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Hair sample drug test


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This presentation explains along with a video the correct steps that have to be done while taking a hair sample necessary for a drug test or alcohol analysis.

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Hair sample drug test

  1. 1. Drug Detection Times in Urine
  2. 2. Hair analyses are known as a solution for DNA testing or determining organism mineral deficiencies, but are also used to check if illicit substances have been used over a longer period of time (3 months, 6 months, etc.). The illicit substances consumed (whether smoked, ingested, snorted, etc.) are metabolized by the organism and enter the strain of hair, which makes hair analyses one of the most reliable methods of establishing the history of the consumer’s behavior.
  3. 3. Nowadays you can order tests such as a hair tests for drugs or an alcohol hair analysis online with just a few clicks. The kits can be found here and in the video below we explain how they should be used and how the hair sample should be collected.
  4. 4. Hair sample drug test - sampling steps Watch video here
  5. 5. You will find everything you need for the sampling in the ordered kit: - Cord to mark the cutting site - Aluminum foil to wrap the strand of hair - Plastic bag to pack up the sample - Analysis request form
  6. 6. What should not be overlooked before taking a sample of the hair is the reason why the test is performed. If it is for your personal use, then you can do it alone at home, following the steps mentioned in the video. In case you need the alcohol hair analysis or drug hair analysis to prove an abstinence period for official reasons, the hair sampling has to be done by an authorized person. It is this person who should fill in the specific part of the form entitled ‘Authorized Sampling’.
  7. 7. There is no preparation needed for the hair before taking the sample, as the hair will be washed and prepared for testing by the laboratory. It is worth noting that attempts to bleach the hair or to use other methods that can damage it (in order to rid it of toxins or avoid a positive result) is not recommended. The laboratory will recognize this, increasing chances that the hair sample will be rejected.
  8. 8. The sampling process comprises these easy steps: 1. chose a strand of hair with the thickness of a pencil from the back of the head and tie it with the piece of cord on the cutting site. It is preferable that the cut should be close to the head. If this is impossible, you must take note of the hair length left on the head.
  9. 9. 2. place the hair sample onto the piece of aluminum foil. Make sure that the hair stands do not rub against each other. The end of the hair that was closest to the head should be marked visibly and should lie slightly over the edge of the aluminum foil while packing.
  10. 10. 3. Close the aluminum foil, creating a small package. Put it into the plastic bag and send the closed bag by post, along with the request form.
  11. 11. The results are usually received in 10 working days after the sample was received by the labor. If you still have questions regarding hair analyses, you can check our latest post here: 10 answered questions about hair analysis.
  12. 12. Thank you!