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FinTech 50 - Lessons Learned By Seedrs


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Seedrs CEO, Jeff Lynn, shares the top 18 lessons Seedrs learned from 18 startups during our first 18 months in business.

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FinTech 50 - Lessons Learned By Seedrs

  1. 1. 18 Lessons We’ve Learned From 18 Funded Startups In 18 Months Jeff Lynn CEO and Co-Founder, Seedrs @jeffseedrs
  2. 2. Create a simple proposition
  3. 3. Passion is infectious
  4. 4. Startups can come from anywhere
  5. 5. Having a co-founder is better than not having one.
  6. 6. Personal and professional reputation matter
  7. 7. Funds provide unique new opportunities for instant diversification
  8. 8. Pre-marketing can make the difference in funding today vs. next month
  9. 9. Hundreds of investors + Nominee = More successful follow on rounds
  10. 10. Leverage your existing community of fans (they already like you!)
  11. 11. Raise what you need. Work hard. Grow. Come back for more.
  12. 12. Think like an investor – valuation has to account for risk
  13. 13. If you can show off visuals of a niche product – do it!
  14. 14. Hustle is what sets apart a good entrepreneur from an amazing one
  15. 15. Even whacky videos are better than nothing
  16. 16. Always look to increase your social capital – it pays off
  17. 17. Discussion and recommendations can kickstart momentum
  18. 18. Entrepreneurs can invest – they share the same need to change the world
  19. 19. The “crowd” of investors are much more clever than we are!
  20. 20. And we can’t wait to see what we learn next! Seedrs is authorised and regulated by the FCA.