The Power Of The Paperless Office


Published on -Reviews the business drivers furthering the adoption of the paperless office. Reviews compliance, cost savings, environmental impact, and continuity as the primary factors businesses consider when deciding to go paperless. Presents case studies of real-world businesses that have had success going paperless and achieved a significant ROI.

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  • What would you consider to be the most significant reason you would consider investing in scanning technology?Cost Reduction, 2) Compliance, 3) Business Continuity, 4) Environmental Impact
  • I have a fully tested and executed disaster recovery plan.TrueFalse
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  • Whathas been the biggest barrier to using scanning technology to address your paper-intensive business processes?1) Lack of awareness by process owners, 2) Lack of potential ROI, 3) IT Priority/Resource, 4) Technical Issues
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  • What would be your preferred storage model?1) On premise, 2) Hosted (cloud), 3) Combination of both
  • The Power Of The Paperless Office

    1. 1. “The Power Of ThePaperless Office”
    2. 2. AppFolio SecureDocs is a virtual data room forsharing and storing sensitive documents bothinternally and with outside parties.AppFolio, Inc. Company Basics:• Founded by the team that created and launchedGoToMyPC and GoToMeeting• Backed by leading technology companies and investors• Web-based business software for financial and legalprofessionalsAbout SecureDocs
    3. 3. • Fujitsu customers include overhalf of the Fortune Global 500• 3rd largest IT company in theworld• Revenue: >US $55 Billion• Employees: 180,000Worldwide• US HQ in Sunnyvale, CAAbout Fujitsu
    4. 4. • Director of Education, Imaging Products Group• Fujitsu’s worldwide spokesperson• Chairperson for TWAIN Working Group• Awarded with “Education” and “DistinguishedService” AIIM AwardsAbout Pamela Doyle
    5. 5. • Cost Reduction• Compliance• Continuity• EnvironmentallyConsciousBusiness Objectives
    6. 6. • Numerous forms of content– Electronic– Email– IM– Social Networking– FAX• Continued reliance on paper– Historical reference– Proof of business– Compliance– Initiate business processes• Contradiction between proliferation and corporate agilityBarriers
    7. 7. • First prediction of the “paperless” office was in 1975• Data is growing at a rate of 50% per year; doubling everytwo years (IDC)• 80% of information is still retained on paper (CAP Venture)• 60% of office worker’s time• 45% of labor costsVolume of Content
    8. 8. Polling Question #1
    9. 9. Facts - Costs1 Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers• Document Handling– $20 to file– $120 to find misfiled– $220 to reproduce• 7.5% documents get lost; 3% of remainder get misfiled• Professionals spend 5%-15% of their reading information butup to 50% looking for it1• Duplicate copies
    10. 10. IDC Study onDocument-Related TasksTask: Avg. Creating documents 13.3 hrs. Searching for data 9.5 hrs. Gathering infor. 8.3 hrs. Filing and organizing 6.8 hrs. Document routing 4.0 hrs. Document approval 4.3 hrs.Task: Wasted Reformatting 6.2 hrs. Searching 3.5 hrs.(not finding) Recreating 3.0 hrs.
    11. 11. • $24 to process an invoice1• FAX machine costs $6,200 per year2• Eight minutes to FAX a document• Store (on premise/offsite)• Deliver• USPS• CourierFacts - Costs1Source: IOMA2Source: Captaris
    12. 12. • Reduce operating costs• Do more with less• Streamline business processes• Reduce storage space• Deliver positive customer experience• Capacity improvement• Improve decision makingObjectives - Costs
    13. 13. • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)• SEC 17a 3-4• Dodd-Frank• HIPAA• Data Protection Act• Internal Policies and ProceduresFacts - Compliance
    14. 14. • Data accessibility• Secure access• Privacy• AudibilityObjectives - Compliance
    15. 15. Polling Question #2
    16. 16. • 75% of SMBs have no disaster recovery plan1• Two out of five companies out of business in five years2• Business suffering an incapacitating disaster with nodisaster recovery plan3– Only 43% resume operations– Of the 43%, 29% still in business in two years– Total of 71% will be out of business in two yearsFacts - Continuity1Source: Inc. Magazine3Source: Gartner3Source: Contingency Research Planning
    17. 17. • Protect corporate information asset• Business continuity 24x7x365Objectives - Continuity17
    18. 18.  1 tree = 8,333 sheets of paper ( Average office worker uses 10,000 sheets per year(Xerox) 45% of documents thrown out within 24 hrs.(Xerox) 65% of organizations say paper usage has stayedthe same or increase (AIIM Int’l.) Manufacturing paper depletes resourcesFacts – Environment18
    19. 19.  Reduce paper consumption Stop depleting natural resources Reduce gas consumption Reduce carbon dioxide emissionsObjectives – Environment19
    20. 20. • Capture all content• Transform it into a valuableresource• Combination of hardware andsoftwareThe Solution20
    21. 21. Five Phases of Capture21“A Document StrategyHandbook, from SimpleScanning to EnterpriseCapture”Author: Kevin CraineEnterpriseCaptureDistributedCaptureIntelligent DataExtractionAutomatedIndexingScan and Store
    22. 22. Polling Question #322
    23. 23. 23Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
    24. 24. ECM FunctionalityCapture (On Ramp) :• Digitize• Image enhancement• Scan to archive• Scan to process• Mobile/Cloud
    25. 25. ECM FunctionalityManage:• Metadata• BCS• Search & retrieval• Security (access control)• CollaborationStore:• Media• Magnetic• CDs/DVDs• Blue Ray• Premise• On• Off (Hosted/Cloud)
    26. 26. ECM FunctionalityPreserve:• Declaration• Retention• Disposition• Audit trailDeliver:• Workflow• EAI• Output options
    27. 27. The Benefits• Improve content accessibility and security• Enable collaboration and communication• Provide online access• Enhance customer service• Ensure physical protection• Compliance (audit trail)• Better business intelligence
    28. 28. Return on the Investment• Reduce printing costs• Reduce distribution costs• Increase productivity• Streamline business processes• Save time and boost company-wideefficiency• Reduce on-site and off premise storage
    29. 29. Polling Question #429
    30. 30. Fujitsu and SecureDocs• Address critical contentdisciplines• Capture• Store
    31. 31. FujitsuSpace SavingDesignsEase of UseSpace Saving Designs IntelligentImage Quality
    32. 32. SecureDocsSpace SavingDesignsEase of UseUnlimited Storage Audit LogsTwo FactorAuthentication
    33. 33. • Company Overview:–Leading tax preparer and CPA firm–Lansing, Michigan–Founded in 1998• Business Problem:–Tax business paper intensiveX-TAX33
    34. 34. • Objectives:– Paperless tax document warehouse– Fast access• Solution:– Cloud-based Capture Solution and– Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanners on each preparer’sdeskX-TAX34
    35. 35. • Benefits and ROI (1st Year):– Business process agility– Improved file access– Decreased wait time– Capacity improvement– Save nearly 10K on office paper supplies– Reduced employee work hoursX-TAX35
    36. 36. Property ManagementPlus, Inc.• Company Overview:–San Jose, CA–4 Person Property Mgmt. & RealEstate Co.• Business Problem:–Paper intensive–Regulatory requirements–Need immediate access to client files
    37. 37. –Relying on traditional information sharing(FAX, Postal & Courier Services)• Solution:–ScanSnap to digitize files• ROI:–Eliminate fax–Eliminated courier–PDF enable collaboration–Execute contracts fasterProperty ManagementPlus, Inc.
    38. 38. Stambaugh Ness, PC• Company overview:– Large CPA Firm– Central Pennsylvania– Deliberately remained a “small firm”• Business problem:– Thousands of pieces of paper– Efficient records management was ongoing battle38PapertoDigital
    39. 39. Stambaugh Ness, PC– Accounting documentation diversified– Previously process at office• Solution– Eight ScanSnaps– Digitized at point of origin• Return on investment– Dramatically decreased time– Enable collaboration– Capacity improvements39PapertoDigital
    40. 40. • Questions and Answers• Product information, white papers and case studies:––• Microsites:–– ScanSnap at www.scansnapcommunity.com40Q & A