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Paragon pub talk version 1 vol 1


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Paragon Pub Talk - Vinson Schuster

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Paragon pub talk version 1 vol 1

  1. 1. New Zealand’s Leading Security Company PO Box 6700, Wellesley St Auckland, 1141 P ARAGON S ECURITY Phone: (09) 377 3655 Toll Free: 08002PARAGON 0800 27 27 24 Winner of the NBR “Most Exciting Security Company” of The Year Award Fax: (09) 358 0110 PARAGON PUB TALK The eyes and ears of Auckland’s Bar Security Scene Vol 1 Issue 1 July 2011 The New Act (1 April 2011) and The Commercial Changes Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010Although the new Act started on 1 April, the government has extended the requirement forCrowd Controllers to be licensed until 1 November 2011. From that date they must display acurrent Crowd Controllers photo ID licence at all times when on duty. Unfortunately for about30% of current Bouncers they won’t pass the licensing test that requires them to have nofraud, dishonesty, violence or other relevant criminal past.Paragon have responded with trained professional and licensed “Crowd Controllers” and we Vinson Shusterwill guarantee our clients a safe, friendly environment and more importantly, a consistency of Operations Managercover when the manpower drought hits. 0210301855Bars and Club owners really need to consider the ramifications of this legislation especially toprotect your establishment. You should insist your guards have Professional Indemnity and Vince is regarded as the best Crowd Controller in Auckland.Public Liability insurance cover (ask to see the Policy document), that you have a current He will be on patrol each shiftsigned contract with your provider listing their guards duties, their responsibilities and other ensuring our clients get greatrequirements, and you should ensure you sight their similar contract with their guards. The last servicething you want is your insurer, a criminal lawyer and/or the authorities holding you fiduciaryresponsible for an unlicensed guards actions or poor conduct by a licensed guard. Paragon Dress CodeParagon have sample contracts available if you would like a copy. Vince is pictured wearing our Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history own Paragon tie and badge over our night time black shirt embroidered with..There is a lot of talk about how many guards will be required during the World Cup and themost likely shortages for Bars and Clubs. Paragon SecurityParagon have committed not to be involved in Cup security but instead to focus on our Bar and Our Bar and Club guardsClub clients, ensuring their needs are resolved. Let’s face it, the Bars and Clubs will be around have dress coats similarlylong after the final whistle blows and it makes good sense to look after those who have agreed give you their trust and business the entire year around. We are happy to put yourIf you feel you will need extra help, please let us know ASAP so that we can get guards lined logo or your own Bar orup to give the cover you might need with the expected influx of supporters to Auckland. Club name on our attire to give that personal and friendly touch. Mellow Yellow an Overseas Model in PracticeThe NZ Police are looking to adopt the “Mellow Yellow” initiative first started in the UK whichinvolves security staff working outside Bars and Clubs wearing fluorescent vests and havingintegrated radio comms that allows security companies to talk to each other, irrespective ofwhere they are. See this article in the Otago Daily Times have already started the process. Our Head Doorperson in each Bar and Club haveradios that allows us to alert the next establishment if a group of drunk or violent youths aregoing from place to place. We have also purchased special vests with clear pockets to displaythe guards licence, for our Bars and Clubs that wish to join the Police Mellow Yellow scheme. Job Seeking before the New Act ? Ron McQuilter CFE Managing DirectorBouncer walks into a bar and asks the barman for a job. A guy sitting at the bar looks up andsays, “Mate, looking at you I don’t know if you have what it takes”. The Bouncer grabs him andbeats him to a pulp, then turns to the barman and says “So do I get the job” ? The barman Turn overreplies “We will have to wait till the boss recovers, that’s him on the floor” !!! For info on the New Act For more information, questions or comments, email us at
  2. 2. Some Information for Bars and Club Owners Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010The New Act commenced on 1 April 2011.Crowd Controllers have been given a grace period until 1November 2011 which is the date when they mustalready be licensed.To assist we have prepared a checklist for Bars and Clubs:Meaning of crowd Controller. Section 11(1) In this Act, crowd controller means a person who for valuable consideration, either by himself or herself or in partnership with any otherperson, carries on a business doing all or any of the following:(a) screening entry to a place (other than simply ensuring that admission has been paid or that those entering have appropriate invitationsor passes):(b) keeping order in a place (more than merely being expected to draw the attention of others to behaviour that is inappropriate or threatensto become inappropriate):(c) removing any person from a place.(2) A person is not a crowd controller solely because he or she does the work described in section 10Meaning of crowd Controller employee. Section 191) In this Act, crowd controller employee means an individual who in the course of his or her employment, or engagement as a contractor,by a crowd controller or other person—(a) screens entry to a place (other than simply ensuring that admission has been paid or that those entering have appropriate invitations orpasses):(b) keeps order in a place (more than merely being expected to draw the attention of others to behaviour that is inappropriate or threatensto become inappropriate):(c) removes any person from a place.(2) A person is not a crowd controller employee if—(a) he or she is not employed or engaged primarily to do work of a kind specified in subsection (1)(a), (b), or (c), but performs that workincidentally to the principal work he or she performs; or(b) he or she does the work specified in section 18(b) and no other work of a kind specified in subsection (1)(a), (b), or (c).Must DoLicensing Every Crowd Controller must be licensed by 1 November 2011Display Licence Every Crowd Controller must display their licence at all times on dutyProof of Licence Must produce their licence on demandIn–house Controllers Must be licensed as above, Section 19. Note: Bars liable to be finedFines for Non Compliance $2,000 for not wearing badge, $10,000 up to $20,000 for not being licensedShould Do Note: this is Paragon’s Suggested Best practice for Bars and ClubsContracts Every Bar and Club should have a formal contract with their provider Every Provider should have a contract with their guard (Bar and Club should sight) This will provide Bars and Clubs protection should an event occurInsurance Bars and Clubs should sight providers Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover to enable an insurer to be satisfied should an event occurTraining Bars and Clubs should sight evidence of formal training clause in the contract (Note: this will be part of legislation next year)Supervision Bars and Clubs should ensure the contract has a formal training clause and that guards are supervised, again to maintain insurance cover Professional - Licensed Crowd Controllers will ensure happy safe places to frequent and that must surely be great for business The Paragon Building, Corinthian Drive, Albany