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Entry Doors Guide For 2013


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Learn about the best entry and exterior doors to discover some of the new combinations with options for sidelights, decorative glass, transoms, frames and more...If you are a home owner, a builder or a dealer and you want to change the look of your doors house or office then you come to the right place. Discover the high quality and beautiful doors at the right price that will fit your architectural styles. Feel free to browse our Awesome selection of entry and exterior doors reviews Now !

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Entry Doors Guide For 2013

  1. 1. ent rydoorwit hsidelight Doors Guide for 2013With entry doors guide 2013, you will get the maximum inf ormation about dif f erent types and variety ofdoors available in the market. You can buy interior doors and exterior doors according to the requirementsof your newly constructed house. These types and variety of doors include wood doors, f iberglass doors,aluminum doors, vinyl doors and many more depending on your needs and choice.Af ter 1990, f iberglass doors have become very f amous due to their excellent designs and easiness to usethem with maximum luxury and protection to your house. All of these manuf actured doors are veryaesthetic, f unctional and economic f riendly and you will get the maximum benef its of them when you usethem according to manuf acturer’s instructions. The entry doors guide also determine how the designs andcolors of these large variety of doors are manuf actured.Entry doors are much noticed by people who come and visit your homes f requently. They give them animpression of your entire home how it is designed and developed. They will give them answers to theirquestions regarding whether they are sending their message in the right direction or not.Sensational Features of Entry Doors GuideEntry doors guide is based on three main specif ic f eatures which are the need of every beautif ul homeincluding:Beauty and AttractivenessDurability and ReliabilityAlternatives based on Personalization Satisf actionYour entry doors are of ten f aced with dust, dirt, rain and snow and they are getting disturbed with largenumber of harsh elements every day. You need to clean wood doors, aluminum doors and f iberglass doorsto increase their attraction and best impression on your f riends, colleagues and customers.Fiberglass Entry DoorsFiberglass entry doors have now become the best choice of every home owner which is excellentlydesigned alternate to wood doors. These doors are very aesthetic and they are developed according to theneeds of your ideally developed homes. Fiberglass entry doors are considered as benef icial and attractiveas wood doors but they are developed with additional f eatures of protection and sturdiness.Protection and saf ety of your homes has now become much more signif icant element in these days andf iberglass doors are best f itted to your home requirements. They can be most successf ully used with thef eatures of customization and electricity utilization in your house. These doors are also manuf actured withwooden end styles and you can select your ideally selected door according to your needs.
  2. 2. Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Entry DoorsIn pros, f iberglass entry doors are considered very durable and best f or the protection of your homes.They are very usef ul under severe weather conditions f rom cold to damp Northern winter. These doors areproved to be very durable and they will never warp, rot or crack and will not need yearly maintenance asneeded by wood doors.They are also considered very reliable in rust and corrosion proof and they add a long lif e to your entrydoors. These doors are best insulators and their durability and insulation is f urther enhanced with doubleor triple glazing.They are proved to be best doors by considering heated or air-conditioned homes and can make a hugedif f erence to the household bills over time. In appearance, f iberglass doors are look like very elegant andmost attractive than other f orms of doors and they will make a great f irst impression on your visitors andwill add a value to your home.They are also considered to be very versatile and they are specially designed with ready to f it and they willgive a new look to your home. You will get maximum security and warranty by using these outclass doorswith more resilient with best f itted and extremely secure locking systems.In cons, f iberglass entry doors are little expensive than steel or standard wooden doors. Manuf acturerscan never customize them and they are only available in standard sizing and it becomes practicallyimpossible to change or trim f iberglass doors to make them f itted in smaller f rames. Once these doors aref itted, they can never be changed. In wooden doors, age can improve the appearance of the entry doorsbut f iberglass cannot be replicate.Front Entry DoorsYou can buy front entry doors in vast range and developed with variety of materials includingWoodVinylAluminumf iberglass.With front entry doors, you can have dif f erent options and you can select the best one according to yourhome needs. But when you are making your choice, you must look at your budget range, location of yourhome, styling need of your home, size and all other benef its which you are looking f orward f or your entrydoors need. You will get specif ic f eatures of these entry doors and they can be developed and customizedaccording to your newly constructed homes.These front entry doors are manuf actured with dif f erent door designs and they can be customized withglass panels, hardware colors, dif f erent texture options, and dif f erent construction materials. These doorsare proved to be energy ef f icient and you will get the maximum benef its of them af ter using them f or yourhome needs.
  3. 3. Other Types of Entry DoorsAll other types of entry doors include:Wood entry doorsGlass entry doorsSolid entry doorsResidential entry doorsCheap entry doorsHow to Build an Entry DoorFirst of all make the necessary measurements of your entry door with outer f rame size and othernecessary size measurements. When the entry doors are designed, wood or glass panels should be usedbetween the inner and outer rails and stiles are required. Door developers should include taller and widerpanels when they are developing the bottom part of the doors and they can use saf ety glass panelsaccording to your needs.The materials and tools which are used in building an entry door include table saw, saf ety glass, andwaterproof glue, caulking gun, spar varnish, 18 board f eet of hardwoodand 30 board f eet of similarhardwood. Then weather proof glue and all other tendons and mortise are used in the construction ofentry doors.In next step, raised panels are installed between the rails and stiles of the exterior f rames of the doorsaf ter the clamp have been removed and glue that is used in their construction is thoroughly dried. Thesedoors are constructed by considering heavy weather problems such as snowing, hot sun, cold weather andheavy raining conditions which can cause severe threat to your entry doors.How to Seal Entry DoorsEntry doors are manuf actured with additional f eatures and they are developed to seal high amounts ofunwanted leakage which can cause energy loss to your home. You can f ace with considerable damage ifthese doors are not properly sealed and you can f ace with damages of door tiles, f loors and walls and canmake the huge payment f or these losses. Sealing the external parts of the doors can cause the preventionof water coming into the cracked parts of these doors and you are saved with home’s energy ef f iciency.Doors can be sealed very easily by using proper tools and materials that will be available in your ownhomes. In sealing entry doors, you must f ind and f ix the leakage parts of your exterior doors, measure thesides of your doors and cut them into water stripping. Af ter you have checked all the leakage parts, you
  4. 4. must be conf ident that they are air or light tight through the door corners. If the light is still entering intoyour door then you should be aware that it still needs proper sealing.How to Design Entry DoorsYou can get the services of best designers f or designing entry doors according to the styling, durability andprotection needs of your homes. There are large number of materials which are used in the manuf acturingand designing of exterior entry doors. They are f inished and f urnished according to the need of your newlyconstructed home. You can use and insert dif f erent diagrams f or making the best designs of your homes.Iron entry door is considered to be very secure and protected with aesthetic touches depending on thedesigning needs of your homes. When you select a design, it can capture your home’s underlying themeand it can depend on your architectural design. There are two types of designs which are developed f oryour entry doors out of which are f actory made designs and some of them are customized designs whichcan be developed according to your home needs.How to Adjust an Entry DoorThere are dif f erent instructions which can be very helpf ul in adjusting an entry door. You should drill a 1/8”hole where you want to bind the door and that is 1” in f rom the jamb. Then you must angle the hole with thescrew and split the stud and then you must loosen the hinge f rom the bottom of the door. Af ter you havedone this initial work, you must remove the shims and door systems with rough openings.You must install the plastic expansion sleeves and with reassembling and re-shimming into the indexedposition, you can use the best tuned screw and adjust the wedging and shimming to get the best revealaround the door. Then by losing the hinges, you can slip the cardboard shims with quarter inch wide on theedges of the hinges which are closest to the outside. Then by tilting the hinges away f rom the door, youcan pull the door closer to the hinge side and you can keep them away f rom the latch side of the door.How to Measure the Entry DoorsIn measuring the entry doors, you must keep the door on the outside part of the door trim and then youcan make the measurements to the opposite side of the door. This will make the exterior width of theoverall measurements of the door. Then you can measure the height and width of the door by keeping thetape at the bottom and the top of the trim. Then you can make the measurements of the jamb width whenyou open the door and place your door at the interior and exterior trim.This will show the thickness of the measurements of your house wall and if the jamb is too wide they willlay f lat against the wall. Then by removing the inside trim that starts f rom the bottom to the top of the jamb
  5. 5. and it is used in the measurement of the total width of the door unit. These are the measurements of youroverall inside dimensions.