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  1. 1. New WebStore Proudly introducing SelBuk™ WebStore an additional service to which you might have a web site where your customers can not only see the catalog of your products, innovations and discounts. They can also create orders directly. Web access Mobile access Your WebStore Your customers Very easy to customize. When you purchase this new service, your new web site will be automatically loaded with products from your Cloud server account and some default web site images. Then you need to login with your user account to be able to customize your own site from every page where a pencils are displayed such: home, about us, contact us. edit Login Sign in edit • Create the header of your WebStore with themes and images specific to your company and your products brand. Choose the text color from the edit header settings Your PRODUCTS edit Change your header image • Choose the color of the main menu bar and the color of your texts, in addition you can choose which options you want to have active and which not. - Choose the text color from the menus bar - Choose the boxes color when the menu edit options are not checked - Choose the boxes color when the menu options are checked Your PRODUCTS Activate or deactivate some menu options • Change main banner image. • Change text font type. • Choose the entire web site text color. • Change background of the whole page with a color or a self-image of your business or brand. • Change the background color of the inside body. • Activate or deactivate products in motion with large images. • Activate or deactivate some menu options. • Change background color of the boxes where the photos of each product is. • Change text color of your products description. -Your banner -Your colors -Your background edit - Your product catalog is loaded automatically - Change background color of the boxes where the photos of each product is. - Change text color of your products description. edit • Edit your own information and images for about us and contact us. • Choose the text color in the footer menu of your WebStore. - - Edit the information and data of your company edit How to process orders taken from your SelBuk WebStore. 1- To create an order, your client or any person should have a WebStore registered account. 2- When an order has been confirmed in your WebStore, the server will send you an e-mail informing you about it. That new order comes first in a pending status until it becomes verified by the assigned administrator or the accounts owner. 3- To verify and process WebStore orders you must login at > Database > Sales Orders, there you can view, edit and process it, to make it part of the regular SelBuk orders with the "Web" prefix. 4- If the order comes from a new WebStore customer, you will be able to link that new account to a SelBuk customer already existing in your database or create a new one based on the information filled out from the WebStore. Database/Sales/Invoices/ New from WebStore Report of visits We have included on the account administrator backend side, a daily visits section with the following information, so users not only can track visits but to see where the monthly fee is coming from. • Visit: Visitor number in the chosen date range • User: if is a registered customer, it will show the name of the company or contact. • Location: IP and country where the user is located. • Referred: Web site where the user came from. • Landing Page: The first page where the visitor enters. • Duration: The time within the session before leaving the web site. Duration time United States min Sergio Méndez. Colombia min 31948 Alliance Boots plc., United Kingdom min 31949 Lawsco, S.A. de C.V. Mexico min 31950 Brasil min How to buy it. To buy this additional service, please login at > Login > Plans and Services and follow the steps on the "Add WebStore" sections. Data Usage: A fee based on the amount of visits per sessions. A session refers to the time from a client or person either goes to visit the page until he/she leaves whether or not results in an order. Add Webstore *Plan A Add Webstore *Plan B To create your WebStore account we need to know the web site name depending on the plan: Plan A: [YourStoreName].com • Requires to have or register a domain, • If you dont have a domain you can register one thru registrars such,,, etc, but make sure to have the DNS pointing to and • If you already have it you need to transfer the domain to and • This plan will also includes 5 email accounts @YourDomain. • Basic monthly fee $29.95. Plan B:[YourStoreName], Domain not required. Just pickup a name and we will set it up. • Basic monthly fee $19.95. Additional fees. For both A and B Plans there is an additional fee for over usage. We consider up to 1,500 sessions per month is quite a large number for regular business accounts, however users with very large number of products or clients should not be paying same as regular ones and we need to maintain the server availability for all. • One time setup US $9.95 • Over 1,500 sessions per month US $9.95 • Over 3,500 sessions per month US $19.95 • Over 5,000 sessions per month US $29.95 • Over 10,000 sessions per month US $5.99 every 1,000 sessionsLearn more about this new service and the advantages for your business Sample