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YouTube for Nonprofits


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As YouTube continues to release new features for the nonprofit community, it’s becoming clear that every organization must develop a YouTube strategy.

Michael Hoffman discusses the technical, the strategic, and the creative sides of YouTube for Nonprofits.

Published in: Technology
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YouTube for Nonprofits

  1. 1. YouTube for Nonprofits Michael Hoffman CEO, See3 Communications | @Michael_Hoffman Call in: 773-945-1011 Access code: 269-800-274 Questions? Email
  2. 2. Upcoming Webinar What Donors Want This End-of-Year Season Date: Wednesday, October 21 – 1pm EST Host: Shirley Sexton, Director, Interactive Marketing & Fundraising Register:
  3. 3. Todayʼs Plan • About See3 • Why a YouTube Strategy Matters • Technical Considerations • The YouTube Nonprofit Program • You Uploaded a Video, Now What? • 5 Time-Saving Takeaways
  4. 4. Strategy We will work with you to develop a blue print for effective online communication.
  5. 5. Online Fundraising Maximize your year-end giving, grow your email list and turn those website visitors into donors.
  6. 6. Web Development From complex organizational websites to campaign microsites to iPhone and Facebook apps. If itʼs online we can build it.
  7. 7. Outreach We will help you reach your audience with the right message at the right time.
  8. 8. Why YouTube Matters Users (M)‫‏‬ % Users Age All 57.1 – In 1 Minute 20 hours of video are <18 11.0 19% uploaded to YouTube 18-34 11.1 19% 35-44 12.3 22% #4 Biggest Site in US Bigger than MySpace and 45-54 11.9 21% Wikipedia Source: Alexa 55+ 10.9 19% Gender Male 29.8 52% 58 Minutes Average time spent on Female 27.3 48% YouTube Source: Nielsen//NetRatings (October 2007) - US audience.
  9. 9. Your Audience is Watching
  10. 10. Search
  11. 11. The Tools are Improving
  12. 12. Key Planning Questions • What are our goals? • Who are we trying to reach? • What message do we want to send? • How will we reach our audience? • What action do we want them to take? • How will we measure success?
  13. 13. What to Put on YouTube YouTube Existing Assets Specific Content • PSAs • Regular new content • Campaign videos • Vlog • Intro videos • Updates from the field • Video contest entrants • Trainings
  14. 14. Shooting for YouTube • Imagine watching video on a 5-inch TV • Fonts should be big and bold • Color of font shouldnʼt be too similar to the background • Any consumer camera will do • Be careful of cameras that shoot “widescreen” but just put black bars on top and bottom • Donʼt forget sound
  15. 15. Preparing for YouTube • Upload limit of 2GB • Exporting to YouTube settings might be built into your editing software • Look for “export to web” or “share” options • iMovie allows you to export directly to YouTube from the program • Rule of thumb: bigger the file, better it will look • For advanced users: export using H264 Quicktime codec at 640x360 for 16x9 and 480x360 for 4x3
  16. 16. Setting Up Your Profile • New channel layouts are on their way • Log into YouTube > My Account > Edit Channel > Update Channel
  17. 17. The New Profiles • In-channel editing • Pre-set color themes available • Select modules to display (uploads, particular playlists, favorites) • As always, background can be color, image, or repeatable image
  18. 18. Find Ways to Drive Action • Build interactivity into the concept • Annotations • Overlay • Solicit feedback in the video • Put URL in first line of description (use “http://…”)
  19. 19. The Nonprofit Program - Eligibility • Organizations must be US- or UK-based nonprofits • May not be religious or political in nature • May not be focused primarily on lobbying for political or policy change • Commercial organizations, credit-counseling services, donation middleman services, fee- based organizations, universities, and nonprofit portals are not eligible • More info:
  20. 20. The Nonprofit Program - Benefits • Increased branding capabilities • HTML channel banner • Branded side column image • Ability to receive donations using Google Checkout • Ability to add Call to Action overlay and externally linkable annotations • Opportunities using Video Volunteers
  21. 21. Call to Action Overlay
  22. 22. Linkable Annotations
  23. 23. Embed Your Video
  24. 24. Measuring Success • Redefine “viral” • Determine your metrics upfront • Views/comments • Blog mentions • Website traffic • Legislation/advocacy/awareness • Use “Insight” to measure how people are finding your content
  25. 25. Insight Dashboard
  26. 26. How Viewers Find Your Video
  27. 27. Embedded Video Views
  28. 28. Search Terms Inform Tagging
  29. 29. 5 Time-Saving Takeaways • TubeMogul • AutoShare – FB, Twitter, Google Reader • Upload by Phone • Closed Captioning • Favorite Videos to Add Content to Channel
  30. 30. Questions? Michael Hoffman • Email: • Twitter: @Michael_Hoffman • Phone: 773-784-7333 We will send out follow-up email with slidedeck and other resources.
  31. 31. Upcoming Webinar What Donors Want This End-of-Year Season Date: Wednesday, October 21 – 1pm EST Host: Shirley Sexton, Director, Interactive Marketing & Fundraising Register:
  32. 32. Photo Credits • A Classic Cash Register - Heath Bar • Blueprints, Typewriters and Gears - Traveling Steve • Audience in 3D Glasses - Diamond Geyser • Encyclopedias - Stewart Butterfield • Hammer - Austin Camera Guy All photographs licensed under Creative Commons