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Led bay lights

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Led bay lights

  1. 1. SEECOL: Sumedha’s Economical And Eco Friendly Lighting
  2. 2. LED BAY LIGHTS• LED High Bay Light is made of the super bright COB LED light source and Solid aluminum shell. The power of LED bay light is just 10%- 15% of incandescent or Halogen bay light at the same brightness, so LED bay light is a nice green light for factory, construction sites, etc.
  3. 3. LED BAY LIGHTS• LED bay lights are most suited for use in high ceiling applications. Intelligently designed, these LED bay lights offer maximum light output by using a fraction of the energy of a typical high pressure sodium or metal halide bay light. These fixtures are perfect in a variety of settings from warehouses to retail. With a unique solid-state design, LED bay lights are extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a long life expectancy. Since the LED bay lights are also instant-on, additional savings can be gained when the LED bay lights are connected with an occupancy/motion detection sensor system, providing even more energy savings.
  4. 4. LED Bay Lights• Advantages 1. Adopting high brightness and small light decline for leds; 2. Adopting excellent aluminum alloy heat dissipation structure; 3. Longer life with high efficiency constant current driver; 4. Long lifespan;
  5. 5. LED Bay Lights• Features 1. No UV ,no IR and other radiation; 2. High efficiency and energy saving, only 25- 50% power consumption compared with traditional lamp; 3. Long life, above 60,000 hours; 4. No mercury lead ,halogen powder hazardous substances; 5. No maintenance cost.
  6. 6. LED Bay Lights
  7. 7. LED Bay Lights
  8. 8. LED Bay Lights
  9. 9. LED Bay Lights
  10. 10. LED Bay Lights
  11. 11. LED Bay Lights
  12. 12. LED Bay Lights
  13. 13. LED Bay Lights
  14. 14. LED Bay Lights
  15. 15. SEECOL: Sumedha’s Economical And Eco Friendly Lighting