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Happy Friendsgiving!
Happy Friendsgiving!
Happy Friendsgiving!
Happy Friendsgiving!
Happy Friendsgiving!
Happy Friendsgiving!
Happy Friendsgiving!
Happy Friendsgiving!
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Happy Friendsgiving!

Thanksgiving. It’s a time to reconnect with loved ones, express gratitude for the good in your life, and totally pig-out on a mile-high pile of food. So who decided on the rule to make it a family-only affair?

WHAT IS IT? A potluck-style gathering around Thanksgiving time with your closest friends
WHEN IS IT? Whenever works for you. It typically takes place the weekend before the “real” Thanksgiving, but whenever all your pals are in town is the perfect time!


It’s totally up to you! But some typical guidelines are:
- The host makes the turkey (cooked birds don’t usually travel well)
- The host makes the gravy (since they’ve already got the turkey parts)
- The host delegates everything else to the guests—make sure all your bases are covered (apps, veggies, starches, dessert, drinks)!

1. Send Invites Early
• Even if all of the guests live nearby, make sure everyone marks their calendars early so nobody misses out!
2. Serve Appetizers
• While everyone is arriving and popping their dish into the oven to warm, make sure there are some finger-foods out and ready for munching so nobody gets a case of the crankies while you’re getting things organized. (HINT: Give this responsibility to a friend who’s always early.)
3. Keep it Simple
• No need to be stressed. Delegate, plan and work together to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible. There’s nothing wrong with a cheese tray from the grocery store if you’re in a pinch!
4. Give Thanks
• Our favorite tradition is the Gratitude Jar—have all of your guests write what they’re thankful for on pieces of paper and place them in a jar. When you’re all seated, pass around the jar, each taking out a piece of paper and reading it aloud. Silly or serious, it's a great way to say how much you love each other without having to get too mushy. :)
5. Let Loose & Have Fun
• Save the formalities for family gatherings. It’s your Friendsgiving, and you’ll dance/drink/nap/dress-up/dress-down/eat-cookie-dough-straight-from-the-bowl if you want to.

1. The Turkey
• We get it—it’s hard to make a turkey! So if four days of prep isn’t your thing (or if vegetarian is your way of life), go with what you know. This creamy lasagna or eggplant parmesan are hearty, feel-good options that might be more your speed.

2. The Signature Drink
• Don’t stress about concocting punches or ciders or sangrias. Make your gig a BYOB event, or just stock up on simple stuff you know everyone can enjoy.
3. The Place Settings
• Searching “Friendsgiving” on Google or Pinterest might make you a bit anxious if your name isn’t Martha Stewart. But forget about folding origami napkins or making sweet-and-dainty pinecone crafts for all of your guests—Friendsgiving is about spending time with your friends, remember? If you want a simple finishing touch, just write each person’s name a

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