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Explosive Trace Detector E3500


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  • our company somac electronics and electrical company based in dammam saudi arabia. our e-3500 model have encounter problem always alarm the red led lights. the screen appears
    ERR-CELL------------ RN0552
    PK HEIGHT----------- -1209
    PK AREA ------------ -001410
    PK POS -------------- 066
    please give me advice how to eliminate this problem that i have encounter.. do we need to reset, give me short term solustion about this matter. you can get in touch thru my email add.

    Best regards,

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Explosive Trace Detector E3500

  1. 1. Comes field-ready, in a protective case with two batteries, charger, trace samples and accessories, strap, ten cartridges, sampling screens, gloves, manual, and tools. E3500 Chemilux® Advanced Explosives Trace Particulate & Vapour Handheld From the leading, most seasoned producer of Features and Benefits advanced explosives and contraband detectors worldwide, including the widely deployed Advanced, Flexible, Dual Mode: with clear green and red LED’s. Chemilux®, GC-IMS, GC-Chemilux® and EVD the world’s most advanced, versatile Automatically adjusts itself to your detection lines. Designed with the non-technical and specific vapour and particulate environment. operator in mind, they use simple sampling, one- handheld. Suspect particulates are step analysis and clear displays. easily “swiped” inside and vapours No radioactivity or isotopes, sampled in front. period. No isotopes, radiation or The E3500 is the world’s first explosives trace calibrations, safety risks, carrier gas, handheld based on Luminol Chemilux® (chemilu- Far more sensitive, selective, certificates or licenses to deal with. minescence). It detects military, commercial, even proven: reliably detects plastic, None. homemade explosives, liquid and powdered, even minute, low nanogram traces including TATP and peroxides, plastics, nitrates, such as C-4, black powder, PETN, Easier upkeep: fewer consum- and black powder. Semtex, RDX, TNT, Ammonium and ables. Self calibrating. Sample Urea Nitrates, Dynamite, NG, ICAO screens are completely reuseable. Our unique Chemilux® design and parameters taggants, EGDN DMNB, TATP , Our training and support are yields high selectivity to explosives, and high and peroxides, with few interferents, worldwide and highly regarded. immunity to weather and environmental inter- minimizing false alarms and ference. For a Chemilux® vapour model which confirming hits. For hostile environments: identifies the explosive, select the E3100. For an especially resistant to contamination affordable, vapour-only model, select the E3200. Lightest most portable, rugged: or effects from exhaust, humidity, self-contained, hardened for extreme rain, sand, wind, aerosols or For non-invasively detecting explosive vapours conditions, yet lightest (less than 2.7 pollutants. and particulates in luggage, mail, vehicles, trucks, kg - 5.9 lbs). Greater battery life (6 clothing, electronic articles, backpacks, hours). Fully equipped in field-ready Advanced: increased memory and documents and containers by: carrying case pictured above. networking capability with laptops and PDA handhelds. Military • Law Enforcement • Bomb Squads Easy to use: simple one-push Customs • Government Facilities • Checkpoints operation. Displays definitive results Hotels • Palaces • Embassies • Power Plants in seconds on a bright LCD screen, Events • Courts • Rail• Airports • Seaports • Access Control • Forensics • Mail 70 years leading innovation in checkpoint detection support Scintrex® • CheckGate® • Dynavision® • Control Screening® • Federal Labs® U.S. Canada France UK UAE Japan Latin America Singapore Spain
  2. 2. Our widest range, most field-friendly handheld, the E3500 is ideal for: • Military Defense • Bomb Squads • Government Facilities • Police • Embassies or Consulates • Railway, Bus and Subway Terminals • Airports • Courts Correctional • Special Events, Leases, Rentals • Customs Borders • Postal Stations • Nuclear Facilities SCINTREX TRACE CORP. 300 Parkdale Avenue • Seaports and Ships • Corporate or VIP Bases • Hotels Banks Field or Forensic Use Checkpoints …Worldwide • • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y 1G2 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Phone: + 1 613 224 1061 Fax: + 1 613 224 2603 E-mail • DETECTION TECHNOLOGY Luminol Chemilux® – Disposable cartridge NO RADIOACTIVITY No radioactive or gas source, no licensing, no isotopes. DETECTABLE COMPOUNDS Military (including plastic), commercial and homemade explosives: C4, TNT, NG, Dynamite, Black Powder, PETN, Semtex, RDX, ANFO, ICAO United States Taggants, (DMNB, EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT), Ammonium and Urea 2 Gardner Road nitrates,TATP and peroxides, others. Fairfield, NJ 07004-2206 USA SAMPLE COLLECTION Vapours and particulates - Dual Mode, confirming hits Tel: + 1 (973) 276-6161 TYPICAL ANALYSIS TIME Within 14 seconds Fax: + 1 (973) 276-6162 WARM-UP TIME None (after daily one minute start) None required (ambient air) CARRIER GAS Central EU CONTROLS Power switch Keypad Vapour/Particulate mode switch Volume control (with optional earphone) Tel: + 33 2 38 61 97 00 Sample switch Fax: + 33 2 38 61 97 01 OPTIONS 1. Remote unattended operation 2. Remote control Southern EU 3. Continuous operation mode Northern EU 4. WiFi data transfer ALARM, AUDIO VISUAL LED indicator lights Large LCD display for status messages Asia SE or North Audible alarm (with optional earphone) DATA STORAGE + COMMUNICATIONS 1000 retrievable data records via PC RS-232 serial output port for remote control and monitoring POWER SUPPLY 12 volt DC rechargeable 6-hour battery pack Spare battery pack Latin America 12 volt AC adapter 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz universal (auto sensing) switching + Operating: 0˚C to +55˚C (+32˚F to +131˚F) Middle East OPERATING STORAGE TEMPERATURES Storage: 0˚C to +65˚C (+32˚F to +149˚F) + Unit weight: Less than 2.7 kg (5.9 lbs.) engineered in Dubai, UAE WEIGHT DIMENSIONS thermoplastic shielded case Tel: + 971 6 557 4505 Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 51x14x11 cm / 20x5.5x4.3 Fax: + 971 6 557 4507 Shipping weight: 14 kg (31 lbs.) Case shipping dimensions (LxWxH): 52x26x39 cm / 22x10x14 Western U.S. One year; other warranties available WARRANTY CERTIFICATES ISO, FCC, CE, and other world recognized certificates ISO 9001-2000 REGISTERED US PATENT 6,946,300 *Modifications reserved 2008-2010 © Scintrex Trace Corp. 70 years leading innovation in checkpoint detection support Scintrex® • CheckGate® • Dynavision® • Control Screening® • Federal Labs® U.S. Canada France UK UAE Japan Latin America Singapore Spain D E T E C T T H E D I F F E R E N C E