Social Media Boot Camp: Measuring Your Impact


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In this presentation, social media expert John Kenyon shares tools and tricks for simple tracking and analysis to ensure that your social media program and campaign aren't just engaging — but also generate measurable impact for nonprofit organizations.

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Social Media Boot Camp: Measuring Your Impact

  1. 1. Flickrphoto:LeoL30 Measuring Social Media SuccessPresented by John Kenyon
  2. 2. 1. I have defined goals for social media 2. I regularly measure progress towards my goals 3. I use data to decide future activity Polls Flickr:Nicholassweetenough
  3. 3. Focus Sharing Measurement Discussion
  4. 4. Focus How can I define and create measurable outcomes? How can I make data-informed decisions? Flickrphoto:prawnpie
  5. 5. Measurable Set a GOAL Define OBJECTIVE Try STRATEGIES & TACTICS MEASURE progress ADJUST Flickrphoto:prawnpie
  6. 6. Goal Mission – #EndHomelessness Strategic Goal – Keep The Conversation Going Comm Goal – Participate in existing conversations Focus on sharing client stories
  7. 7. Measureable Objective By X date: X Number of Posts with Comments X Number of Comments per Post X Number of Posts Shared Can be number, % increase, other
  8. 8. Strategies | Tactics Client-centered storytelling Mine data on past activity for what works, do more of that Focus content - Content theme by month Include visuals, request to share Flickr:NatalieMaynor
  9. 9. What Is Your Measureable Objective? Flickr:Stratogen
  10. 10. Sharing
  11. 11. Embedded Sharing
  12. 12. Monthly Report Quarterly Review Editorial Calendar Culture of Content Generation Flickrphoto:See-mingLee Toolbox
  13. 13. Top Content Website Page Visits Email Clicks Social Media Engagement Review Trends Quarterly Flickrphoto:See-mingLee Monthly Report
  14. 14. Editorial Calendar Content
  15. 15. Track website, email + social media metrics
  16. 16. Metrics Focus on what content is popular/not Review quarterly, adjust strategy & goals Set benchmarks, try tactics to get there
  17. 17. Website
  18. 18. WebsiteSocial
  19. 19. Email
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Your Own Metrics are More Important Interesting to Compare No True Industry-Wide Benchmark
  22. 22. How do you track metrics? How might you do it differently moving forward? Reflection
  23. 23. Advanced Metrics: Return on Effort Traffic, Social Hub Content Quality/Relevance Share of Voice Community Size/Engagement Sentiment
  24. 24. Coaching Session 3/26 Gather Baseline Data Pick an Objective Choose Strategy & Tactics We’ll discuss on the call
  25. 25. Template
  26. 26. Review Sharing Tracking Quarterly Review Trends not Snapshots Benchmark Evaluate Flickrphoto:LeoL30
  27. 27. Resources
  28. 28. Question & Discussion Ideas for Experiments Your Experiences Organizational Capacity Tools Metrics
  29. 29. All Images: Flickr - Creative Commons License