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Without questions[1] reading


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here are the slides about the possible unknown vocab from the first chapter of "Meta

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Without questions[1] reading

  1. 1. VocabularyOvercome: Verb ʌ/əʊvəˈkm/ Succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty).Sob: Verb/sɒb/ Cry noisily, making loud, convulsive gasps.Convey Verb ɪ/kənˈve/ Transport or carry to a place.Badger Verb/ˈ badʒə/ Repeatedly and annoyingly ask (someone) to do something
  2. 2. Dismiss Verb/dɪsˈm ɪs/ Order or allow to leave; send away.Barricade Verb/ˈ barɪˈked/ɪ Block or defendParade Verb ɪ/pəˈred/ While marching or moving around a place.Mood Noun/muˈd/ A temporary state of mind or feeling.Dizzy spell Noun/ˈ dɪzɪspɛl/ A short period when someone is dizzy.
  3. 3. Blurt Verb/blɜˈt/ˈ Say (something) suddenly and without careful consideration.keen: Adjective/kiˈn / Eager; enthusiastic.Drawer: Noun/ˈ droˈ(r)/ A lidless box-like storage compartment that may be slid horizontally in and out of a desk or chest.Swing Noun/swɪŋ/ A seat suspended by ropes or chains, on which someone may sit and swing back and forth.Brace Verb/breɪs/ Make (a structure) stronger or firmer with wood, iron, or other forms of support:
  4. 4. Limbs: Noun/lɪm/ An arm, leg, or wing.Clap: Verb/klap/ Strike the palms of (one’s hands ) together repeatedly, typically in order to applaud.Fetch Verb/fɛtʃ/ Go for and then bring back (someone or something) for someone.Swishing Adjective/swɪʃɪŋ/ Impressively smart and fashionable:Yank Verb/jaŋk/ Pull with a jerk.
  5. 5. Subdued Adjective/səbˈdjuˈd / Quiet and rather reflective or depressed.Lean Verb/liˈn / Incline from the perpendicular and rest for support against (something)Exertion Noun ɜ ʃn//ɪɡˈzˈ Physical or mental effort:Inflict Verb/ɪnˈfl ɪkt/ Cause (something unpleasant) to be suffered by someone else.Frantic Adjective/ˈfrantɪk/ Conducted in a hurried and chaotic way.
  6. 6. Stick up Verb/stɪkʌp/ Be upright: to protrude or point upward, or make something doSink Verb/sɪŋk/ Go beneath a surface of liquidLieutenant Noun/luténənt A first or second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine CorpsMuster Verb/mʌstər/ Come or bring (troops) together, especially for inspection or in preparation for battle.
  7. 7. Facade Noun ɑˈd/fəˈs / The principal front of a building, facing on to a street or open space.Drop Noun/drɒp/ A small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid.Sword Noun/sɔˈd /ˈ A weapon with a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard, used for thrusting or striking and often worn as part of ceremonial dress.Ajar Adjetive/əˈʤɑˈ(r)/ ˈ Slightly open.
  8. 8. Pig-headedˈ Adjetive Stupidly obstinate.Indebted Adjetive/ɪnˈdetɪd/ˈ Owing money or gratitudeGroundless Adjetive ɡraʊndləs/ˈ/ˈ Not based on any good reason.Foresight Noun/ˈ ʌɪt/ˈ fɔˈs The ability to anticipate future events or requirements.
  9. 9. Tight Adjetive/tʌɪt/ Fixed or fastened firmly; hard to move, undo, or open.Scarce Adjective/skeəs/ˈ Insufficient for the demand.Handrail Noun/ˈ handreɪl/ˈ A rail fixed to posts or a wall for people to hold on to for support.Nasty Adjective/ˈ nɑˈsti /ˈ Highly unpleasant or repugnant.
  10. 10. jaw/ʤɔ ▶noun 1 each of the upper and lower bony structures in vertebrates forming the framework of the mouth and containing the teeth. (jaws) the grasping, biting, or crushing mouthparts of an invertebrate.chin/tʃɪn/ ▶noun the protruding part of the face below the mouth, formed by the apex of the lower jaw.Leap /lip/ ▶noun 1 an instance of leaping; a forceful jump or quick movement. 2 a sudden abrupt change.willing/wɪlɪŋ/ ▶adjective ready, eager, or prepared to do something.
  11. 11. lean ▶adjective ready, eager, or prepared to do something. ■ given or done readily.alley ▶noun (pl. alleys) 1 a narrow passageway between or behind buildings. ■ a path in a park or garden.draught /drɑft/ (US draft) ▶noun 1 a current of cool air in a room or confined space. 2 a single act of drinking or inhaling.hiss/hɪs/ hiss/hɪs/ ▶verb make a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter s, often as a sign of disapproval or derision.
  12. 12. flank/flaŋk/ ▶noun 1 the side of a persons or animals body between the ribs and the hip.scrape/skreɪp/ ▶verb 1 drag or pull a hard or sharp implement across (a surface or object). scrape/skreɪp/ ▶verb 1 drag or pull a hard or sharp implement across (a surface or object).slam1 ▶verb (slams, slamming, slammed) 1 shut or be shut forcefully and loudly.
  13. 13. Summary Gregor Samsa was a dealer of fabrics who had to deal with some stressing roleslinked to his profession like traveling frequently and keeping in touch withbusinessmen he had never met before for instance, he felt most of the timeannoyed. However, he lived his worst experience in the life when one morning henoticed that he had become a hideous insect while he was sleeping in his nowenormous bedroom, obviously designed for humans.He realized there that his body was not anymore like before so, new problemsbegan to happen like his difficulty to control his current several limbs (to scratchhimself ) and setting a position in order to rest comfortably . As those things wereoccurring, he also thought how mandatory was his duty due to a big debt hisparents had with his boss and conceiving how pleasant would be to scold his ownboss in a fictitious situation! But it finished abruptly when Gregor remarked thatbecause of his fantasies, his time to go working was being over. In addition hisfamily had seen too this irregular fact, that’s why Gregor was always punctual,therefore they decided to approach till his door to find the reason of this unusualmoment.When Gregor convinced his family of returning to their activities, he decided toleave the bed to clear his mind but he got injured in that attempt, thus heconsidered to halt it while he thought of the possibility of being assisted bysomeone stronger than him. Suddenly he discovered that someone had arrived tohis house…”Perhaps the visitor might be my boss to know the reason of myabsence”, Gregor whispered as he threw himself roughly because of that.
  14. 14. It was true! His manager was there to find out what was up, butpreviously his parents made an effort to defend the reputation oftheir son which finally was not convincing because the managerregarded that absence as a justification for avoiding hisresponsibilities with the debt he must pay, besides he added that theGregor´s behavior in the company was not the most acceptable inthe last times.Even though Gregor tried to explain his odyssey, it seemed just likeanother excuse but he did not mind it because what he wantedindeed was people look at him and his metamorphosis. Actually ifpeople did not recoil as it was expected and conversely theyaccepted quietly that pitiful incident, Gregor might even catch histrain and keep on with his life normally; nevertheless the assistanceof a doctor and a locksmith arrived to solve his strange trouble asGregor was preparing his voice for the next conversations andprogressively getting adapted to his new shape to execute verycomplex task like opening a door with a key regardless of his animalcondition!Although opening the door got Gregor almost wounded due to theexaggerated usage of his mouth and limbs, that first goal wasincredibly accomplished by him, just requiring encouragement bythe people out of his bedroom who remained drastically paralyzedlater…
  15. 15. They presented that state when they did not look at Gregor like aman anymore but like a bug now, then they could appreciatedwhy it was not possible Gregor fulfils his routine however Gregorinsisted on clarify this problem to his manager which was in vainbecause he preferred to go away.Gregor knew that he had to keep on with his attempts forconvincing the manager about his continuity in the firm, that´swhy his family depended economically on Greg, consequently hewanted his sister help him to speak to the manager because Gregguessed the manager liked having affairs but she was not there,thus he decided to walk until him and he observed that his bodywas responding positively to his commands as it was not possiblebefore.Finally all those intentions were no productive. It was too late toreach the manager, moreover his father after the overcomeshock, reacted with violence against Gregor in his purpose oflocking him up inside his bedroom again to hide his grotesqueimage giving as a result another new injury for our sad friendGreg.