Five Ways to Maximize Mobile this Year


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What is your organization doing to maximize mobile? Beyond responsive design and optimizing landing pages for mobile, how can you make mobile work for activism, fundraising, and loyalty now and in the next five years?

See3 Partner Nick Allen put together this presentation on how to take advantage of the new opportunities in mobile for communications, fundraising, activism, and building supporter loyalty — and how to develop a strategic roadmap for mobile for your organization.

See what's working – and what’s not – in SMS, apps, and one-click giving via PayPal, Amazon, and OneID’s QuickDonate. Also covers responsive Web design, how to make your communications look good on smartphone, and how to select priority information to present to your supporters on small screens.

About the presenter: As founder of the Donordigital agency, Nick Allen helped create the first U.S. mobile advocacy networks for the Humane Society of the United States, Amnesty International USA, and Human Rights Campaign. He recently joined See3 Communications after two years in Barcelona working with online and mobile programs for UNICEF, UNHCR, and World Vision in Spain, Amnesty International and WSPA in London, and UNAIDS in Geneva.

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  • Ustedes probablemente saben lo que UNICEF ha estado haciendo con SMS. El Hormiguero ha hablado de UNICEF en dos ocasiones, pidiendo a la gente a enviar un SMS donación de 1,2 euros. UNICEF ha recibido casi 500.000 donacions SMS. Eso es € 600.000 de los SMS.
  • Pero estos SMS pueden ser los más valiosos como ”leads” o interesados. UNICEF hace una llamada a estos donantes y pide que se conviertan en Socios en 10 o 15 euros al mes, y un buen número estan de acuerdo en convertirse en Socios. Así que usted puede hacer los cálculos. Los espanoles no puedan dar mas que 1,2 cada SMS y las organizactions no recibe la información de los donantes, Creo que esto demuestra que el uso más importante de SMS puede ser ahora para captar interesados.
  • This was the Ad which featured on overland trains, London Underground and Washrooms – public bathrooms. We chose these places to show our outdoor because although competing with other ads, they are a pretty captive audience and are going to looking at for a while. They are also likely to see it more than once because they will take the same travel journey again.Similar theme to the TV ad in terms of the simple ask with a really tangible solution – the blanket which is the same price as the text donation.Message was again about the fact that Syrian children had already been through an appalling ordeal but now they are also facing a devastatingly cold winter , this is just so unfair but there’s something so simple you can do to make children feel warm again.
  • Five Ways to Maximize Mobile this Year

    1. 1. 5 ways to maximize mobile presented by Nick Allen February 25, 2014
    2. 2. 5 ways 1. Make your site work for mobile 2. Figure out what your constituents are doing on mobile and what they want from you 3. Build your mobile file 4. Use mobile as an additional channel in integrated marketing – information, fundraising, advocacy 5. Create a roadmap for the next 3 years
    3. 3. PC v. mobile PC • Shared or used at work • Hassle to carry • Web and search Mobile • Personal • Take it everywhere • Practically 24/7 • Web, search, apps, social, camera, location, image recognition, prediction, voice, etc. Thanks: Benedict Evans,
    4. 4. 1. Mobile optimization - Web • Eliminate horizontal scrolling • Make text easy to read without resizing or zooming • Easy to use finger tips for buttons and links • Enable fast page loads if user on slow mobile networks • Simplify navigation and content to focus on what mobile users want
    5. 5. Mobile optimization - email • • • • Majority of emails read on mobile Big fonts, easy to read Buttons easy to click with fingertip Form field big (and minimum number of fields) • Test PayPal, Amazon • Store regular donors’ credit cards?
    6. 6. 2. What do your constituents want? • Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics • Ask them (surveys, focus groups) • See what people looking at elsewhere (peer sites, commercial sites, etc.) • Experiment and learn
    7. 7. HUGE drop in bounce rate from mobile devices after launch. Thanks: Michele Zwiebel and Derek Olson, 2013 NTC presentation
    8. 8. Although we’re seeing more and more customers buy from mobile, we still think of mobile as an informational channel versus a place where consumers make a purchase. Our challenge is making the shopping experience on mobile as smooth as possible. — Kaleb Cho, marketing manager, Amazon
    9. 9. Fundraising with mobile • • • • • SMS Direct donation on smartphone PayPal, Amazon, other vault solutions Where’s my “mobile wallet”? Build mobile file via advocacy and info, then convert by telemarketing • More channels = more money
    10. 10. Oxfam UK: 1 pound a week
    11. 11. UNICEF Spain: SMS -> TMK 19
    12. 12. 20
    13. 13. 1 million SMS are worth… • • • • 1,000,000 SMS x $1.50 = $1,500,000 5% TMK conversion? = 50,000 new donors $15 monthly gift x 50,000 x 12 mo. Acquisition cost? Long-term value? 21
    14. 14. U.S. challenges • Hard to get major TV promotion • Can’t call mobile numbers without opt-in • Americans might not respond as well as Spaniards 22
    15. 15. SMS leads converted best Thanks: Helen Pattinson, UNICEF UK
    16. 16. What’s working • Tube (metro) ads asking for £3 monthly SMS donations • Option to “text SKIP” to skip any monthly payment • Telephone upgrades
    17. 17. This was the ad which was featured on overland trains, London Underground and public bathrooms. We chose these places because although competing with other ads, they are pretty captive audiences and are going to be looking for a while. They are also likely to see it more than once because they will take the same travel journey again.
    18. 18. 3. Build your mobile file • • • • • • Ask everywhere Include SMS for response everywhere Ask on forms (optional field?) Text cancer to 12345 Excellent welcome and opt-in Generate leads with SMS, then telemarketing
    19. 19. You can… • • • • • Quick polling on hot issues Provide locators and information look-up Be the first with news Run an advocacy program Build turn-out for events
    20. 20. 4. Add a mobile channel • • • • Let your supporters choose their channels Offer mobile/SMS wherever it makes sense Events, RSVP, action alerts, appointments, info Send an SMS during fundraising campaign or advo campaign (but also send email, Web site, Facebook, Twitter)
    21. 21. 5. Make a roadmap plan • • • • Evaluate what’s most important for your org Determine the steps, budget, staff Make a calendar Be flexible, things change
    22. 22. More info? Nick Allen See3 Communications (415) 531-4262