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Marcano Sneaker Skins power point


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Marcano Footwear, Marcano Sneaker Skins

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Marcano Sneaker Skins power point

  1. 1. Marcano Footwear SEBASTIAN MARCANO Inventor & CEO MARCANO-FOOTWEAR.LAUNCHROCK.COM General Grand Track Sustainability Track #SMARTPITCH2015
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM -Consumers want more options in being able to change the look of your favorite sneaker on the go instantly -Consumers want new innovations in footwear -Well I have the answer!
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION Marcano Sneaker Skins can transform popular athletic footwear by offering custom sneaker skins that snap on the shoe to change the look of the sneakers they already own.Marcano sneaker Skins will use Snap Fasteners attached to the sneaker skin and shoe. Marcano Sneaker Skins are made from Eco-friendly materials and is one step in the right direction toward sustainable athletic footwear
  4. 4. How Marcano Interchangeable Sneakers work The product allows the customer to choose from a variety of classic and new styles in an array of colors to create and change-up their footwear quickly and economically. The shoes changes instantly using snap fasteners on the sneaker allowing the sneaker to change the look fast and easily.
  5. 5. Marcano Interchangeable skin uppers concept that snaps on and off easily using Snap Fasteners
  6. 6. Market Target The estimated number of U.S. establishments is 28,556 and the number of people employed in this industry is 187,841. The total annual sales in this industry are $29.1 billion dollars and the average number of employees per establishment stands at about 7. The average sales per establishment (unknown values are excluded from the average) is about $2.3 million[1] [1] Dun & Bradstreet, Industry Data for SIC 5661-0000, taken June, 2011 -Footwear lovers teens and young adults (13-30 yrs old) -Sneaker Enthusiasts A.K.A. “ Sneaker Heads” -Fans & Followers of Nike -Eco-Conscious -Travelers/Tourists -Budget Conscious -Urban Youth
  7. 7. Next Stage to Launch/Funding -Produce a working physical Prototype -Get Patent Pending,Trademark, Copyright -Raise the Funding through Crowdfunding -Market the Concept Social Media -Potential prototype concept of Marcano Sneakers Skins using E- Ink/Color E Paper technology capabilities and smartphone app Start-up Expense Legal $5,000 Insurance $5,000 Website $20,000 Rent(1st + Dep.) $4,000 Patent $5,000 Research & Development $5,000 Advertising $6,000 Total Start-up Expenses $50,000 Start-up Assets Operating Capital $50,000 Inventory $50,000 Operating Equipment $150,000 Total Assets $250,000 Total Requirements $300,000 GOAL $1.5 Million
  8. 8. The Future Marcano Sneaker Skins Prototype Concepts. Change the Look Instantly using E-INK/Color E Paper that allows you to change the look of the sneaker using smartphones and having a sneaker brand that gives you control in the look of your sneakers digitally E-Ink/Color E Paper Technology