Daily Star                      THEBecome Your Clients’ Clear Choice                                                      ...
Daily StarTHEBecome Your Clients’ Clear Choice (continued from cover)The wave of the future – the wave of Baby Boomers – p...
Daily Star   THETechnology Continues to Evolve to Meet Advisors’ NeedsThe Technology Pavilion offers onsite experts and co...
Challenges Make Securities America and Advisors StrongerHoltz tells audience, “Don’t maintain – get better!” at his inspir...
Daily StarTHEConveniently Earn Your CE & Complete 2011 Firm ElementEach year the National Conference is ideal to easily co...
Focusing on NextPhase™ Ease of Business & Practice Growth                     ,Income distribution pre-conference sessions...
Daily StarTHESimplify Advisory Business with New Unified Managed AccountSecurities America Advisors adds a fourth option t...
Specifically for Assistants, Staff, Office Managers and MoreThe Ideal Assistant Track is designed to help all of your prac...
Daily StarTHEFinding Returns in a New Global Economy Changes PerspectivesIron Point looks at portfolio construction themes...
Shift from C Shares to Advisory Helps Advisors Avoid 75% Pay CutSecurities America’s new coaching program assists advisors...
Securities America Advisors- Newsletter-Jan'11
Securities America Advisors- Newsletter-Jan'11
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Securities America Advisors- Newsletter-Jan'11


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Securities America Financial Corporation is a financial advisory firm offering investment advice and other financial products & services. It is based in La Vista, Nebraska. It reviews your financial processes and delivers high performance products & services in the financial domain. Also Securities America is the most reputed firm when it comes to corporate clients, and has a monthly newsletter which provides a lot of information about the latest developments in the company and the finance world in general. Go through it and feel free to tell us what you feel.

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Securities America Advisors- Newsletter-Jan'11

  1. 1. Daily Star THEBecome Your Clients’ Clear Choice Today’sIncome distribution track explores depth and breadth of NextPhase programs. ™ HIGHLIGHTSB efore retirement, the average investor has Securities America’s initial foray into income three financial advisors. After retirement, distribution began in 2005 when the company Personal Branding in a Social Media Age investors pare down to just one advisor. began offering The Income For Life Model ™, This session covers practical techniques for building and projecting your personal brand, How does an advisor become a software and marketing system for particularly in the age of social networks wherea client’s only advisor during those generating portfolio proposals using a reputation and word of mouth are critical.critically important retirement years? time-segmented method. Within this Bill Reeves, Partner, Comunicato That’s the question Securities strategy, an investor’s retirement 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. – Asbury Hall AAmerica asked in 2005. The answer assets are divided into segments andstarted with industry-leading research tagged to provide income over a Best Practices from Your Colleagues Hear from a panel of top assistants on how theythat compared systematic withdrawals, specific period of time in retirement. make their office run smoother, clients happiervariable annuities and time-segmented Dan Goeken, a Securities America and become invaluable to advisors.distribution, resulting in the white advisor in Norfolk, Neb., said the visual Moderated by Laurie Burkhard, Sr. Business Consultant,paper “Capturing the Income framework of the time-segmented Securities America along with Sales Assistant AdvisoryDistribution Opportunity.” That strategy helps him more easily explain and Cultivating the Assistants Group Memberswhite paper recently received the his recommendations to clients. For 11:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. – Salon 8Thought Leadership Award from JIM NAGENGAST example, one client who still planned The NextPhase™ Income Distributionthe Retirement Income Industry to work for a while had $750,000 in his Client Planning ProcessAssociation (RIIA) and was also “As Baby Boomers 401(k) plan. He found he could start Learn the five key concepts for marketingpublished in the inaugural issue of to and gaining income distribution clients,the Retirement Management Journal. start to retire, now is his time-segmented plan bylater of funding segments three and taking and identify how to win business using the NextPhase™ approach and marketing materials. In the six years between publishing the time for you to an in-service distribution, allowingthe white paper and receiving the him to use investment products not Zach Parker, Director Annuities & Insurance, Securities America become the ‘go to’ 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 – Salon 7award, Securities America has been available in his 401(k). The client leftbuilding the industry’s most extensive professional for segment two in his 401(k) plan’s stable Developing a Plan to Transition Yoursupport system targeted at helping value choice because it already met C Share Business to Advisory retirement income Gain insight on the regulatory environmentadvisors become the income distribu- the objectives for that segment. distribution.” relating to 12(b)-1 trail commissions, starttion specialist in their community. “Time-segmented distribution planning to transition C shares to advisory, “Regardless of the niche in which really provides the structure to ease and develop the plan to make that transition.you concentrate your business, the transition of the clients’ anxiety about the earlier segments, Jeremy Robson, Director Advisor Services and Erick Lindewall,baby boom generation will touch every advisor to one because the later segments have a greater growth Director Advisor Sales, Securities America Advisorsextent or another,” said retirement income specialist objective,” he said. 2:00 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. – Asbury Hall AZach Parker. “Every advisor needs to have a plan and As the time-segmented strategy caught on Introduction to Managed Opportunitiesbe prepared to address this need for your clients, or among advisors, Securities America recognized Unified Managed Accounts (UMA)risk losing clients to an advisor who is prepared.” the need for a way to translate the proposal See the new Managed Opportunities UMA, the Today’s Income Distribution Planning Track, into actual investments and then monitor each benefits of using a UMA, and the technologytaking place in Salon 7, will feature sessions for segment’s performance against the plan. we’ve built so you can implement proposals forbeginners and advance planners and will highlight The Managed Opportunities® advisory platform, multiple managers in one brokerage account.Securities America’s latest income distribution which offers both advisor-directed and third-party Marla Cross, Vice President, and Jeremy Robson, Directorresources: an Income Distribution Desk, an money manager options, provided the perfect Advisor Services, Securities America Advisorsexpanded Client Fact Finder and the Product vehicle. In 2010, Securities America rolled out 3:30 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. – Asbury Hall DAllocation Models. With these tools, Securities Managed Opportunities® NextPhase™, an enhancedAmerica continues to lead the industry in retire- platform solution that supports a time-segmentedment income distribution planning. continued on page 3 Your business growth expert.Contents Become Your Clients’ Clear Choice (continued) . . . 3 Technology Continues to Evolve. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Conveniently Earn CE and Firm Element . . . . . . . 6 Opening Day Photo Page. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Finding Returns in the Global Economy . . . . . . 10 Shift from C Shares, Avoid 75% Pay Cut . . . . . 11 Challenges Make SA & Advisors Stronger. . . . . . 5 New Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) . . . . . . . . 8 NextPhase™ University Training (continued) . . . 11 NextPhase™ University Training Program . . . . . 5 Specifically for Assistants, Staff and More . . . . . 9
  2. 2. Daily StarTHEBecome Your Clients’ Clear Choice (continued from cover)The wave of the future – the wave of Baby Boomers – points to the need for retirement income distribution planning.distribution strategy; a retirement income investment strategy designed Securities America’s director of insurance and annuities. “These toolsto seek consistent income throughout retirement. tend to work better during accumulation years than in distribution “Managed Opportunities NextPhase offers advisors access to third-party years when clients have less time and fewer new assets coming in (suchmanagers as well as the ability to utilize the advisor-directed technology as wages) to recover from losses. Tools for risk profiling that rely on hardto effectively manage client assets,” said Bill Kantner, a Securities America numbers like assets and income can certainly give the client a ‘number,’advisor in Chadds Ford, Penn. “The enhanced trading and but they don’t address the client’s needs for major expensesaccount analysis capabilities of Advisor Directed allow me to or the impact on the client’s legacy plan. The expandedsave a considerable amount of time in my day-to-day asset ROI Profile allows the advisor to take a comprehensivemanagement tasks. This is the main reason I’m looking to con- look at all of the client’s needs to create a more effective,vert as much of my asset base to this platform. The reporting efficient income distribution plan.”capabilities allow me and clients to have access to reporting To help advisors determine which products may be24/7. This closed-loop solution lets me create, implement, suitable for each segment when investing client assets intomanage and report on clients’ assets all on one platform.” the NextPhase strategy, Securities America created the The Managed Opportunities NextPhase tools help advisors Product Allocation Model.identify the appropriate allocation needed across multiple “We identified several options in each segment advisorssegments as well as the target accumulation for investments could consider as suitable alternatives when creating a planwithin each segment, so that when harvested they will provide for their clients,” Parker said. “In addition to summarizingthe desired income throughout that period of time. the various product options, we highlighted factors for Like many advisors, Patricia Hinds, CFP®, a Securities ZACH PARKER advisors to consider when deciding which products to use.America advisor in St. Cloud, Minn., says that in her early We also provide an Efficient Practice rating to indicateyears, working with clients focused on accumulation. “The expanded ROI how easily each product type could be implemented.” “I had a few clients taking periodic distributions or Parker will provide more information on the Productoccasionally a lump sum, but there was no focus on creating Profile allows advisors Allocation Model and other NextPhase Incomean income stream from the assets,” she says. “As the clients to take a full look Distribution Solutions during the NextPhase Income– and I – got older, we talked about how they would need to at all of the client’s Distribution Client Planning Process session TODAYuse the dollars they saved. It became clear we couldn’t hap- at 1 p.m. He will also discuss the expanded ROI Profilehazardly have investments out there and just tap into those needs to create a more in detail during the Advanced Planning Concepts foraccounts arbitrarily. It’s interesting that although our view effective income Income Distribution Specialists TODAY at 2 p.m.of how we will spend our time in retirement has certainlychanged, clients still arrive at my door with old-fashioned distribution plan.” Don’t miss the full line-up of income distributioninvestment methodology ingrained in their thinking.” sessions taking place TODAY in Salon 7: While developing the initial income distribution white 8:00 a.m. – Introduction to Time-Segmented Distributionpaper, Securities America realized the importance of addressing the and Managed Opportunities NextPhaseimpact that clients’ emotion-based decision making regarding financescan have on portfolio performance. Soon after publishing the white 11:00 a.m. – Income Distribution Hot Topics,paper, Securities America introduced the ROI* Reliability of Income by Smedley Financial ServicesProfile, a questionnaire designed to help advisors assess and measure 1:00 p.m. – The NextPhase Income Distributionclients’ emotional needs for guaranteed income and reaction to Client Planning Processvolatility. To Securities America’s knowledge, the ROI Profile was thefirst of its kind in the industry. Earlier this year, Securities America 2:00 p.m. – Advanced Planning Concepts forexpanded the ROI Profile to include questions to determine whether a Income Distribution Specialistsclient will need large lump sums during retirement, and their desire 3:30 p.m. – This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement:to leave a legacy. The expanded tool, which includes an advisor Income Planning in the New Normal, by Sun Lifescoring key and suggestions for products and services based on client 4:30 p.m. – Today’s Retirement Challenge: Generating Higherresponses, has been renamed the Client Fact Finder. Guaranteed Income When Clients Need it “Traditional risk profiling methods have attempted to quantify aclient’s sensitivity to financial loss in a portfolio,” said Zach Parker, – Natalie J.S. HadleyThe e*Office NextPhase™ Support CenterIn addition to the many professional and expert staff who are knowledgeable about retirement incomedistribution, there are some key materials available to you at your convenience on the e*Office Website.They include White Papers: Capturing the Income Distribution Opportunity and Marketing Yourself as an IncomeDistribution Specialist; Advisor Training: Implementing Income for Life in NextPhase, Introduction to NextPhaseCoaching (New Session Starts Sept. 1, 2011) and many NextPhase Coaching Resources; Marketing Materials:NextPhase Strategy Overview Brochure, NextPhase Trifold Brochure, NextPhase Client Presentation with posters,invitations, letters and press releases (presentation coming soon!), Retirement Myth #1 flyer and Retirement Myth #2 flyer;Tools: Confidential Fact Finder Advisor Guide, Confidential Fact Finder, Product Allocation Model Presentation and Product Allocation Model Handouts.
  3. 3. Daily Star THETechnology Continues to Evolve to Meet Advisors’ NeedsThe Technology Pavilion offers onsite experts and computers to help with your technology questions.E ach year at National Conference, by members of the Field Technology Team. The Technology Pavilion is the place to go if you: Securities America brings you the These professionals have a combined 120 years of Technology Pavilion, where you can get } Want to better understand how to use a experience in the financial industry. Of that, hands-on with leading-edge industry specific solution. 98 years have been with Securities America intechnology from Securities America and our areas that include operations, management, } Want to conduct daily business morestrategic partners. sales and compensation. efficiently and effectively. A conference fixture since 1999, the The Field Technology team will be available } Want to know about new systems andTechnology Pavilion is centrally located in throughout the conference to answer your ques- features we’ve added since lastSalon 5, next to the Asbury Lobby, and staffed tions, demonstrate services and discuss changes. year’s conference. We will also be collecting your ideas for future enhancements. Many of the improvements to our technology over the years have started with a conversation at the Technology Pavilion. We are constantly tweaking and adjusting our systems to make them as intuitive and efficient as possible through honest, constructive feedback from our advisors. The Technology Pavilion will also have demonstration computers where members of Field Technology will be able to discuss and demonstrate any e*Office Advantage technology that you wish to learn more about. New this year, we will have iPads, iPhones and Android powered tablets available to demonstrate our new solution for accessing e*Office Advantage from mobile devices. Many of our technology partners will be joining us to provide you with information about their services. Morningstar can show you Advisor Workstation and other great services. National Financial and Pershing will both be there to exhibit the powerful technology available from our clearing firms. Futureware Distributors will be attending to discuss and take orders for com- puters, printers, scanners and other hardware for your office. If you are interested in performance reporting, stop by the Albridge booth for a demonstration and make sure to talk with CashEdge about how their service can automat- ically integrate not-held assets into this system. Redtail CRM will showcase its web-based, easy- to-use client management solution designed specifically for financial professionals. Emerald Publications is available this year to help answer questions about effective online marketing using a professional website and will also discuss their newsletters, seminars and other materials. If you need to check your email or the markets, visit the Cyber Café, located adjacent to the Asbury Rotunda at the entrance into the Asbury Lobby, directly across from the Technology Pavilion. Don’t get too engrossed, though! We want you to make the most of your time with us by attending conference sessions and learning from your peers, our home office professionals and product sponsor representatives. – LisaJo Crawford Technology Pavilion Hours Saturday . . . . Noon to 5 p.m. & 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
  4. 4. Challenges Make Securities America and Advisors StrongerHoltz tells audience, “Don’t maintain – get better!” at his inspirational opening-night keynote address. leaders are closely involved in the new said. “If you’d like to experience that kind ofT he Securities America 2011 Connect! National Conference opened with a ownership process, but for the majority of our growth in your fee-based assets, we’ll be starting packed general session featuring Jim home office employees, it’s business as usual,” our fifth class in late October.” Nagengast’s inaugural conference Nagengast said. “We have continued to focus on Nagengast closed his comments with a reminderaddress as the company’s chief executive officer our key initiatives for 2011: NextPhase™ of what made Securities America the nation’sand thoughts from keynote speaker Lou Holtz Retirement Income Distribution, Ease of seventh largest independent broker/dealer.on having a “game plan for success.” Kirk Business and Business Growth.” “The reasons you joined us and the reasonsHulett, senior vice president of strategy and Each day of the conference will focus on one you stay – none of that has changed,” he said.practice management, served as the evening’s of those initiatives, Nagengast said, starting with “Our payouts remain competitive, our technologyhost. Nagengast addressed the challenges NextPhase Retirement Income Distribution. stands head and shoulders above other b/ds.Securities America faced in the past few years, “About two years ago, we committed Our fee-based programs are among the mostmost notably the legal matters surrounding ourselves to making Securities America the flexible and automated in the industry. AndMedical Capital and Provident Royalties. industry thought-leader on retirement income when it comes to income distribution, no other “It’s been about two years since these two distribution and building resources to help broker-dealer comes close. I see only great thingsprivate placements began to unravel and entan- advisors specialize in this important industry ahead for Securities America, for you and forgled Securities America in one of the biggest trend,” he said. “What we created is, bar none, your clients. I’m glad to have all of you on board.challenges we’ve faced in our 27-year-history,” the most comprehensive income distribution You don’t want to miss out on being part ofNagengast said. “Like any other challenge we’ve platform in the financial services industry, and it shaping the future of the industry’s most progres-had, we worked our way through it and learned just keeps getting better.” sive, innovative and intelligent broker-dealer.”from it. I believe that ultimately we will be a Financial Planning magazine recently ranked Lou Holtz then took thestronger company for having weathered this.” Securities America seventh among independent stage, delivering a “Game Nagengast went on to discuss the sale of broker/dealers based on 2010 revenues, Plan for Success” messageSecurities America by parent company Nagengast said, but simply getting bigger isn’t that underscored Nagengast’sAmeriprise Financial. necessarily the best measure of success. comments. “We are in an excellent position to move on Monday’s focus will be on Securities America’s “There’s a rule of life: you’reto the next chapter,” he said. “The sale process ease of business projects and the 50+ technology either growing or you’re dying,”is moving quickly, and we expect to begin enhancements made so far this year, including Holtz said. “A tree is growing, LOU HOLTZmeeting with prospective buyers when we get Online Account Setup, the new Account or it’s dying; so is a marriage; so is a person. Itback from the conference, with a keen focus on Servicing Tool and an upgraded reports engine. doesn’t have a thing to do with age. There’s no agefinding a new ownership structure that creates Tuesday’s conference focus will be on Business restriction on dreams. But growing or dying hasthe least disruption to you and your clients.” Growth. The company’s vanguard growth pro- everything to do with trying to get better. Nagengast announced the members of the gram, Next Level – Building the Million Dollar “When you maintain, you’re dying,” henewly created Advisor Committee, which will Practice, has a current class of 22 advisors who continued. “You never have any ideas. You neverprovide feedback on select aspects of the new have placed $14 million in SAA fee-based pro- have any enthusiasm. You never have a reason toownership process. The Advisor Committee grams since their program start in January 2011. celebrate. I finally realized I wasn’t tired of coach-members in alphabetical order by last name are: “A randomly selected comparison group of ing. I was tired of maintaining. The more success-Nate Bergeland, Bob Binn, Chuck Blossom, advisors placed $5 million into SAA fee-based ful you are, you have to make sure you don’t justJack Connealy, Arthur Cooper, John Egan, programs during the same period, meaning maintain. You have to ask, ‘How can I get better?’John Jenkins and Gregg Lipsitz. our Next Level advisors are outpacing the That’s why dreams are so important – because that’s “We’ve mentioned before that key senior comparison group by 180 percent,” Nagengast where you’re trying to go.” – Natalie J.S. HadleyNextPhase™ University Prepares Future Income Distribution SpecialistsTraining programs help advisors turn concepts into real-world client acquisition opportunities.S ecurities America believes so strongly in the importance of retirement The NextPhase resources will help you: income planning – both for clients to prepare for the distribution phase } Embrace a time-segmented distribution strategy in your practice. and for advisors to best serve the needs of those clients – that it offered } Understand the complexities and solutions for constructing livable its NextPhase University as the only pre-conference session at this year’s retirement distribution solutions.national conference. More than 70 advisors attended the session. If you missed the pre-conference workshop, plan to attend TODAY’s NextPhase } Approach clients and prospects to discuss time-segmented distribution solutions.Income Distribution Client Planning Process session at 1 p.m. in Salon 7. This } Learn the full capabilities of the NextPhase platform on Managedone-hour session offers an overview of what you need to specialize in retirement Opportunities®, which allows you to build, implement and manageincome distribution planning. The 12-week NextPhase™ Coaching Program, the process all in one place.that starts Sept. 1, provides a great follow up to today’s client planning session, } Learn how to select the best product for each client’s unique retirement solution.guiding you on implementing processes and tools we’ve created for advisors. Securities America will be taking the one-day NextPhase University on the } Create a branding plan to become recognized as a retirement incomeroad for regional events in July, August and September. Watch your daily e*Star distribution specialist in your practice’s region or market.email for dates and locations. } Create a marketing plan to tap into the huge Baby Boomer opportunity. The NextPhase Coaching Program includes bi-weekly, one-on-one } Structure your internal workflows to support income distribution planningcoaching sessions, implementable tools and in-depth training from our client service.experts in income distribution planning. continued on page 11
  5. 5. Daily StarTHEConveniently Earn Your CE & Complete 2011 Firm ElementEach year the National Conference is ideal to easily complete many compliance and regulatory CE requirements.T his year’s National Conference is education requirement off your to-do list the By attending this session, advisors will have committed to helping advisors easy way – by attending both Firm Element completed the FME 111 Anti-Money conveniently earn needed continuing Continuing Education sessions here at the Laundering Training. This session has been education credits. With more than National Conference. approved for one CFP® and one PACE®30 different sessions offering continuing The first session will be Monday from 8 a.m. continuing education credit. This session iseducation credits, you are sure to leave the to 9 a.m. in the Grand Harbor Ballroom South also approved for one Nebraska stateconference with a wealth of knowledge. You can and will feature Ryan LaFountain, Securities insurance continuing education credit.also get the 2011 Firm Element continuing America’s anti-money laundering analyst. The second Compliance Continuing Education session will be Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Grand Harbor Ballroom South and will feature Kevin Miller, Securities America vice president, chief compliance officer and deputy general counsel, and a panel of industry experts. By attending this session, advisors will have completed three of the online courses: FME 112 Prospecting and the Initial Client Meeting; FME 113 Managing Ongoing Client Relationships and Suitability Considerations; and FME 114 Professional Responsibility and Conduct. This session has been approved for one-and-a-half CFP® and one-and-a-half PACE® continuing education credits. To receive full credit for completing these courses at the National Conference, advisors must scan their conference badge in and out at the session. Advisors can attend one or both courses and receive the corresponding Firm Element credit for each, or attend both sessions and fulfill their total Firm Element requirement for 2011. By attending both sessions, advisors will fulfill their 2011 Annual Compliance Meeting requirement, although branch managers may require advisors to attend an additional compliance meeting to receive information particular to the branch. The attendance information from National Conference will be uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS) on e*Office, and the appropriate items will show as completed on those systems. The Compliance Max system will be updated to show the annual compliance meeting requirement as completed for those advisors who attend both of the national conference sessions. Advisors who are unable to attend one of the sessions at National Conference will need to complete the corresponding courses online through the Learning Management System (LMS) on e*Office for Firm Element. Courses must be completed by Oct. 31, 2011. Advisors who have a regulatory element requirement for 2011 must still complete the Firm Element conference sessions or courses. The firm element and regulatory element are two separate FINRA requirements. Please note: Insurance continuing education credits may not be applicable in all states. – LisaJo Crawford
  6. 6. Focusing on NextPhase™ Ease of Business & Practice Growth ,Income distribution pre-conference sessions and an upbeat opening night kick off this year’s National Conference. NextPhase™ University – Retirement Income Distribution Planning Pre-Conference Education SessionMore than 70 advisors learn about time-segmented retirement income planning from Zach Parker, Securities America’s resident expert. Income distribution is becoming vital to advisors’ practices, so NextPhase™ University was this year’s sole pre-conference focus. Emcee Kirk Hulett Welcomes All Securities America CEO Jim Nagengast Opening Night Keynote Speaker InspiresThe conference opens with information, Jim’s passion for advisor success shines Famous coach and television sportscaster education and Kirk’s trademark wit. as he kicks off this year’s conference. Lou Holtz drives home the keys to success.NextPhase™ University Attendees Enjoy Saturday’s Luncheon If You’re Not Growing, Then You’re Dying.Breaks provide time to dine and discuss what advisors are learning. A packed opening session embraces keynote Holtz’s philosophy.
  7. 7. Daily StarTHESimplify Advisory Business with New Unified Managed AccountSecurities America Advisors adds a fourth option to the Managed Opportunities platform to meet advisor needs.O ne client registration, one account, president of business development. “Working For practices using an advisory approach, the one set of paperwork and one 1099 – with Envestnet, Securities America has taken creation of a UMA offers a way to streamline that’s the simplified account structure the UMA strategy one step further by develop- account maintenance and management beyond advisors can gain with the new ing a UMA that brings mutual fund wrap strate- consolidated reporting already available withManaged Opportunities® Unified Managed gists into one account. No other firm does that.” Securities America’s Managed OpportunitiesAccount (UMA) from Securities America. According to Envestnet, UMAs are one of the and Managed Opportunities Advisor Directed. “UMAs were originally designed as a way to fastest growing investments in the industry. By Rather than separate brokerage accounts forbring multiple separate account managers into 2013, an estimated $327 billion in client house- each mutual fund wrap or separate account wrapone account,” said Dennis King, senior vice hold assets will be managed through UMAs. portfolio selected, advisors can complete one set of client paperwork to open one account. With the UMA’s open architecture, advisors can have multiple investment types and use multiple managers and portfolios. The Managed Opportunities platform lets advisors build their own models that can be saved and applied to multiple client accounts, making it easy to implement portfolio adjustments, such as asset allocation or manager changes, to all accounts associated with a model. With a UMA, changing managers while maintaining the model for the account has been simplified. Advisors can create their own models by choosing any of the separate account wrap or mutual fund wrap portfolios on the Managed Opportunities platform, which includes tools that will make recommendations to help advisors determine the appropriate asset allocation model for their client. The minimum for each model is calculated based on the investment products or portfolios used, their required minimum and the allocation to the product. The asset class allocation with the highest required minimum sets the minimum for the overall model, and can be as low as $150,000. Envestnet acts as the overlay manager, conducting trades and rebalancing as directed by the third-party manager or the advisor, saving the advisor time. “The ability to combine multiple asset types and multiple managers into one account, with one set of paperwork and one 1099, will save advisors a great deal of time, giving them more time to spend with clients,” King said. “Advisors who have delayed converting their practice to a fee-based model because they perceived it as too much work have no reason to delay any longer with the Managed Opportunities UMA. We know regulatory changes regarding Class C shares are coming, which makes it even more important that advisors take advantage of the simplicity of the UMA.” Managed Opportunities UMA provides the same advisor benefits that have made the original Managed Opportunities program one of the fastest growing at Securities America Advisors. The client profile and suitability questionnaire helps advisors choose an appropriate asset allocation strategy. Portfolios and investment policy statements – customized to an individual client’s securities restrictions, tax concerns and cash management needs – can continued on page 9
  8. 8. Specifically for Assistants, Staff, Office Managers and MoreThe Ideal Assistant Track is designed to help all of your practice’s staff maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Assistants can also learn from attending 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.E very year, Securities America invites assistants to accompany advisors to the conference sessions outside the Ideal Assistant Your Disaster Recovery and Connect! National Conference to learn track. Assistants are encouraged to attend all Emergency Client Contact Plan client service, team management, other sessions at the conference to increase their Do you have a plan if a disaster hit your office,personal productivity, staff career paths, overall knowledge of the industry, allowing them whether a fire, tornado or hurricane? We allworkflow analysis and marketing. The Ideal the opportunity to better support advisors and to like to hope this will never happen to us, butAssistant Track on Sunday is built specifically create a well rounded office. Assistants who what if it did? Could you quickly recover,to meet the needs and concerns of all levels of attend National Conference also gain hands-on reassure your clients and keep down time to aassistants – advisor assistants, professional staff, experience using Securities America’s latest minimum? This session will cover the basics to putting in place a well-thought-out disaster recovery plan, as well as a strategy you can enact to contact clients quickly in case of “Securities America has long an emergency. Laurie Burkhard, Senior Business Consultant been a leader in providing training 2 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. specifically for assistants and Leading and Managing People How do you get people to follow your lead? office managers, based on the Your success depends upon your ability to influence the actions of others. Leading and belief that behind every successful Managing People gives you practical tools and frameworks that help you lead more effectively advisor is a talented support staff.” to achieve the results you need. Learn proactive, proven techniques for setting job KIRK HULETT expectations, coaching employee performance, providing constructive feedback, and takingoffice managers, etc. These six sessions provide technological tools and learn how to use software corrective action, while maximizing employeea wealth of practical and implementable ideas, and other programs in-depth. With nearly 100 productivity and job satisfaction.tips and tools for assistants and office managers assistants attending the conference each year, the Nicole Cummings, Director of Training andto take back to the office and apply to their opportunities to connect with and learn from the Human Resourcesadvisor’s practice. experiences of others are massive. Assistants will “Securities America has long been a leader in leave with numerous ideas they can implement 3:30 p.m. to 4:20 p.m.providing training specifically for assistants and into the daily operations of their practices. Making Complicated Tasks Simpleoffice managers, based on the belief that For staff who can’t attend the National Using Checklistsbehind every successful advisor is a talented, Conference or want to further expand their Based on the bestselling book, Checklistsupportive staff,” said Kirk Hulett, Securities skills, Securities America offers Assistant Manifesto, this session will discuss whatAmerica senior vice president of strategy and University, which will be October 5-6 at checklists can do and what they can’t do, aspractice management. “For more than a the Hilton Omaha this year. Assistants well as which tasks in your office are a mustdecade, Securities America has included the are also encouraged to participate in the for checklists!Ideal Assistant track at National Conference, e*Certification program for assistants, available Laurie Burkhard, Senior Business Consultantwhich over time has evolved to include online through the e*Office Educenter.specific sessions for office managers, designated 4:30 p.m. to 5:20 p.m.principals and associate advisors.” 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. Invest Wisely! Select the Right CRM What You Need to Know About Compliance for Your Practice Compliance is a constant in any financial You undertake important tasks and work hard services office. Find out what you should be each day to be successful in the long run, doing to help protect the practice and ensure including: A) delivering great service toNew UMAs (continued from page 8) clean audits. clients, B) Communicating thoroughly andbe created online in about 10 minutes. Adam Proskovec, Director of Surveillance taking great notes, and C) protecting yourAll required account initiation and investment (Roger Verboon, moderator) practice. Selecting an appropriate Clientdocuments can be downloaded and printed from Relationship Management (CRM) system towithin Managed Opportunities, and advisors 11 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. support “D) All of the above” is crucial. Attendhave online access to rolled-up reports, updated Best Practices from Your Colleagues this session to learn more about existingdaily, on assets at a household level, regardless You spoke and we listened! Attendees want to CRMs, and how to make an informed decisionof different registrations or money managers hear best practices from other offices and how and invest wisely in the technology you use toused. The UMA offers even more streamlined to implement them. Come hear from a panel of reach your next level of success.reporting than the consolidated reports top assistants on how they make their office Chris Kirby, Practice Management Consultantavailable on the Managed Opportunities run smoother, keep clients happier and becomeseparate account program. invaluable to their advisor. As a long-standing leader in Practice Learn more at Managed Opportunities Sales Assistant Advisory Board and Management programs, tools and services, weUnified Managed Account TODAY at 3:30 p.m. Cultivating the Assistants Group members are confident these sessions will serve yourin Asbury Hall D. (Laurie Burkhard, moderator) practice well! – Natalie J.S. Hadley – LisaJo Crawford
  9. 9. Daily StarTHEFinding Returns in a New Global Economy Changes PerspectivesIron Point looks at portfolio construction themes as the U.S.’s economic influence declines.T he United States has enjoyed a long why investors who became more conservative history of leading the world economy, following the 2008 market decline will find it “Today we have to but the realities of the new global more difficult over the next few years to earn a look at the economy economy will make the U.S. a smaller rate of return necessary to meet their goals.player and create opportunities for the rest of Spitzmiller will start with a look at the market globally. There arethe world, particularly in emerging markets. In and economic environment over the past opportunities in emerg-his session Portfolio Construction in the Years few years, and the risks that could derail the ing markets and theAhead, Iron Point Capital Management Chief economy, causing some asset classes to performInvestment Officer Jeff Spitzmiller will look at better than others. U.S. is becoming a smaller player.” JEFF SPITZMILLER “I think that over the next five years, the equity markets will be below their historical returns and that rising interest rates will impact bond prices,” he said in an interview. “Inflation is the wild card.” In addition, the global economic picture continues to evolve, Spitzmiller said. “The United States was at the forefront of the world economic environment in the past. Today, we have to look at the economy globally. There are opportunities in emerging markets, and the U.S. is becoming a smaller player.” “Advisors can’t rely on a static buy and hold strategy any more,” Spitzmiller said. “They will need to look for opportunities to add less traditional products, like exchange traded funds and open-ended mutual funds in the alternative space, to diversify portfolios beyond equities and bonds to increase returns. The way advisors have been constructing portfolios may not be the way to do it now. The markets may be almost double the lows of March 2009, but the markets and the economy are not the same as they were before the meltdown.” Iron Point, which is a sister company to Securities America, manages objective-based portfolios allocated for long-term investing using a strategic allocation with a tactical over- lay. The strategic approach uses a diversified long-term neutral allocation customized for the client. The tactical overlay aims to improve risk-adjusted rates of return by taking advantage of changing market conditions. The company’s investment methodology uses both top-down and bottom-up analysis. The top-down analysis examines the macro view of the markets, while the bottom-up analysis narrows in on the individual securities to generate a balanced perspective of the current state of the economy, as well as identify trends that may occur. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about economic and market trends in the coming years, and how those factors will affect portfolio construction. Portfolio Construction in the Years Ahead will be held TODAY at 4:30 p.m. in Asbury Hall D, and is worth one hour of continuing education credit for the CFP® and PACE® designations. – Natalie J.S. Hadley
  10. 10. Shift from C Shares to Advisory Helps Advisors Avoid 75% Pay CutSecurities America’s new coaching program assists advisors in transitioning to a fee-based practice. helps advisors develop a transition plan. the shares being out of the contingent deferredI f you knew a situation was brewing that would cut your income by 75 percent, would Delivered online in five sessions, the 12-week sales charge (CDSC) period. you take steps to mitigate the impact or program includes bi-weekly individual coaching “Making the transition to a fee-based practice avoid it all together? Advisors who rely sessions, implementable tools and training from can appear intimidating to advisors, but theheavily on trail commissions from mutual fund Securities America experts in fee-based business. tools, processes and resources Securities AmericaC shares will face that very situation if the Session topics include creating a fee-based provides help advisors approach this changeSecurities and Exchange Commission (SEC)moves ahead with its proposed rule to cap 12(b)-1fees at 25 basis points (bps). “No business can survive a 75 percent cut in its “Over the past 17 years, SAA hasrevenue,” said Jeremy Robson, SecuritiesAmerica Advisors’ director of advisory services.“Advisors need to prepare now for the coming helped hundreds of advisors transitionrule changes by analyzing their business and how to a fee-based advisory practice,a true fee-based advisory approach can not onlypreserve that income but expand it.” Robson and Erick Lindewall, SAA director of and I don’t know of any advisorsadvisory sales, will present today’s session,Developing a Plan to Transition Your C Share who have regretted it.”Business to Advisory at 2 p.m. in Asbury Hall A. “In addition to avoiding the potential loss JEREMY ROBSONof income due to the fee cap on C shares,transitioning to an advisory structure allows the business plan, pricing, investment manager and gradually and systematically in a way that makesadvisor to provide a deeper level of service to platform selections, the client communication sense for the advisor, their staff and their clients,”clients,” Robson said. “That can mean gaining plan (with scripts) and workflows. The next Robson said. “It does take time to make theadditional assets the client may currently hold JumpStart Advisory Coaching Program session transition, and there’s no getting around some ofelsewhere. An advisory approach also makes the begins Oct. 4. For more information and to the work required, but clients and advisors bene-advisor’s practice more valuable. An advisory register, visit the Advisory Business tab of the fit in the long run. Over the past 17 years, SAApractice typically sells for one and a half to two e*Office website and click on the JumpStart has helped hundreds of advisors transition to atimes revenues; a practice based on C shares Advisory Coaching link. fee-based advisory practice, and I don’t know oftypically sells for 50 percent of revenues or less. SAA has other initiatives planned that will any advisors who have regretted it.”Advisors buying books of business are looking for make transitioning from C shares to advisory The SEC has stated it plans to return toadvisory-based practices.” business even easier, including a small account finalizing and implementing new rules on Clients who move from mutual fund C shares program to accommodate investors who don’t mutual fund fees this summer. You don’t want toto an advisory relationship can access a broader qualify for normal account minimums, and face a potential 75 percent reduction in income.spectrum of investments, Robson said. Around agreements with mutual fund providers to allow If you have never considered a move to fee-based5,000 mutual funds, separate account models, share class exchanges to eliminate capital gains business, or you’ve considered it before and foundmutual fund wrap portfolios, and exchange exposure from the liquidation of C shares. Eleven reasons not to change, plan to attend today’straded funds can be accessed through various fund companies so far allow tax-free (non- session at 2 p.m. in Asbury Hall A.SAA programs. By comparison, around 2,000 reportable) conversions to advisory class shares, – Natalie J.S. Hadleymutual funds offer C shares. including American Funds, Invesco AIM, Earlier this year, SAA piloted its new Fidelity, Allianz, Oppenheimer and Franklin Templeton. All conversions are dependent on Daily StarJumpStart Advisory Coaching Program, which THENextPhase University (continued from page 5) Advisors who complete NextPhase University at National Conference or the 12-week NextPhaseCoaching will have access to Securities America’s new Income Distribution Desk. Publisher “This training is a basic necessity for implementing retirement income distribution in your practice,” Securities America Marketing DepartmentParker said. “There are a lot of variables, however, as advisors get into creating plans for clients.We established the Income Distribution Desk to support advisors in building income distribution Editor and Lead Writerproposals and plans for clients. Completing NextPhase University or the NextPhase Coaching program Natalie J.S. Hadleyis a prerequisite for accessing the Income Distribution Desk.” Securities America experts staffing the Income Distribution Desk will create the proposal in the advisor’s Staff Writersystem using a completed client profile sent by the advisor, and will consult with the advisor on the initial Lisa JoDean Crawfordportfolio plan. A printed and bound copy of the proposal and plan, including specific recommendedinvestments, is shipped to the advisor. Advisors meeting all of the prerequisites will have access to these Graphic Design, Photographyservices at no charge. Editing, Production and Distribution “The Income Distribution Desk helps the advisor focus on relationships, while we act as the back office Derek Layne Peterson, MBAor paraplanner,” Parker said. Sign up for the NextPhase Coaching Program that will be starting September 1, by contacting Teri Heim Securities America, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Securities America Advisors, Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Copyright June 2011,at theim@saionline.com or 800-747-6111, ext. 5305. Securities America. All Rights Reserved. For Broker/Dealer Use Only. – Natalie J.S. Hadley