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project for ss about the 13th amendment

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Sebastian vidal magazine

  1. 1. Was ratified by the states in December, 6 th , 1865
  2. 2. The 13 th amendment states: that slavery was a really big issue in the united states in 1854. History: This amendment had no longer functioned in the constitution therefore this issue had to be stopped. They proposed this amendment in January, 31 st , 1865 that stated that neither slavery or involuntary servitude was going to be allowed in the united states. Why it was passed: It was passed because they didn’t want anymore slavery to happen in the united states. Supported: congress and the states Opposed: almost all southerners
  3. 3. The 13 th amendment has impacted my life in a very good way. If this amendment was not ratified people would be slaves or be getting punished. Impact on Americans: People have really forgotten the importance of the amendments and they should remember 1 of the most important amendments…..slavery. Before this was so disgusting how they allowed slavery. Then Abraham Lincoln had proposed this and then slavery was done for. I think that I and all of the rest of Americans shouldn’t forget this really huge and important matter.
  4. 4. I got this article from: July 27, 2010 Why do some Republicans Want to ‘Restore’ the 13th Amendment? This article was about many different opinions of different people of the united states on how to restore the thirteenth amendment. They say that its not about slavery like most of our politics these days they say that, it’s about Barack Obama. Most people are deciding whether to keep the original amendment or to make a new and better than ever one because they say that the old one was missing something very important. They are planning to get this job by the next few years. At the end they all realize that the only important thing is that as long as we have the amendment that were good.
  5. 6. Mr. Justice McReynolds had decided that the person who failed to work in the road was sent to jail for 30 days and had to be fined more than $50. This had been decided in February, 21, 1916. This court case was under the laws of Florida. The amendment said that there could be no cruel or unusual punishment. It also stated that if he is older than 16 years of age HE had the option of working in the road. He was put in jail because he had failed working on the road and therefore he had to be put under hail for 30 days.
  6. 8. EXTRA SLIDE ABOUT: Slavery <ul><li>Sometimes slavery had happened because they were either different than their owners in religion, race, nationality, or any other really dumb things like beauty or usefulness. </li></ul><ul><li>1 song that I think would have helped their self-esteem or how they feel about themselves would be “who says”. If you click the link below you will watch the song that I THINK would help. If this link does NOT work then go to and search Selena Gomez and the scene “who says”. Thank you! </li></ul>