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Are you still printing your organization’s annual reports and other major publishing projects? There’s a better way that gets the approval of 100% of trees and allows you to turn your reports into rich, interactive online experiences that allows your stakeholders to get the report and take action. Imagine if they could share with their networks or renew their giving online and inside your report itself? We’ve done it and it’s easier and more cost-effective than you think. Our solution can allow you to publish reports that tell the story of the good work you and your organization is doing in an interactive way the public will appreciate. This session will outline the best approaches to online report publishing including layout, the use of media and video content to create richer experiences and employ storytelling, how to communicate complex numbers and financials in interesting ways, and how to tie all this content together into a breathtaking report that doesn’t use a single piece of paper. We’ll also highlight the best web platforms for these reports including mobile optimized solutions and social media extensions.

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  • I oversee our awesome team of project managers, web developers and designs. I held a variety of product management roles in the commerical world including Starwood hotels and Orbitz worldwide. I am passionate about user centric design and using the web to enable social change.
  • NTEN community. NTC for many years. And we run the DoGooder annual nonprofit video awards and the Daily Dogooder email product.
  • Print still dominates the way many non-profits and in particular foundations think about annual reports.
  • Annual reports are often very beautiful. They are bespoke works of art. They are well executed pieces that are impressive. In the web era, why are print annual reports still here? One reason is because they look good.
  • According to one report. They are going the way of the dodo bird.The result of individual decisions over time by numerous organizations following a trend.
  • We call this the “inverted pyramid of online reality.”As we are going to talk about today in greater detail, media consumption patterns have changed.“Raise your hand if you know how many people are reading your print annual report?”
  • We don’t know what happens to them.How would you know if it was read and cherished or thrown out the moment it arrived in the mail.>> Raise your hand: if you know how people are reading your annual report?
  • While we are investing in this expensive and beautiful thing, our users are going in a different direction. Looking at it from the outside it looks quixotic.
  • When we say that the printed annual report is deal we mean that it is a dead medium. Remember the yellow pages?Remember actual, physical Facebooks? Remember Classified Advertising in newspapers? … Remember printed annual report.
  • Because we have a need to report on our activity and priorities. The annual report has the financial information wrapped into stories. What are new ways to do this are what we are going to be talking about. Doing story telling about the organization started to be the central theme. Something that is going to stick with them real effective Don’t need to stop sendng them, you just don’t have to cut down a rainforest full of trees – move the content investment online, still send financial break down and executive summary.
  • Many of the reports that I see are expensive because they are designed beautifully. There is a real question about ROI. If we did a program evaluation of the annual report, it would be hard to justify.
  • Like stock prices in the newspaper.
  • So why do we do it? People on the inside of organizations like annual reports and some key stakeholders like to get them. <END ALLAN>
  • >> Stacy Laiderman
  • There’s too much content out there and people don’t know what to focus on.IDEA: Time with limited content >> currently there is too much content.PLUG: The Daily DoGooder We’ve gone from a time when we had a paucity of content to a time when we have a overabundance of content. In that context the annual report represents an opportunity for organizations to put forth the best content they have.
  • Stacy
  • There’s lot of other places where there is video online beside youtube on media sites, but YouTube is indicative of the trend. The internet is a new hybrid medium between Television and what we thought of as the internet. <STACY END>
  • Last three months of 2011: 37 million iphonessoldComscore: January 2012: Over 100 million smartphone subscribers in the US.
  • 15 million ipads were sold in the last three months of 2011.Over 85 million tablets were shipped in 2010 and 2011. Fastest consumer adoption of any technology in history.68% of users use anipad in the bedroom, more than any other location, and what are they doing in bed with it: reading.
  • Before html, you were forced to use flash. It’s a non-native plugin that is resource intensive. HTML5 enables a bunch of the things that you were only able to do before through. Native and beautiful web experiences. At the beginning of web we had of plugins to augment functionality.
  • Where do we go from here. We’ve Talking about annual reports for a long time.Used to be that you could get away with posting your print report. This isn’t acceptable any longer, you have to deliver and experience that as appropriate for online. <END ALLAN>
  • Stacy
  • StacyFramework of three different types of annual reports that might be appropriate for your organization because there’s an unlimited number of things you could online.
  • Stacy
  • Allan
  • Allan
  • Something we did recently which was the online annual report for GCFD. They are the largest food bank in the midwest and last year distributed 65 million pounds of food. Wanted to replace a very expensive print report. Wanted to keep the same financial and mission information but tell stories in a new framework.The Goal:  Translate a traditionally huge print product mailed to a limited audience into a more open and accessible online experience that adds previously unknown dimension to this.  They saw a spike in donations when they launched it which they didn’t see with the print report. Very positive feedback from their partners.
  • First, this project was very rewarding for us to work on, to see the amount of hunger in our community and what is being done about it – really more than just on the basic distrobution level.Goal: Create something very video centric but not all about video. Therefore, creative concepting process was atypical for an annual report.  Our combined video, web and design team contributed to creative concepting and came up with a theme “it starts with….” this way we could still convey and cover all of the prime areas that GCFD focuses on.When you get to the page you get to see the theme right away which is It Startes With Food. It has a univeral play button that draws you in with a message from the Executive Director. Each box below it is a companion video, but what’s really neat is that we took the youtube annotation program to seamlessly connect the videos so it felt more like a book. It created a comprehensive flow. Not just a video in a box but part of a comprehensive story. So, what about the ROI?  They can be reused for these specific iniatives forever.  They were produced to be evergreen.Used some client-generated content (Lunch Bus) and repurposed some existing content to fit this. Great way to bind together existant video, infographic, copy content etc. Sometimes it’s better to repurpose what you already haveBuilds your video capacityAwesome because we got to meet the CEO of a local grocery store giant, and their rapid volunteers/donors, their hunger walk and walkersSister Catalina – an 80 year old nun who could outrun our young and spry video team2 trips to the wearhouseJewel Osco CEOHunger walkKids documenting their bus thingCovered the whole range of what GCFD does…immersive in their programs Convio:Built within their existing convio account – seamlessly integrated.See3 is able to execute sophisticated design on ConvioThis lets them integrate their eCRM functions into the report and make this online experience another EXTREMELY compelling online place for users to donate or join the list The Overall Reason for an Online Annual Report: Traditional annual reports only goes to donors/constituents and are bound to text and graphic.  This online report allows people to take action directly from the report by volunteering, donating, sharing via social media. 
  • We integrated the youtube annotations function to integrate navigation into the video experience.PLAY VIDEO: Breakfast in the classroom
  • Their donor list was hundreds of pages long. Scribd is the youtube for documents. Maintain the user experience by embedding the document. Users can download, print, and share the document through the site using Scribd. Instead of downloading a pdf.
  • Showing financial information was critical to
  • The kellogg foundation has made a commitment to online reports and we want to take a look at that.
  • This is the most recent report that they did. Last year we did more of their video. On the left there is an animated video that sets the stage for the work that they do focusing on the impact of helpoingvolunerable children. This video long….but if we don’t have
  • http://annualreport.wkkf.org/The video opens in a lightbox which is nice because it gives you an immersive experience while not leaving the site. They also created a specific subdomain for the annual report annualreport.wkkellogg.org . It’s the permanet space for their reports. Video is a critical element that can be combined with other elements.
  • The kellogg foundation has made a commitment to online reports and we want to take a look at that.
  • KIPP – need a way to shot off thie Team program in their annual report that is happening in New Jesrsey.Realized ok, their base still wanted a PDF so they posted it. At first glance this site dosen’t seem like much, but below the fold is a series of questions followed by video answers Below that are a series of questions: are we serving the children that need us? There are videos that answer that question along with calls to action related to that topic.
  • QuestionAnswerThen simple call to action funtionality on the sideThis is similar to GCFD in some ways
  • They decided to do a video as an annual report.
  • It’s the meta narrative that describes what the organization did this year.
  • The MOTT foundation did in 2009 report.
  • <Stacy Last slide> They included companion audio. There were audio recordings of their South African grantees talking about their work which added a depth and richness that wouldn’t have been there with a printed report.An example of an org dipping their toe in the water.We often let the “great be the enemy of the good”. We don’t do things because we can’t imagine taking the leap.A part of that is also about learning. You need to learn about what works and what doesn’t and what your audience is going to be interested in.Look for those oppurtunites
  • Allan. What does this all mean and where is itgoing? There isn’t a one-size fits all solution. The rate of change is high and you have to keep your eyes open to new opportunities.The speed at which change is happening is remarkable. Amazon is selling more ebooks than books. It is encumbent upon all of us to continue to adapt.We’re going to talk about some important trends to consider.
  • What the online annual isn’t. It isn’t stickingyour PDF online. There’s a temptation to use an online document reader ISSUU. It’s a step in the right direction but that is not the interactive annual report of the future.So what is?
  • A huge trend as a way to efficiently deliver a user experience for multiple devices. Automatically responses to the screenport of the end users. It is more efficent because you aren’t building totally different version of the site. User centric design: you need to be sensitive to the whole user experience and think about the context under which someone is going to be experiencing the content. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience whether: In bed with an ipad, at work on their desktop, waiting online at a store on their phone.
  • Insert DDG screen shots here? It is an adaptation for designs because they are no longer designing for a fixed space. We just relaunched the daily dogooder using a responsive design framework.
  • Treesaver is a responsive design framework.It provides a framework the design and rendering of optimized user experiences based on screen size. Created by Roger Black. One of the leading designs of magazines. Leading force behind making magazines look the way they look today. He was a pioneer of how magazines are laid out today. He came to it thinking the web is ugly. He’s pioneered the idea of making this better. When we saw it we thought it would be a great framework for reporting. It looks great regardless of whether you are looking at it on a large screen or a phone.Treesaver is an open source platform. So it is freely available for download. You can create a re-usable container that you can use for multiple publications.
  • Video is central to the goal of connecting with people.Video isn’t going to replace print but they are going to co-exist together.You don’t need to have video you can also use photos and audio like Cowbird.SIMPLE: KIPP and the food depository keep it simple by having multiple videos about specific topics.RELEVANCE: Marshall Ganz, Harvard professor, talks about the “Story of Now”: You have to communicate the current relevance of what you are talking about.
  • Imagine an annual report that was always up to date.The snapshot view might be relevant to financial reporting. What about the living report based on a dashboard tracking the things that are happening within an organization. As things are happening the information is automated in posting updates. It’s a way of sharing the responsibility for the report and not just the communications folks.
  • Sparkwise: provides a platform for building dashboards and providing information in context. Imagine the Living Annual Report. Instead of Hans Solo frozen in Carbonite we get something much more fluid and dynamic. <END ALLAN>
  • Before diving into an online annual report, and to get the best return on your investment, here are some things to consider.
  • Don’t make your job hardLook at what you haveCapture stuff throughout the year that could be valuable, but don’t need to edit with it necessary
  • Music, audio interviews, survey the people in your organization to figure out what they have and what they are planning on producing.Use your social media team to promote and distribute the annual report. Your online annual report distributed on the online facebook. (irony)
  • You can do it!END STACY
  • You can do it!Don’t lose the value of the annual report, do it much more effectively by doing it online and using the tools where your audience is at. You can become the champion within your organization you use your resources more effectively.
  • Producing media but helping organizes strategize and use their existing media to activate people and advance social causes.
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  • A Better Annual Report - See3 Communications, NTC 2012

    1. 1. A Better Annual Report: TakeYour Publishing Online and MakeYour Reports Work for You#12NTCReportsAllan BurstynStacy Laiderman
    2. 2. Allan BurstynVP Web ServicesStacyLaidermanSenior Producer
    3. 3. • See3 uses new media to activate people and advance social causes• Creators of online media, tools and campaigns for fundraising, advocacy, list growth and
    4. 4. Where we are today
    5. 5. Print STILL DOMINATES reporting– annual and otherwise
    6. 6. Let’s be honestMany of our print publications are BEAUTIFUL and much of what is online is ugly. B E A U T I F U N O T S O M U C H : L :
    7. 7. Up to 30% oforganizations have already stopped producing annual reports.
    8. 8. Media consumption patterns have changed People are reading less Barely anyone reads annual reports No one is reading your annual reportAnd even ifthey were…
    9. 9. How wouldYou know?
    10. 10. Constituents do not prefer to receive information through an annual report,then why are we making them?
    11. 11. The AnnualReport is Dead =
    12. 12. How DidWe Get Here?• Expensive print annual reports are an anachronism in the web age similar to newspaper home delivery.• They were created because of a need for financial reporting, and
    13. 13. Annual Reportsare Expensive• Printing costs are high• Design costs are high• Resource needs are high• ROI is weak
    14. 14. Frozen in TimeWith an annual report when you send it out it is static.
    15. 15. So why do we make them? “we like it, we love it!”
    16. 16. THERE’S STILL A NEEDfor ANNUAL REPORTS INTERNAL EXTERNAL Foundations: Establish themes, communicate set the tone funding priorities Create reusable List grants content Transparency: Celebrate provide organization’s details of achievements finances Present a unifying vision Provide curated for the content organization Provide partners with communication
    17. 17. People are overwhelmed WITH CONTENT. T H E C U R A T E D W E B
    18. 18. Opportunity toadapt tomedia consumptionhabits. The new generation of donors will come to expect online annual reports.
    19. 19. The Rise ofOnline Video• Cisco predicts that 90 percent of online traffic (the sum of all online video) will be video by 2014• YouTube is the #3 Site in the world: bigger than Yahoo!, Baidu and Wikipedia• More than 60 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute• Every single day YouTube receives
    20. 20. Mobile
    21. 21. iPad & Tablet Devices iPad & Tablets
    22. 22. HTML5 is thereassertion of the Web• Flash is declining• HTML5 allows the delivery of a truly beautiful web experience
    23. 23. siting Online Report Why Now? What’s changed? • See3 has been talking about online reports for 6 years
    24. 24. BENEFITSOF ONLINEANNUAL Previous goalsREPORTS hold true, plus: Reusable online assets Reaches a wider audience: -- Distribution, Socia l Sharing Potential for reduced expense More Transparency Drive action online Dynamic Content
    25. 25. Three flavorsfor an online annual report: 1 2 3
    29. 29. Reinsert KIPP
    30. 30. The Way Forward• Where is all this going?• Where should you invest?
    31. 31. Not PDF sThe frameworksthat created thecommonplace PDFis not what weare talking about
    32. 32. Responsive Design
    33. 33. Responsive Design
    34. 34. Treesaver & OtherHTML5 Frameworks
    35. 35. VIDEO: Tell a StoryKEEP IT SHORT BE GENUINEPowerful videos are Viewers want tooften under two connect withminutes long. The the work that youreffort you put into organizationkeeping it short will is doing. Focus ongo a long way in content thathelping you focus is compelling ratheryour message COMMUNICATE than what’s “cool” RELEVANCE demonstrate theKEEP IT SIMPLE relevance of foundation’sTry to focus on one investment in themain topic (i.e. anevent, one person’s causes and issuesstory, a lesson, a at handtestimonial). It’s
    36. 36. Future TrendsThe Living Report
    37. 37. Sparkwise
    38. 38. Things toConsider
    39. 39. New Media Productionor Repurposing? vs. NE W
    40. 40. Don’t Make your Job Harderthan it already is.(annual reports can be your friend)
    41. 41. New Tools and Repurposing What components make up an online report and what are the best for your Org? VIDEO RESPONSIVE DESIGN PHOTOGRAPHY INFOGRAPHIC DOWNLOADABLE PDF SOCIAL MEDIA AND DISTRIBUTION
    43. 43. Evaluation Toolsfor what you should be doing? Evaluate your goals, your content and your capacity and then come up with a plan.
    44. 44. Be aChampion!
    45. 45. Even Britannica has figu outthat content delivery ne to be focused around new media.
    46. 46. Need avideo? or or App? Dashboa rdor ALL OF THE ABOVE.See3 is your one stop shop.
    47. 47. Thank You! NOW SAVE SOME PAPEREmail us at A L L A N @ S E E 3 . C O M OR STACY@SEE3.COM
    48. 48. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! INSERT QR CODE HERE or Online at www.nten.org/ntc/eval