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4 Creativity Lessons You Learned Before Kindergarten

We were all born infinitely creative

Don’t believe me? Sound like too broad a statement? Think back to that imaginary friend you played with for hours on end. Recall the secret missions you carried out in your backyard. Consider the countless hours spent nose-deep in blank sheets of paper, crayons in hand, colorfully bringing to life whatever new-to-the-world character came to mind.

It’s true. We all had a life where no limits existed when it came to sheer and joyous creation.

So… what happened? Research suggests creativity typically peaks at age 5, and, for one reason or another (I’m looking at you, routine and social conformity), it wanes ever after.

But that’s not an absolute. It doesn’t have to be so. This SlideShare presentation takes you through four ways to reclaim your creative inheritance:

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4 Creativity Lessons You Learned Before Kindergarten

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