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10 ways to use excess holiday candy as a learning tool


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Fun ways to use that excess holiday candy as a learning tool

Published in: Education
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10 ways to use excess holiday candy as a learning tool

  1. 1. 10 Ways to Use Excess Holiday Candy as a Learning Tool for Secular Homeschoolers
  2. 2. is the premiere online destination for secular homeschoolers. We offer a one-of-a-kind community full of information, giveaways, resources, and the most active homeschooler forum on the web. Stop by and hang out with us soon!
  3. 3. View our list of Excess Candy Use Sites
  4. 4. Rainbow Counting Activity
  5. 5. Skittles Experiment
  6. 6. Candy Math
  7. 7. Leftover Candy Recipes
  8. 8. Candy Spelling Lists
  9. 9. Erosion of Candy
  10. 10. The Candy Corn Contest
  11. 11. Pour Painting with Pixie Stix
  12. 12. Treats for Troops!
  13. 13. The Best Candy Writing Activity
  14. 14. Keep up with the latest secular homeschooling info...