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[InDMF 2013] Indra Purnama - Incubator Role in Startup Industry


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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[InDMF 2013] Indra Purnama - Incubator Role in Startup Industry

  1. 1. The Role of Incubator in Startup Industry Indra Purnama Executive Director
  2. 2. Main Problems Faced by Startups Funding Business & Technical Advice Market Access
  3. 3. The Startup Ecosystem Revenue Series A/B/C & Corporate VC Angel & Seed VC Firm Founders IPO, M&A Stability Expansion Angel Growth Incubator Gestation Time Launching Inception Prototype Garage Co-Working Pre-Seed Accelerator Seed Venture Exit
  4. 4. Greatest Risk of a Startup? Product Development or Customer & Market Development
  5. 5. Business Model Product Problem & Intention Customer Segment
  6. 6. A Good Startup Business Users Need It Users Loves It Good Revenue Model Assumption Assumption Assumption Leap of Faith Good Engine of Growth Assumption
  7. 7. Measuring Startup Progress Build Idea Focus MVP Speed vs. Premature Organization vs. Running out Resources Learn Validated Learning vs. Chasing Your Tail Measure Empiric Data
  8. 8. Developing Product in Agility
  9. 9. Measuring Outcome To make sure that the product is on the right track How we measure success before revenue comes?
  10. 10. Defining Best Revenue Model More for Less More for More Less for Less Less for More         Commerce and retail Subscriptions & usage fees Licensing Auctions and bids Advertising Data Transactions / Intermediation Freemium
  11. 11. Engine of Growth Engine of Growth Main Parameter Viral Viral Coefficient Number of customers that each customer get. Viral Coefficient > 1 means organic growth. Stickiness Rate of Compounding Number of new customer minus number of churn. Rate > 0 means organic growth. Paid Customer Live Time Value Average revenue per each customers, from day-1 they use product until they stop using it. LTV > Cost of Acquisition means organic growth.
  12. 12. Business Matchmaking Market Alumni Investor Partner
  13. 13. Indigo Incubator in Numbers Facilities 6 Input 30 Startups months Incubation Rp 250 million Seed / Companies Rp 2 billion Venture / Companies Market 150 million Customers 250 thousand Corporations 10 Countries
  14. 14. THANK YOU @indraBarapraja