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SecurityMetrics Vision: a Network Threat Sensor


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Get an inside look into SecurityMetrics Vision, the first affordable, quality, internal scanning device for businesses. Learn more here:

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SecurityMetrics Vision: a Network Threat Sensor

  1. 1. Vision Network Threat Sensor
  2. 2. Internal Security Issues • All PCI DSS requirements are not created equal • Some security requirements are difficult to satisfy – “78% of companies have experienced a data security breach as a result of human negligence . . .” – Ponemon Institute, 2012 • Overly complicated solutions are not maintained and are therefore ineffective
  3. 3. Network Threat Sensor Internal network security that monitors, protects against, and reports internal business network threats through: Internal Scans Log Management Wireless Detection (PCI Section 11) (PCI Section 10) (PCI Section 11)
  4. 4. Competitor Options • • • • • Difficult to manage Expensive Impractical Found in multiple products Created for large enterprises
  5. 5. SecurityMetrics Vision: • • • • • • “Early warning system” Secures business networks internally Assists with PCI Requirements 1, 10, & 11 Affordable Award-winning technical support Simple to manage • Installs inside business network • Communicates with SecurityMetrics via encrypted tunnel • Admin control for multiple devices via SecurityMetrics website
  6. 6. Internal Scanning Bring an industry-leading scan engine inside your network • • • • • • • • PCI Requirement 11 Detect internal vulnerabilities Custom scan schedule Scan remediation support Multi subnet scanning User-friendly false positive resolution Summary report with recommendations View scan history to determine progress
  7. 7. Log Management Customize and get practical alerts • • • • • PCI Requirement 10 Only notifies on “proven” threats by default Customizable alert settings Real-time alert notification Store event logs
  8. 8. Wireless Detection Identify friendly networks • • • • PCI Requirement 11 Locate rogue devices Check encryption Save secure wireless networks
  9. 9. SecurityMetrics Vision Contact Us 801.705.5656 Starting at: $99/month Learn More Website Overview Video Internal Scanning Video Log Management Video Wireless Detection Video