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Paragon insert master with all 11 inserts


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Paragon insert master with all 11 inserts

  1. 1. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Contact Us Head Office The Paragon Building 17 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland, 0632 New Zealand Postal Address PO Box 6700, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141, New Zealand Telephone (09) 377 3655 0800 2PARAGON 0800 27 27 24 Fax: 09 358 0110 International Phone: +64 9 377 3655 Fax: +64 9 358 0110 Website Email
  2. 2. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Vetting & Background ChecksParagon is New Zealand’s premier agency toassist in the area of pre-employment checks,staff vetting, CV validation, background checksand screening. Put simply, you can rely onParagon to get it right. This Paragon specialistservice was established to provide Commercial,Retail, Government and Local Body Agencies,seeking cost-effective screening and vettingsolutions. Also, to provide our clients witha one-stop-shop keeping their valuableinformation confidential, we have a dedicatedformer police vetting officer who will ensureyour request is handled personally. This isnot a simple electronic process, we actuallyscrutinise the replies against the informationearlier provided by the applicants.Check out this comment; “Your team knowhow to ask the important questions” Owner,cafe in Albany. Our mission is simple:When you instruct Paragon, you will receivecurrent, valid and prompt service, you will betreated properly and you will want to tell yourcolleagues about the service.
  3. 3. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Paragon CCTV CamerasVideo evidence of a crime is becoming far moreprevalent. The costs of both overt and covertCCTV technology has now entered the pricerange of even the smallest of retail operators.Paragon do not sell camera equipment. Wedo not even have an alliance with a hardwareprovider and do not “clip the ticket”. It is forthese reasons that we are able to impartiallyadvise you on whether your existing in-housecameras are effective or provide you withinformation as to what best to do as far asvideo installation is concerned.We are INDEPENDENT SECURITY CONSULTANTSwith the impartiality to advise you on what to doas far as security cameras are concerned bothcovert and overt. We do, however, install andhire out (short term) covert video equipmentfor specific dishonesty investigations in theworkplace.We are experts on when covert cameras canand cannot be used and how to use this methodof investigation to your best advantage.
  4. 4. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Paragon Insurance AssessorsParagon offers a one stop complete InsuranceAssessing service throughout New Zealand.Since 1990 Paragon has been assessingclaims on behalf of insurers and is proud tohave an exemplary record of achievement inreduction of claims through fact analysis andfollow up.Paragon provides a thoroughly documentedand seamless service tailored to dovetailwith the client’s existing administration andaccounts processes.If you are an insurer wishing to consider usingParagon Insurance Assessors, please contactour Managing Director, Ron McQuilter who willbe pleased to answer your queries.
  5. 5. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Paragon I.T. ForensicParagon Forensics is the firm of choice whenit comes to responding to computer crime andabuse, including:• computer-enabled theft of trade secrets• leaks of confidential electronic data• mass deletions or wiping of electronic data• industrial espionage, hacks, and unauthorised access into computer systems• unauthorised key-logging and sniffing of email and network traffic• cyber-extortions• Internet-enabled harassment and discrimination• viewing pornography in the workplace• denial of service attacks• re-directs of web trafficParagon Forensics provides the rapid andeffective response such events warrant,including forensically preserving andanalyzing the computerised evidence. We haveextensive incident investigating experience,and understand the needs of corporatemanagement and its Counsel.
  6. 6. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Paragon Incident Training& Basic Investigation TechniquesSecurity incident “First Response” basictraining for ground level operators/supervisorsguides from initial incident embryo situationonwards, preserving evidence and gatheringinformation in a manner consistent withaccepted methods and standards. Based onthe internationally accepted “PEACE” systemand standards used by the UK Police andin most first world countries, this trainingsets the standard for preliminary evidencegathering, basic interviewing techniques andfact reporting. Training can be tailor-made tomeet specific applications and requirements.The training includes supportingdocumentation, formulated action plan andinterfacing with existing planning and follow upreporting and monitoring. Training packagescan include countering reduction of stockshrinkage through shoplifting, basic securityfor retailers against threats such as robbery orhold up and first response incident training.
  7. 7. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Paragon Insurance Fraud InvestigationInsurance fraud has existed since insurancebegan. It is often perceived by fraudsters asa “victimless” crime where nobody personallysuffers a loss.The Insurance Council fraud surveys reportthat 13% of respondents believed insurancecompanies could easily afford to pay.However, insurance fraud is a crime, has acost to our community and every policy holder.Most insurance fraud occurs at claim time,through claims for;• events/losses that didn’t happen• staged losses - for example arson, vehicle theft• exaggerated claimsHonest claims paid promptly are good forbusiness. Paragon will validate your claimsquickly professionally and importantly withoutcomplaint. You are welcome to ask TheOmbudsman for our track record.
  8. 8. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Paragon MercantileAsset Repossessions - Our experiencedand qualified Mercantile Agents maintain highprofessional standards to ensure that assetrepossessions are conducted in an orderly,lawful manner. Detailed reporting is providedvia email, with clients provided with regularupdates allowing them to easily monitor theprogress of each work request.Skip Tracing - Skip tracing is a specialisedservice that requires the collection of debtorinformation, detailed analysis and verificationof the data and the identification of third partiesthat could be used to assist in the process oflocating the debtor. Skip tracing searches areconducted via online databasesincluding the White and Yellow Pages, ElectoralRolls, New Zealand Business Registers andother publicly-available databases.Document Serving Field Calls servicesinclude: Asset identification and reporting,including: Confirmation of debtor contactdetails. Address location and description.Date and time of attendance. Names ofpersons interviewed. Asset condition report/photographs. Debtor personal interviewservices, including: Arrangement of paymentschedules collection of overdue payments,and process serving.
  9. 9. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Paragon Security ReviewsWhether a corporate office or leading highstreet bank, a dairy, a shop or a filling station– the security review process will point outfirst hand to you simple measures that can betaken to enhance security, prevent theft andreduce the risk of loss. Our leading in-housespecialists provide a comprehensive anddetailed analysis on where you are and whereyou should be when it comes to security. Thecost of security is often not appreciated until itis too late. Simple preventative measures couldwell prevent a train of disaster and providea significant return on the cost involved byprevention. A security review may also havean influence on the outcome of an insuranceclaim in the event of an incident, burglary, lossor theft.
  10. 10. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS ParagonSecurity Services,Event Management & Crowd ControlParagon are specialists in VIP and CorporateVenue Security. We offer professional adviceand security planning and staff for Corporateevents, through to specialist Guards and VIPProtection. Our Managing Director has beenresponsible for the security of large Corporateevents and several high profile events attendedby Government Ministers. Our team is handpicked, licensed and able to deal with all thesecurity issues, leaving the organisers tofocus on making the event a success and thedelegates to enjoy what New Zealand has tooffer. We have worked in most of the AucklandHotels and venues and have a great workingrapport with the other typical stakeholdersto make the planning and organisationstreamlined.Paragon is fully compliant with legislation andcarries full professional indemnity insurance.If you are looking for experience with a verycost-effective net result, then you need to talkto Paragon.
  11. 11. PARAGON N E W Z E A L A N D THE AUTHORITY ON INVESTIGATIONS Paragon Staff Theft & ShrinkageParagon provides a conclusive solution andresults driven legal enabled framework tostop internal staff theft and shrinkage. Usingadvanced technology, skilled investigatorsand a disciplined proven problem solvingapproach, Paragon will assist and advise youon the best possible approach to dealing withstaff theft and shrinkage. Losses due to stafftheft and shrinkage can be devastating withina company and the return on investmentin investigation services easily justified.Staff theft and shrinkage, if not curtailed,only increases and does not reduce withthe passage of time. Paragon will providea one stop solution to internal staff theftand shrinkage.