Ilo Wshop For Sacs& Tsu


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Glimpses of ILO Skill Building
W/Shop for SACS/TSUs

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Ilo Wshop For Sacs& Tsu

  1. 2. Divya, ILO welcomes and starts the process…
  2. 3. Game begins… time to migrate..
  3. 4. We found our group too…
  4. 5. I’m from Punjab, I am from M.P… I’m from A.P.. .
  5. 6. Inauguration…
  6. 7. Don’t worry we’ll have fun too…
  7. 8. key lesson to trigger and sustain WPI brings us to the theme of the workshop: Afsar, ILO Going an extra MILE!
  8. 9. Let’s work together to save jobs, protect lives... Behrouz Shahandeh, ILO/AIDS, Geneva
  9. 10. Health Insurance and HIV HIV/AIDS is part of ILO’s Decent Work Agenda… … I assure you full support from the ILO to help you effectively mainstream WPI in the NACP-III - Andre Bogui, ILO
  10. 11. 32 participants from 24 states 18 Mainstreaming Consultants of SACS, 13 from TSUs ( Mainstreaming and PPP team leaders)
  11. 12. Let’s talk business: sharing by ILO Corporate partners: JK Tyres, SRF, Pepsi, and Sona Group
  12. 13. Our President heads the HIV/AIDS Committee... It helps- Mr. Sharma JK Tyres
  13. 14. We have included HIV in induction programme. Peer Education is working. Now we want to install Condom Vending Machines. – Praveen, SRF Group
  14. 15. I have a question .. What benefits do you see in your WPI?
  15. 16. … We were able to get one employee back to work… He is on ART and doing fine…It helps to engage the HR department…, Mridula, Pepsi
  16. 17. … We have done KABP survey.. Both management and workers need education. Our HR is engaged too!… - Richa, Sona Group….
  17. 18. Sharing ILO’s global approach/good practices - Behrouz Shahandeh, ILO/AIDS, Geneva..
  18. 19. Key principles of the ILO Code: Q/A & explanations… … It is necessary to explain the rationale behind the principles to ensure implementation of workplace policy … Afsar
  19. 20. Engagement of PLHIV helps in advocacy... Naveen and Celina share their experiences as Divya facilitates
  20. 21. We have trained PLHIV in Workplace advocacy & developed a handbook…You can engage them - Manjunath, ILO
  21. 22. Advocacy lessons: Shorter presentations, sectoral examples help…Public speaking is the key. Ask yourself: Why should the audience listen to me?
  22. 23. How do I apply this is Mizorum? We have no private sector.. But can do a lot with the Public sector workplaces… iow
  23. 24. 2 nd day begins: Let me give a final touch to my presentation- Nidhi, DSACS
  24. 25. Practicing Advocacy: How to convince employers ?
  25. 26. Group work on advocacy with media…
  26. 27. Group on advocacy with government departments/PSUs:
  27. 28. Listen.. We have to do advocacy with trade unions. They are different.
  28. 29. Let me take my call …. while you guys discuss…
  29. 30. Yes… I am all ears…
  30. 31. Our message for employers : Act now and save money
  31. 32. Why should I have an HIV policy in my hotel? Won’t it affect my business?
  32. 33. HIV positive pose no risk to their co-workers…. They can work for years… Even service industry workers have rights…
  33. 34. Trade unions have a critical role to play…to protect rights of workers and ensure non -discrimination
  34. 35. … Why should we go pleading all the times in our advocacy efforts ?
  35. 36. … We appreciate your concern ….that is why we mention Abstinence, Be faithful, and then Condom usage. ( ABC).. We don’t do CBA
  36. 37. Every govt. department has a role….
  37. 38. If you are willing to offer your infrastructure…. Nothing better…
  38. 39. “ Muddon Ko Tathyon se prastut kijye” … Present issues with facts for media
  39. 40. I’m living with HIV…working…because I’ve the knowledge and the ability… Present human interest story to Media
  40. 41. Do you guys need energizers? - Hari Mohan, NACO
  41. 42. All married persons can come to one side…
  42. 43. NACO is concerned about less utilization of funds… Raise hands if you have spent less 50% - Mr. Privir Krishn, NACO.
  43. 44. Sir, We are trying our best in U.P….
  44. 45. Put ideas into action...Please ensure 80% expenditure by end of December…
  45. 46. Approvals take time to come by….
  46. 47. Don’t give money to organizations blindly… Ensure right usage…
  47. 48. Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in ICDS: Experience sharing by Nidhi, DSACS
  48. 49. Anjana shares experience of MDACS under ILO collaboration : WPI in public and private companies.. ICTC in Police hospital, interventions in prison inmates…work with union among construction workers
  49. 50. … Trade unions have signed a policy statement on HIV/AIDS. … 12 National Trade unions centers in India have a huge membership, 47% in the informal sector…They all have state level units/affiliates. You can work with them. - Mr.Mittal, Secretray, Hind Mazdoor Sabha,
  50. 51. MOLE is leading the WPI along with NACO, Employers and unions, and ILO. We are working on a National Workplace Policy. Our institutions: NLI, CBWE , ESIC are fully engaged. - Ms.Indrani Gupta, MOLE
  51. 52. Day three begins… Behaviour Change Communication in WPI
  52. 53. BCC material development process… Pretesting is essential … training of staff in using materials is necessary.
  53. 54. I am glad I joined in the right time.. we can discuss work plans- Mr. Mayank Agarwal, NACO
  54. 55. Participants share their work and practical problems : need for clear guidelines on SCA, Mainstreaming, and utilization of funds
  55. 57. Now I will share the ILO training approach and tools- Divya
  56. 58. The Card game approach is simple and interesting… We can use it…
  57. 59. Let’s put our correct addresses/emails in the list
  58. 60. If you don’t know where you are going, you can take any bus - Manjunath share strategic framework for WPI
  59. 61. Good… as long as you keep getting prizes for good answers.. We must do it in our training as well.
  60. 62. .Thanks for your active participation. We are happy to get your feedback. We wish you good luck with your work… ILO is with you…
  61. 63. Thanks to our note takers… Karan Alisha