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A New Approach to Experiential Learning: Combining Portfolios with Other Tools for Students' Professional Development


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A joint presentation at the AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference with the University of Toledo highlighting their innovative approach to combining portfolios with other methods like the Flipped Classroom and an internship matching platform to support students' professional development.

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A New Approach to Experiential Learning: Combining Portfolios with Other Tools for Students' Professional Development

  1. 1. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference Combining Portfolios with Other Tools for Students’ Professional Development ! A New Approach to Experiential Learning! •  Larry Burns, Vice President of External Affairs, University of Toledo! •  Moses Lee, CEO & Cofounder, Seelio; Faculty, University of Michigan!
  2. 2. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference 2 UT has a commitment to career preparedness through experiential learning
  3. 3. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference Supporting Students’ Experiential Learning" 3 UT realizes the need for “beyond the classroom experiences” and is weaving that into the student experience via: intern ohio •  Job experience, college credit, and often paid •  70% of interns offered work after graduation •  Starting in 2 Colleges– Jesup Scott Honors College and College of Art & Communication •  Students document and capture story from day one •  Creating the classroom of the future through iTunes U flipped classrooms
  4. 4. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference 4 Preparing UT Students for Success" FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SENIOR •  Finding and documenting skills •  Initiating Project Based Learning •  Seeking and obtaining an internship •  Preparing for interviews & showcasing portfolios
  5. 5. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference What It Looks Like On the Ground" 5
  6. 6. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference Touch Points to Capture Experiential Learning" 6 Study     Abroad   Leadership   Experiences   Internships  &  Work   Experiences   Capstone   Projects   Theatre   Performances   Class     Projects   Volunteer   AcBviBes   PresentaBons  &   Speeches  
  7. 7. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference ePortfolio & the Flipped Classroom"
  8. 8. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference 8 ePortfolios for Feedback and Team Collaboration"
  9. 9. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference 9 ePortfolios & The Internship Search"
  10. 10. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference 10 Feedback From Our Students" “Jobs  in  my  field  aren't  really  easy  to  find,   but  with  Seelio  I  have  a  one  up  on  other   candidates.”     “I  like  that  it  lets  me  not  be  a  piece  of   paper,  it  shows  who  I  am.”     “I'm  very  sa3sfied.  Seelio  is  a  great   resource  to  use.  I  recommend  it  to  all   students!”     [Seelio  helps]  “others  see  what  I   accomplished  and  viewing  others  success.   It's  a  great  experience…  Seelio  has  helped   me  with  job  searching  and  showing  off  my   success.”       “…It's  a  great  place  to  showcase   everything.”     “As  a  student  with  a  lot  of  video  work,  it's   extremely  helpful  that  I  can  display  all  my   videos  in  one  place  that's  completely   customized  to  me;  not  just  a  YouTube   page.”    
  11. 11. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference 11 WITHSEELIO WITHOUTSEELIO SOURCE: 2014 Study of Seelio Student Members Study Finding: Promotion Leads to Positive Outcomes"
  12. 12. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference Students’ Stories of Experiential Learning"
  13. 13. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference Steps You Can Take at Your University" 13 LEARNING TOUCH POINTS MAKING CONNECTIONS SHOWCASING & STORYTELLING •  Build in time for students to think critically about their learning across all contexts •  Help students connect their learning to skills that employers are looking for •  Provide model for students to showcase work so they can enter interviews with confidence
  14. 14. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference 14 Questions?
  15. 15. AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference •  Lawrence Burns! –! •  Debra Davis! –! •  Holly Monsos! –! •  Moses Lee! –! 15 Contact Information"