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2009 Q2 Sedo Domain Market Study


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Each quarter Sedo releases a Domain Market Study, which explores in depth trends and conditions in the online domain marketplace.

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2009 Q2 Sedo Domain Market Study

  1. 1. 2nd Quarter 2009Secondary Domain Market Study
  2. 2. Q2 2009 Domain Market StudyThe internet domain market, as represented by the Sedo marketplace saw consistentgrowth in Q2 2009 with 9,403 domains changing hands for more than $15.6 million.The most notable trends over the last quarter were the significant changes in theaverage sales price of the .com domains, which dropped by $759, compared to Q12009, the increase in .net sales and the jump in ccTLD sales in Q2 2009 compared toQ1 2009.1. Division of Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) SalesThe .com extension remains the most commonly sold extension for yet another quarter,representing more than 76% of all sales on the Sedo marketplace with other generictop-level domains (gTLD). The .net also saw a growth in popularity this quarter, withmore than 11% of the sales in Q2 compared with just 7% in Q1 of 2009.
  3. 3. 2. Number and Price Comparison gTLDsThe average sales price for the majority of gTLDs has dropped in comparison withQ1. However, the .net extension, which typically serves as an alternative to the .comextension, has seen the highest averages sales price recorded over the past three yearsin Sedo’s marketplace and has surpassed the .com extension in USD. The averagesales price for all domain sales on the Sedo marketplace was $1,467 and the averagesales price for gTLDs was $948 in Q2 2009. Average sales price Average sales price gTLD Q1/2009 in $ Q2/2009 in $ .net 1,307 1,775 .com 2,527 1,768 .org 978 1,016 .biz 571 591 .info 598 592
  4. 4. 3. Division of Country Code Top-Level Domain SalesIn looking at the concentration of country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) sales, therewere few changes from Q1 2009. The .de extension remains the most popular ccTLDsold on the domain market, followed by the, and .eu extensions. Some ccTLDshave seen significant growth, like the .cn extension used by China, for example, saw31% more domains sold in Q2 compared with Q1 of 2009. Below is a graph of the top10 most popular ccTLD sales on our marketplace.
  5. 5. 4. Number and Price Comparison for ccTLDsWhile the majority of ccTLDs have seen a decrease in the average sales price, the extension has seen an increase of $1,112 in the average sales price from Q1. Theaverage sales price of the .at domain of Austria also saw a significant increase of almost100%, while the average sales price for .es, .de and .eu extensions have decreased.Although the .fr extension also saw a decrease and is rated as the lowest selling ccT-LD, it currently boasts the second highest sales price for a ccTLD in Q2, putting it rightbehind the extension. The average sales price for all domain sales on the Sedomarketplace was $1,467 and the average sales price for ccTLDs was $1,503. This showshow the ccTLD domains are becoming a main contributor to the sales on Sedo. Average sales price Average sales price TLD Q1/2009 in $ Q2/2009 in $ 1,444 2,556 .at 721 1,427 .es 1899 1115 .de 1,175 897 .fr 4,247 2,227 .eu 1,168 834
  6. 6. 5. Division of Sales per QuarterIn Q2, there was a slight increase in domain sales transactions over Q1 2009. With anaverage sales volume of 9,365, the first half of 2009 altogether is proving stronger thanthe first half of 2008, which resulted in 9,241 in sales volume. 10.000 9.727 9.649 9.326 9.403 8.754 8.754 8.000 6.000 4.000 2.000 0 Q1 2008 Q2 2008 Q3 2008 Q4 2008 Q1 2009 Q2 2009
  7. 7. 6. Division of Sales TypeSedo offers several ways in which domain owners can offer their domains for sale. Thegraph below depicts the most commonly used methods in Q2 compared to Q1 2009.One trend to note is the number of marketplace auctions, which have increased appro-ximately 3% in Q2 in comparison to Q1. We’ve also seen a slight decrease in the num-ber of offer-counteroffer sales. Sales Per Channel
  8. 8. 7. Median Sales PricesThe average sales price is a useful reference in pricing your domain, however with somelarge keyword domain sales swaying the average upwards, the median sales price is amore accurate indicator of the value of the majority of the sales. Currently, gTLDs havean average median sales price around $360. gTLD Median gTLD Sales Price in $ .net 520 .com 410 .org 377 .biz 272 .info 2198. Division of Categories Q2 saw a few changes to the popularity of domain sales Top 10 Categories categories on the Sedo domain market in Q1 2009. Below is a list of 1. Business the 10 top categories for domains 2. Travel and Leisure sold in Q2 2009. 3. Gambling 4. Acronyms and Letters 5. Society 6. Shopping 7. Adult 8. Sports 9. Automotive 10. Finance and Money
  9. 9. 9. Top 10 Domain SalesBelow are lists of the top 10 domain sales overall and the top .com sales in Q2. Pleasenote that the lists below include only public sales and that the majority of domain saleson Sedo’s domain market are marked as confidential, at the request of the partiesinvolved. Top 10 Sales in $ Top 10 .com Sales in $ Domain Price Domain Price 500,000 500,000 266,000 100,000 165,000 100,000 165,000 74,480 100,000 53,200 100,000 47,880 74,480 43,225 53,200 40,000 47,880 37,500 45,936 30,00010. Looking ForwardWe expect to see more ccTLD sales and slight increases in the average sales pricesof ccTLDs, as businesses worldwide look to appeal to highly targeted local groups ofpotential customers. Looking further ahead into Q4 and the start of 2010, we expectto see even more buyers in the domain market; increasing the sales volume as a re-sult of businesses looking to save costs on their SEM and SEO spend.