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Securities America Financial Corporation is a financial advisory firm offering investment advice and other financial products & services. It is based in La Vista, Nebraska. It reviews your financial processes and delivers high performance products & services in the financial domain. Also Securities America is the most reputed firm when it comes to corporate clients, and has a monthly newsletter which provides a lot of information about the latest developments in the company and the finance world in general. Go through it and feel free to tell us what you feel.

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Securities America Financial Corp.-Monthly Newsletter-3/11

  1. 1. Daily Star THEYour Business Growth Expert in Action Today’sDoing what it takes to help advisors reach new heights of success and prosperity. HIGHLIGHTSW hen it comes to generating great business development coach leads the advisor business-building ideas and innova- through the five key Next Level areas: the VIP State of Regulation: A Conversation tive resources, then wrapping them Client Model, Creating a High-Profit Business with the Financial Services Institute (FSI) in coaching programs Model, Branding, Marketing and Focusing on the latest hot button issues withto ensure successful implementation Running an Efficient Practice. From regulators that advisors need to know to secure their practice. The presenter willby advisors, Securities America these five key areas come more than discuss trends seen in the industry.delivers on its promise to be “Your 40 must-do tactics. Coaches guideBusiness Growth Expert.” advisors on implementation and hold Matthew Schwartz, Government Affairs Counsel, Financial Services Institute “Simply put, coaching works,” said advisors accountable for those tactics 7:00 a.m. to 7:50 a.m. – Asbury Hall DKirk Hulett, Securities America most beneficial to their practice.senior vice president of strategy and Next Level provides a comprehen- Fill in the Gaps: Understandingpractice management. “Even the top sive approach to growing a practice. Medicare and Ideas on Fundingprofessional athletes have a coach. Advisors can also benefit from Healthcare in RetirementAs legendary football coach Lou coaching programs focused on key Retirement planning goes beyond investmentHoltz said in his keynote speech on aspects of their practice. Descriptions models and cash flow analysis. It meansSaturday night, if your business isn’t KIRK HULETT of some of those programs follow. knowing available options and helpinggrowing, it’s dying.” clients make decisions, including those Securities America’s premier business “As your business Associate Advisor Coaching about Medicare. This session will debunk common myths and explore the mechanicsdevelopment program is Next Level, Starts June 21; $699 growth expert, of Medicare, how to supplement coveragewhich builds on the proven success of Advisors wanting to ramp up their and ultimately grow your business.the company’s business consultations, we help turn business or slow down their lifestylefocused coaching programs and fee- should consider adding an associate 1 hour CE credit: CFP®, CIMA, CPE,based conversion tactics. The fourth real-world, proven advisor to their practice. The Insurance in all states except: CT, MA, MT, NJ, NCclass of Next Level got underway in business tactics Associate Advisor Coaching program Kelly LaVigne, JD, Director, Advanced Markets, AXA EquitableJanuary, and in six months, the 22 focuses on skill development in theadvisors have placed $14 million in into advisor action; four main areas of financial services 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. – Salon 8SAA fee-based programs. By com- helping you gather delivery: Marketing and Client Data Privacy and Social Mediaparison, a randomly selected group of Acquisition, Client Advice and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn havesimilar advisors placed $5 million in new clients, capture Delivery, Business Management and exploded in popularity and are fastlySAA fee-based programs during the new assets and Personal Productivity. The program becoming a communication standard.same period – meaning the Next delivers tools to hone the skills Learn how FINRA’s rules, suitability andLevel advisors are outpacing the deepen relationships.” required for success and takes supervision apply to social networking.comparison group by 180 percent advisors through a process to help Data security is also addressed. The sessionbefore they’ve even finished the program. them implement a customized training plan for will also detail changes advisors should The fifth Next Level class, which begins their associate advisor. This 12-week program make in the handling, transmission, storageOct. 25, will adopt a new accelerated workshop includes weekly webcasts, weekly half-hour coaching and destruction of client data.format, holding two on-site two-day workshops in calls and a 70-page Training and Mentoring 1 hour CE credit: CFP®, PACE®Omaha rather than three, and shortening the Toolkit. Each webcast lasts 35 to 50 minutes, with Leon Johnson, 1st VP, Chief Information Security Officerprogram from 12 months to nine. The program time for discussion and review of the previous and Leia Farmer, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Securities Americabegins with advisors completing an analysis of week’s scheduled set of activities. Active participa- 9:00 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. – Asbury Hall Dtheir current practice and client target markets. tion from the senior advisor or an appointedAdvisors and their business development coaches practice mentor is critical for the program and isthen outline a personal plan for the future of the required in order to join.advisor’s practice. Over the next nine months, the continued on page 3 Your business growth expert.Contents John Foley to Motivate to High Performance . . . 3 Mobile App Takes Paperless to New Level . . . 4 Mentoring Associate Advisors . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 “Networking & Fun” Monday Photo Page . . . . 7 Too Many Leave Their Practice to Chance . . . 9 Social Media Compliance Considerations . . . . . 10 Treat Attorneys & Accounts as VIPs for Referrals . . 5 Fiduciary Standard: Document Everything! . . . 8 “New Conversations” Continue to Roll . . . . . 11 Economic Recovery Low and Long . . . . . . . . . 5
  2. 2. Daily StarTHEJohn Foley to Motivate Advisors to Seek High PerformanceToday’s keynote speaker will give first-person account of what it takes to reach and maintain excellence. himself. Every presentation he gives he donates people and replicate their excellence. He thenI f you seek a high performance attitude in your business and yourself, don’t miss 10 percent to charity – half to the Glad To Be founded CenterPoint Companies to provide TODAY’s keynote speaker, John Foley, at Here® foundation and half to a nonprofit of the business performance training, coaching 10 a.m. at the general session in the client’s choosing. For his keynote presentation and mentoring to corporations, professionalGrand Harbor Ballroom South. at Securities America’s National Conference, associations and educational organizations Foley, a former aircraft carrier pilot, Naval 5 percent of his speaking fee will be donated to around the world, to help them reach theirinstructor pilot for the Marines, lead solo pilot Foodbank for the Heartland’s Backpack high performance potential.of the famed Blue Angels flight demonstration Program, located in Omaha, Neb. Foley said his “Financial advisors need to be ‘glad to besquadron, philanthropist and founder and foundation is his way to remember to be thank- here’,” Foley said. “They should be thankfulpresident of CenterPoint Companies, is sure to ful for the opportunities he has had in his life. because they have a tremendous opportunityinspire you to reach new heights. “I deeply believe in helping others and in in the financial service industry to make a Foley will give a behind the scenes, first-per- giving forward to donate to charities all around real difference to so many people right now.son account of high performance with the BlueAngels, as he describes what it takes to reachthat level of excellence and how to sustain it. Geared specifically for financial advisors andtheir office staff, Foley will center on the idea of “Advisors have a tremendoushow to create belief levels in clients and your-self, how to overcome fear and the momentous opportunity in the financialimportance of both preparation and focus. “The message is this idea of having a clear services industry to makevision of where you want to go, being resilientto overcome obstacles keeping you from getting a real difference to sothere and to always have a purpose larger thanyourself,” Foley said in an interview before the many people right now.”conference. “With the Blue Angels, we callourselves ambassadors of goodwill. We have apurpose that is larger than any one person. JOHN FOLEYI think that is the single most important key tosuccess. If you strengthen your belief levels, the world,” Foley said. “Anyone seeking to Advisors are the pilots with their hands on theit will allow you to become more than just achieve high performance needs to connect the sticks, and I hope to give them a boost to applyyourself and will help your vision become reality, heart to the mind. This will help find that their abilities deeper. I am excited, privilegedand you will accomplish great things.” purpose greater than self. ” and honored to get to speak to this group of Foley said having a vision of where you want Foley had what he called a “lightbulb other high performers at your conference,to go and a process of how to close those moment” approximately 10 years ago while because usually those are the people who haveperformance gaps is critical. When you have a observing how some companies can often the passion to take their game to the next level.”purpose larger than yourself, and also what he outperform others. His observations led him to For more information on John Foley, thecalls a “glad to be here” attitude about it, you realize one very important aspect of business: CenterPoint Companies or the Glad To Becan exponentially empower the process, he said. to reach high performance output, you need Here® Foundation, please visit online at Foley created the Glad To Be Here® high performance teams, and to create high to maintain a purpose larger than performance teams, you need to take highly skilled – Natalie J.S. HadleyYour Business Growth Expert in Action (continued from cover)Practice Acquisition, Continuity & Succession Hourly CoachingStarts Sept. 20; $499 3 hours for $150This program is for advisors who want to grow by purchasing existing If none of the previously mentioned programs meet your needs, Securitiespractices or to maximize and extract the equity built up in their practice. America offers hourly practice management coaching. Hourly coaching isPurchasing a practice is one of the hardest things to do. Advisors learn valuable for offices committed to increasing planning effectiveness,how to maximize their chances of a successful practice acquisition or sale enhancing workflow efficiencies or working toward other positiveas well as practice valuation, due diligence, deal structuring and transition changes. Advisors receive a targeted discovery and analysis consultationtechniques. The program includes six webcasts and individual coaching via telephone and a customized action item list. Most common issueswith each participant. addressed include staffing and team building, workflow, marketing and general practice efficiency.JumpStart Marketing “As your business growth expert, we help turn real-world, provenSept. 28; $499 business tactics into advisor action; helping you gather new clients,JumpStart Marketing is a focused coaching program that helps advisors capture new assets and deepen relationships,” Hulett said.implement the essential marketing tactics and processes needed to find To register for a coaching program or for more information on othernew clients and assets. Delivered online in six sessions, the program Business Growth services from Securities America, call 800-747-6111,includes bi-weekly individual coaching sessions, best practice marketing ext. GROW (4769).techniques, templates and resources. – Natalie J.S. Hadley
  3. 3. Daily StarTHEMobile App Takes Paperless Initiative to New LevelAdvisors now enjoy free access to e*Office Advantage and more from their smart phones and tablets, including iPad.S ecurities America now has an app for getting started with this technology immediately,” A group of Securities America offices began that! Just weeks before the conference, said Doreen Griffith, Securities America’s chief testing e*Office Mobile earlier this year. the company rolled out its mobile information officer. “We have heard many “I have found access to e*Office Advantage access solution for smart phone and success stories from our offices that use iPads, on the iPad to be an extremely valuable tool,”tablet technology, including iPad and Android Android Tablets and other devices to conduct said advisor Dan O’Leary of Colorado. “I loveTablets – free to all Securities America advisors. business, work with prospects and offer the having access to client accounts wherever I go. “Securities America made the strategic highest possible level of service to their clients. Clients have been very impressed with how techdecision to absorb the cost of e*Office Mobile We feel that effective use of this technology will savvy we appear, and it is changing the way weaccess to remove any hurdles to our advisors grow and retain business for our advisors.” do business. My clients consist mainly of seniors, and as my clients age, I have found that we are doing more business outside the office. The iPad allows us to access client data in a very modern and convenient way. It’s easier to transport than a laptop and seems less intimidating to clients.” Securities America has encouraged the paper- less office movement for many years now by leveraging our in-house WORM-compliant imaging solution and extending that function- ality through the Virtual Office document management system of e*Office Advantage,” Griffith said, referring to the regulatory requirement that documents be stored on a write-once-read-many (WORM) system. “Thanks to the new e*Office Mobile applica- tion, any images scanned by the home office or uploaded by advisors can be securely retrieved on mobile devices from almost anywhere,” she said. “Extending these paperless options through mobile devices will increase efficiency and provide on-demand access to those documents.” The application also allows full access to National Financial Services and Pershing platforms through the Securities America server. “Pershing made great strides building powerful applications and mobile access that works on Android phones and tablets, Blackberry, iPhones and iPads,” Griffith said. “These tools are all available right now to Pershing offices for a minimal monthly support charge. National Financial has plans to offer MyStreetscape and Streetscape over mobile device applications in the near future. However, the new Securities America e*Office Mobile access solution provides full functional access to Streetscape and NetExchange Pro Web right now, at no charge.” Although the primary objective was to deliver access for business growth purposes, Securities America kept a strong focus on data security, Griffith said. “As devices are evaluated, some show promise from a functionality standpoint but do not completely address the need to prevent sensitive client data from being at risk if the device was lost or stolen,” she said. “A big component of the decision for this e*Office Mobile solution was because no data is transferred directly onto the device. Because of the secure method of deliver- ing access, we have confidence that client data will not be at risk through use of the application.” For more information on e*Office Mobile, visit the Technology Pavilion this morning before 10 or contact the Field Technology Group via e*Office Web Mail. – Natalie J.S. Hadley
  4. 4. Treat Attorneys and Accountants as VIP Clients to Gain ReferralsIndustry practice management guru Van Bortel shares insight on effective professional relationships. managing those relationships. The foundation to play by the rules. Somewhere along the way,M any advisors who target high net worth clients attempt profession- for that process is to demonstrate you know the other professional gains enough trust in the al alliances with accountants and your subject well and you will take great care advisor that he is willing to relax the rules.” attorneys, but few succeed to the of the relationship. It’s not about becoming Advisors do have the best holisticextent they would like. Brett Van Bortel, best friends, but you need to understand those perspective for servicing the client, butadvisory practice management authority and noncompeting professionals on a deep level, the role is less about being the quarterbackdirector of consulting services for Invesco Van or they will never send you their clients.” than about being one of two running backsKampen Consulting, shared insights on howadvisors can have better success in buildingstrategic partnerships with lawyers and “Too often advisors try toaccountants during yesterday’s general session. “When you look at the research on high net assume the primary roleworth client acquisition, there are two areaswhere advisors gain significant numbers of in the client relationship,referrals,” Van Bortel said. “One is existingclients and the other is noncompeting profes- which agitates thesionals like estate planning attorneys andCPAs. Why? Because the affluent don’t use other professional.”the yellow pages or rely on TV commercials.” BRETT VAN BORTEL The simple numbers involved make attorneysand accountants better sources for high net Van Bortel said that too often, advisors try to in the back field working together to helpworth clients than an advisor’s existing high assume the primary role in the client relation- each other, Van Bortel worth clients, Van Bortel explained. ship, which agitates the other professional. “What makes the process fundamentallyThe existing client may know five to seven In building the relationship, advisors need to work is not that the accountant or attorneyother high net worth individuals but has real ask how the accountant or attorney would like can’t manage the client relationship, but thatinfluence with only one or two. An estate to be kept in the loop and how he should doing so works against them based on howplanning attorney works with 20 to 50 communicate around servicing the clients. they are paid – meaning billable hours,”affluent clients a year, and a CPA may have “That gets to the ground rules the accountant Van Bortel said. “There’s not time for luxuriesas many as 200 clients. or attorney wants the advisor to play by,” like marketing. If they play by the rules, “Every one of those conversations is about Van Bortel said. “They don’t want to hurt advisors can better service the client andfinancial matters,” he said. “That alone is their practice, and they don’t want to refer to generate more billable hours for the attorneyenough reason for advisors to start working on more than one or two advisors, but they want or accountant.” – Natalie J.S. HadleyEconomic Recovery Low and Long, Moore SaysColumbia Chief Investment Officer predicts the U.S. will make slow progress against debt and inflation.I n his keynote address on Monday, Columbia Management Chief We will suffer setbacks, as repairing some of these problems will take a lot Investment Officer Colin Moore told the audience that from the of money and time. Government deficits in Japan and parts of Europe are beginning of the “great recession,” Columbia’s Economic and Strategy too high. Politicians remain focused on easing the pain of the voter rather team believed recovery would be low and long, meaning than leading them through it. Obviously the cure is painfuleconomic growth after a financial crisis would be at a low pace and therefore unpopular, but Columbia believes the globaland take a long time, several years, to recover. “Following the economy will be much healthier if we take the distastefulinitial severe fall, there was a strong recovery phase driven by medicine soon.”inventory rebuild rather than strong final demand,” Moore Columbia also believes that much of the inflationarysaid. “Quite quickly, however, growth eased considerably due pressure on food and commodities is structural rather thanto the absence of strong demand growth. Columbia’s analysis transitory, Moore said, but that does not necessarily translateof past financial leverage induced crisis, rather than into high consumer price index growth.traditional demand economic lead boom/busts, suggested that “There are offsets in housing and labor exacerbated by thethe U.S. economy would follow the path of that symbol.” stubbornly high unemployment rate,” Moore said. “High Consequently, Columbia has appeared to be the merchant of unemployment is an unfortunate element of Columbia’sdoom and gloom when others were very optimistic and COLIN MOORE economic forecast. Consumer price inflation may also becautiously optimistic when others fear the worst, said Moore, contained by corporate producers absorbing some of the pressure in theirwhose presentation reviewed several of the big obstacles that impede the historically high profit margins.”progress of the economy: the European debt crisis, unrest in the Middle East, It is that last point that has begun to worry equity investors, but Columbiathe U.S. debt crisis and inflationary pressures. believes this pressure may impede the broad rate of earnings growth. “The bad news is that these all exist and present a formidable challenge,” “The valuation of the market is reasonable, and pockets of ‘scarce growth’Moore said. “The good news is that Columbia believes the U.S. economy exist,” Moore said. “Those limited growth opportunities may spur highercan continue to make slow progress around and over these hurdles. We must dividend payments.”recognize, however, that some of the changes are structural, not temporary. – Natalie J.S. Hadley
  5. 5. Daily Star THEMentoring Plan and Process Helps Associate Advisor SuccessAdvisors should be wary of growing complacent because client satisfaction and retention will suffer.I f you’re leaving the conference thinking of an experienced advisor. These activities may structured their practice and the position you need more help to grow your business include servicing B and C clients, conducting for maximum success. Securities America’s or someone to take over the reins so you portfolio and plan review meetings with Associate Advisor Coaching Program does can step back from the business, the clients, resolving client service issues and just that, providing a template, tools andanswer may be an associate advisor. closing prospects generated from the practice’s resources senior advisors can use to help their Securities America generally defines an client acquisition activities. associate advisor become a growth asset toassociate advisor as one with less than three Before adding an associate advisor to their their practice.years’ experience who supports the activities practice, advisors should ensure they have “The program is as much about training and developing good mentors as it is about developing the associate advisor,” said Roger Verboon, who presented yesterday’s session, Train Associate Advisors the Way They Should Go. Like any practice management or business function, having processes that are documented and replicable makes the business more efficient and effective. By training the trainers, we’re helping advisors develop not just the individual associate advisor but a training system that can be adapted for future associate advisors or perhaps for other staff positions in the office.” Securities America built the Associate Advisor program around five primary success factors: marketing and client acquisitions; personal productivity; client advice and delivery; business management; and mentor support. The goal is to help experienced advisors create and implement a customized training program for their associate advisor. The 12-week program, which costs $699, includes weekly webcasts, weekly half-hour coaching calls and a 70-page Training and Mentoring Toolkit. Each webcast lasts 35 to 50 minutes, with time for discussion and review of the previous week’s activities. “The key to this program is the active par- ticipation of a senior advisor to mentor the associate advisor,” Verboon says. “We provide a framework and tools, but it really requires a commitment by the advisor or mentor to take the time needed to coach and train the associate advisors.” The program shouldn’t be considered a one- time endeavor or a stand-alone solution to training an associate advisor, Verboon says. “Professional development is a key compo- nent of having an associate advisor in your practice,” he says. “The associate advisor should be able to keep learning and to assume a greater role in the practice. The Associate Advisor Program helps the senior advisor or mentor define the areas of development, provide the tools for success in each area, and track progress.” Securities America will offer its next Associate Advisor Coaching program starting June 21. For more information or to enroll, contact Roger Verboon at 800-747-6111 ext. 5310 or at – Natalie J.S. Hadley
  6. 6. Monday Full of Networking, Innovation and Fun!Fresh perspectives and insights on reaching a higher level of efficiency, effectiveness and prosperity. Starting the Day Right with a Good Breakfast Big Attendance and Laughter from AML Firm Element Advisors enjoy a hearty meal while learning at breakfast The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Firm Element session sessions hosted by sponsor companies. The sessions covered included numerous video segments to illustrate important a variety of topics, some with continuing education credit. AML lessons, while also generating it’s share of laughter. The busy CyberCafé Advisors Want to Know Keynote Colin Moore Enlightens While at the conference, advisors Advisor Chris Winkler asks a question One of many insights, the U.S. frequent the CyberCafé to keep up to keynote presenter Brett Van Bortel carrying a large debt leads to ato date on happenings in their offices. about working with financial institutions. low, slow economic recovery. Keynote Brett Van Bortel Challenges Pre-Conceptions Records Live at this Year’s Conference Building effective referral relationships with other financial Practice management guru Brett Van Bortel, among others, professionals like CPAs and attorneys means taking a agreed to join with Paul Lofties to record short, informative different perspective on what that relationship needs to be. podcasts for posting on
  7. 7. Daily StarTHEFiduciary Standard: Document Absolutely Everything!E&O carrier sees potential increase in claims following Dodd-Frank.D ocumentation of client conversa- if a higher standard of care is applied,” said whether the client should sell that product or tions would become even more David Baugh, attorney with Baugh, Dalton, continue to hold it.” critical to advisors securing their Carlson & Ryan LLC. “Historically, one of the Baugh will co-present today’s session on practices if the SEC moves forward defenses for broker/dealers and registered Risk Management and E&O Insurance withwith its recommendation to apply a uniform representatives has been that the duty to the Alex Lefebvre, senior vice president withfiduciary standard of conduct to registered client, based on suitability of the product, Brown & Brown of California (doing businessrepresentatives who provide personalized ends after the initial sale. Under a fiduciary as CalSurance Associates) and Jason Miller,investment advice to retail clients. standard, that duty could be interpreted as director of insurance and risk financing for “I expect claims against advisors will go up applying also to later recommendations as to Ameriprise Financial. In an interview prior to the conference, Baugh said that by expanding the representa- tive’s duty beyond the point of sale, the fiduciary standard could potentially be used to skirt the current FINRA arbitration eligibility rule that limits claims to six years from the point of sale. “Representatives will have to substantially increase their documentation of all client conversations.” “If a representative has a duty to monitor the investment and make ongoing recommen- dations regarding whether the client should hold or sell, then that six-year rule may no longer apply,” he said. A fiduciary standard could potentially limit client choices when it comes to how they pay for investment services, Baugh said. The option of paying a commission for assistance from a representative may disappear, forcing clients to use a fee-based account to get that valuable advice and recommendations. For broker/dealers and representatives, application of a fiduciary standard of putting a client’s interests before their own would likely result in extensive review of current policies and procedures, an increased need for compliance staff, creation of training programs for advisors and other changes, such as the standard transaction log possibly becoming instead a client communication log, Baugh said. “Representatives will have to substantially increase their documentation of all client conversations, not just those that involve the client purchasing an investment product,” he said. “The greatest difficulty we have today in defending claims, even under the existing suitability standard, is a lack of documentation by the representative as to what was discussed with the client and what the client agreed to.” To learn more about protecting your practice in the changing regulatory environment, plan to attend TODAY’s session at 8 a.m. in Asbury Hall D. – Natalie J.S. Hadley
  8. 8. Too Many Leave the End Result of Their Dreams to ChanceContinuity and succession planning is vital to keeping advisors’ hard-earned businesses protected from hazards. as she learned she had cancer at 56. She my dreams, hardships and hard work as well asF inancial advisors excel at helping their clients plan for the different stages of dedicated time to discussing “good fit” criteria the future well being of my family to chance?” their lives, but when it comes to between potential successors and clients, “Once you are dedicated to choosing a planning for the stages of their own including her husband and a key assistant as successor, finding the person who is the right fitbusiness life – particularly the last one – many well as her branch manager, broker/dealer and will make all the difference in the success ofmight fail to take their own advice. FP Transitions, an outside firm that specializes your business after you retire,” Verboon said. “You might think that when you start to feel in the buying and selling of businesses and By making the time now to create a contin-ready to retire, you’ll take time to create a plan selling of financial practices. Her successor was gency, succession or exit plan, mapping out allfor selling your practice or choosing a successor,” younger but had the same high-touch client the details, and conducting thorough duesaid Roger Verboon, Securities America seniorpractice management consultant. “Unfortunately,we often don’t have that luxury in life.” “We need to ask ourselves, ‘Am I Since 2006, Securities America’s PracticeManagement Department has helped nearly250 offices do continuity planning, succession really going to leave the end-resultplanning, retirement with sale and reassignment,outright sale of book or partial book sale, practice of all my dreams, hardships and hardacquisitions and death and disability transitions. In one sad case, a 58-year-old advisor in work as well as the future wellSan Diego died suddenly while out on his dailymorning jog. He had no ailments and plan in being of my family to chance?’”place in case something happened to him. Hiswife suffered from a chronic illness and could ROGER VERBOONnot handle making the decisions, despite theirattorneys and other professionals standing ready relationship style and investment philosophy. diligence to find a successor, you can smoothto help. The advisor had multiple businesses, She and the successor held an event for clients the way so your business flourishes in the handsand it took months for things to get organized. that was rewarding for everyone, and the of the next generation or new owners. TakingBy that time, most of the clients were gone. business retained her clients. care now will give you and your family peace Your client base and the assets and revenue it As you can see, planning ahead makes all the of mind as retirement approaches.represents are likely to shrink immediately if difference. Still, only approximately 20 percent For more information on continuityyou are unable to work. But the jogger’s case of Securities America advisors have a succession planning and practice acquisitions, or anywasn’t inevitable. If he had chosen a successor plan in place. Just like clients who put off buying other Practice Management resources, callin advance, he could have avoided the strain on life or disability insurance or writing an estate Roger Verboon at 800-747-6111, ext. 5310,his ailing spouse and saved many clients. plan, advisors avoid planning for tragedy and the Laurie Burkhard at ext. 5314 or Chris Kirby An example you can follow is of an advisor next stage. As planners, we need to ask ourselves, at ext. 5304.who looked ahead and began planning as soon “Am I really going to leave the end-result of all – Natalie J.S. Hadley Save the Date for These Key Events in 2011 & 2012! Next Level Coaching Program Assistant University Master’s Forum Current Class: Oct. 4-5, 2011 – Omaha, Neb. March 8-12, 2012 Sept. 13-14, 2011 – Omaha, Neb. This is the 13th year Securities America Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, Calif. New Class: has organized this premiere training and Securities America’s Masters Forum Workshop One – Oct. 25-26, 2011 networking event for sales assistants, is a by-invitation-only event for our Workshop Two – Jan. 24-25, 2012 support staff and office managers. most successful representatives. Next Level is a business development Attendees have access to dynamic program that builds on the proven success JumpStart Advisory Program educational opportunities, with plenty of our business consultations and focused Begins Oct. 4, 2011 of time to relax and enjoy the sights coaching programs. This program is for advisors transitioning and sounds of the area. to a fee-based business or looking for NextPhase™ Coaching Program additional ideas and opportunities to National Conference 2012 Begins Sept. 1, 2011 grow their fee-based business. June 9-12, 2012 Build your plan now by participating in Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colo. the NextPhase™ Coaching Program. JumpStart Marketing Program Our National Conference gets better The NextPhase™ Coaching Program Sept. 28, 2011 every year, so plan now to attend includes bi-weekly one-on-one coaching This program teaches you and your staff Securities America’s 2012 Connect! sessions, implementable tools and the fundamentals of marketing strategy National Conference. Take advantage training from our experts in income and how to implement best practice of the unparalleled opportunities for distribution planning. techniques to build a platform for development, networking and growth. ongoing business growth.
  9. 9. Daily Star THESocial Media Compliance Considerations and Best PracticesNew pilot program and compliance policies will cover major social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.I n May, Securities America launched an Beginning July 15, the pilot social media Social media can be a valuable marketing tool initiative for advisors and home office staff program and Securities America’s social for advisors who learn to use it in accordance to participate in a social networking pilot networking policy will become effective for with Compliance regulations. To participate in program. The pilot program, expected to all home office personnel and advisors the program, advisors wanting to use sociallast through July 14, 2011, uses Socialware, wishing to use social networking for their media need to sign up, complete required train-a vendor whose software services allow business. In preparation for the roll-out of ing, review policies and procedures, and installSecurities America to capture and supervise social media use, advisors should familiarize the Socialware tool. As a social media pilotthe interactive features of Facebook, LinkedIn themselves with the rules associated with social group participant, advisors will now be able toand Twitter. media use and data privacy protection practices. create, edit and update profile and fan pages on Facebook. After gaining pre-approval from Compliance, advisors will also will have the opportunity to upload photos, post links and create events and ads. For LinkedIn, advisors can create and edit profiles and post links. They can also create and edit a profile on Twitter. This type of static content must be reviewed and pre- approved by Compliance prior to public display. Following approval, advisors using Facebook will be able to create, update and delete statuses, groups, notes and comments. Facebook users will also be able to receive and respond to messages via the inbox. LinkedIn users will be able to access groups, publish answers, receive in-mail, update comments and replies, receive network updates, view recommendations and provide Twitter integrations. Twitter users can “tweet,” follow others, view other profile pages and send a direct message to a follower. These expanded and interactive communications can be done post-review and will be constantly monitored in a manner similar to how email is reviewed. Advisors who choose to use social media should be aware of the use of testimonials. In accordance with the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, testimonials that endorse the advisor or refer to a favorable experience with the company are prohibited on the social media sites. The best practice for advisors using social media is to keep content general. Personal social networking usage should be kept separate from business social network use. Advisors should refrain from sharing information with the social network viewers or participants that they would not feel comfortable sharing with the public, to clients, or to a regulators. Advisors who learn to leverage social media and use it in accordance with Compliance regulations have a powerful tool. Before using any social media platform, or out- side vendor product or services, make sure your office computers are secure to protect sensitive client data. Protecting clients and advisors’ businesses is important to Securities America. Securities America conducts thorough due dili- gence when assessing and approving third-party vendors. Advisors need to do the same when using a third-party vendor in their practice. For more information on social media and data security, attend TODAY’s Secure Your Practice track session Data Privacy and Social Media at 9 a.m. in Asbury Hall D, with Securities America’s Leon Johnson, first vice president and chief information security officer, and Leia Farmer, deputy chief compliance officer. – LisaJo Crawford
  10. 10. Key Tools for Advisors, New Conversations, Continue to Roll OutThe “Re-Discovery Conversation” launched the series of resources and continues to be one of the most popular. The In-Service Distribution Conversation meeting with your most influential clientsN ew Conversations is a series of business growth tool kits designed by Identify individuals who may have the option designed to approach the topic of referrals and Securities America to for accessing their employer-sponsored generate new business for your practice. help advisors enhance retirement assets while still employed. This New Conversations topic includes videotheir current relationships with There may be several reasons an role plays demonstrating how to create aclients and begin relationships in-service distribution might be the comfortable, professional atmosphere aroundwith prospective clients. right option for an individual, including asking your clients how they would like to be “New Conversations topics the ability to work with you as they approached for referrals.and their accompanying tools near retirement. To learn more about the Interactive Clientoffer advisors a framework forengaging clients and prospectson important financial topicswhile showing them how to “Finding innovative ways togain unique insight into theclient’s beliefs, values and build stronger relationshipsgoals,” said Laurie Burkhard,senior practice management with clients and to genuinelyconsultant. “New Conversationsis an excellent opportunity for connect with prospects isadvisors to showcase their valueproposition and thought leader- what New Conversationsship with current and futureclients in their marketplace.” is all about.” These high-touch client discussion LAURIE BURKHARDprocesses and interactive plans aredesigned to uncover new assets,deepen client relationships and The Professional Alliance Surveys, refer to Monday’s issue of the Dailygenerate high quality referrals. There Conversation Star National Conference Paper, page 11, for aare currently six New Conversations This conversation will help you more in-depth look at the conversation.modules advisors can use with clients, build relationships with CPAs, For more information on any of these andincluding the newest module, The attorneys, mortgage brokers and other Practice Management growth andInteractive Client Surveys Conversation. other professional partners in development resources, call Laurie BurkhardBelow is a description of each of your marketplace through use of at 800-747-6111, ext. 5314, Chris Kirby atthe current New Conversations its modules process. Working ext. 5304 or Roger Verboon at ext. 5310. Totopics, modules and tools. with professional partners can access all of the tools and resources that come help you expand your services, with each New Conversations booklet, go toThe Client Re-Discovery Conversation generate ideal client referrals and the e*office website’s Business DevelopmentAccording to Private Wealth Magazine, ultimately increase revenue. section, under the New Conversations link.“Advisors who committed themselves – LisaJo Crawfordto a regular client re-discovery process The Second Opinion Serviceincreased their income 25 percent in Conversationthe first year without adding a single “The Second Opinion Servicenew client to their practice.” SecuritiesAmerica’s first New Conversations book,“The Client Re-Discovery Conversation,” isa valuable resource and guide, along with Conversation” is a simple, easily implemented method for increasing referrals in your practice. Nothing says more Daily Star THEactionable tools, to help advisors in building about the trust someone hasand implementing their own re-discovery for a financial advisor than Publisherprocess, aimed at reaping the rewards referring friends, family and Securities America Marketing Departmentof systematically re-connecting with colleagues to that professional.your clients. Learn how to teach clients Editor and Lead Writer to recognize when a referral Natalie J.S. HadleyHelp Clients Get Off the Sidelines opportunity for a second opinionSecurities America’s second New presents itself from friends, family Staff WriterConversations book, “Help Clients and business associates. Lisa JoDean CrawfordGet Off the Sidelines,” contains five Graphic Design, Photographyproven product strategies to help you The Interactive Client Surveys Conversation Editing, Production and Distributionget clients re-engaged in their financial The newest New Conversations Derek Layne Peterson, MBAfutures and back into the marketswhere appropriate for each client’s book, “The Interactive Client Securities America, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Securities America Advisors,needs and circumstances. Surveys Conversation,” is a structured Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Copyright June 2011, Securities America. All Rights Reserved. For Broker/Dealer Use Only.