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10 Best Ways to Prep for SAT/ACT Test!


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10 ways to prep for the SAT and ACT tests for secular homeschoolers.

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10 Best Ways to Prep for SAT/ACT Test!

  1. 1. 10 Best Ways to Prep for the SAT/ACT Test! for Secular Homeschoolers
  2. 2. is the premiere online destination for secular homeschoolers. We offer a one-of-a-kind community full of information, giveaways, resources, and the most active homeschooler forum on the web. Stop by and hang out with us soon!
  3. 3. View our list of SAT/ACT Prep.
  4. 4. Local Library Many libraries have SAT/ACT test prep books available to checkout for FREE!
  5. 5. APPS There are several FREE and PAID apps for smartphones and tablets for SAT/ACT prep on the go! ● SAT Up ● Daily Practice SAT ● SATFlash
  6. 6. GOOGLE Head to Google and type in “SAT practice test” or “ACT practice test” and you will get a list of FREE online practice tests.
  7. 7. Lets Homeschool High School Check out Lets Homeschool High School website. They have several great articles on SAT/ACT prep.
  8. 8. Khan Academy SAT Practice
  9. 9. SAT Prep Courses These are NOT free, but if other options are just not working…. This may be the solution.
  10. 10. SAT Games
  11. 11. Time4Writing - SAT Essay Writing
  12. 12. SAT/ACT Prep Books Head to your local bookstore and check out the SAT/ACT prep books. There are many choices and looking at them in person may help you choose the one that works best for your homeschooler.
  13. 13. Private Tutor And if nothing else works for your homeschooler, you can resort to hiring a private tutor. Your local college may have a list of SAT/ACT tutors. Online places like also have lists.
  14. 14. Keep up with the latest secular homeschooling info...