Selfie has become such a famous word that it won the best word of the year in 2013 and now when we talk of about selfies how can we leave behind selfie sticks which is a sensational fashion accessory. The slide gives you in a detail note about the features of selfie sticks, from where the trend started, different types and best preferred selfie sticks and reasons for banning it. Feel free to comment, like download and we welcome all your reflections.

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  • Glad to know so much regarding selfie stick! It is really useful to take a perfect selfie. Thanks for the presentation.
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Selfie Sticks- A Sensational Fashion Accessory

  1. 1. A Selfie Stick is a monopod used to self portraits by positioning a smart phone or a camera beyond the normal range of arm.
  2. 2. Features of Selfie Sticks Extendible metal sticks Remote or Bluetooth Controls Adjustable Clamp to hold phone A Handle
  3. 3. This word has been awarded as the word of the year in 2013 by Oxford Dictionary
  4. 4. Who uses Selfie Sticks
  5. 5. The trend started from South east Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines followed by South Korea and Japan
  6. 6. It spread widely and swiftly to all countries earning the best ever fashion accessory
  7. 7. • Pairs up with iPhone or Android with a button on the handle
  8. 8. Bluetooth Button
  9. 9. • Lets you take photo with the press of a button on the handle
  10. 10. • A package with a keychain sized Bluetooth remote
  11. 11. Best Preferred Selfie Stick
  12. 12. Ever since Selfie Sticks came into existence people wonder, if it is a useful tool or Narcissistick
  13. 13. There are many organization who shut their doors for Selfie Sticks
  14. 14. A Wand of Narcissism
  15. 15. Visibility problem for others
  16. 16. Interruption for others while watching the game
  17. 17. .
  18. 18. THANK YOU