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Loadme - Uber for trucks - Transporter’s Marketplace from the Middle East


Published on is the first and only Online Transporter’s Marketplace in the Middle East. It is an Uber-like concept for trucks that is using the power of internet combined with truck’s GPS tracking and smart phones apps to connect efficiently load owners with available trucks in their area.

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Loadme - Uber for trucks - Transporter’s Marketplace from the Middle East

  1. 1. Matching trucks and loads across the Middle East
  2. 2. Problem 50% of the trucks are backhauling empty
  3. 3. Problem 75% of the orders are not converted into sales
  4. 4. Current load boards: Solution America 200 Europe 160 Australia 10 Middle East 0
  5. 5. 1st Online Marketplace for freight exchange in the Middle East Product
  6. 6. Product Search Review Get the Best Deal Publish Add Negotiate
  7. 7. Benefits SAVE MONEY when shipping MAKE MONEY when transporting EXPAND BUSINESS when networking
  8. 8. Market Size Double Digit Growth
  9. 9. Market Size Logistics Road Transport 12 B$40 B$ *According to Frost and Sullivan is 35 B$ in GCC In GCC + Jordan for 2015 30%
  10. 10. Business Model Basic Professional Expert Unlimited Monthly subscriptions Transporters Brokers Basic Professional Expert Unlimited
  11. 11. Business Model Basic Professional Expert Unlimited Transaction Fee 9%
  12. 12. Competition Transparent Inexpensive Large fleet Online Individuals Fleet aggregators Small agents
  13. 13. Traction  10,000 Companies registered  15,000 Trucks  350 Loads every week  500,000$ Investment Raised
  14. 14. Traction Best Innovation in Sustainability at Global Innovation Summit Winners of: Best New Business Stars of Business 2015 Disruptive Entrepreneur Award SMEWorld SummitSmartpreneur Winner 1st Prize Dubai Chamber of Commerce Start-up Winner 1st Prize Cristal Congress
  15. 15. Next investment round 2,000,000$ to expand LoadMe for MENA Sales & MarketingOperations Product development 25% Investment 25% 40% 35%
  16. 16. Sebastian Stefan CEO • Extended experience in UAE trucking industry • Connected with the main players from logistics • Experienced entrepreneur Sebastian Morar CTO • Software Engineer • 10 years experience Claudia Pacurar CMO • Experience in branding • Marketing specialist Team
  17. 17.