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How to create Killer Value Propositions


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How to create the best Value Propositions for your clients

How to create Killer Value Propositions

  1. 1. Most new business ideas fail to giveeach customer segment an appropriate Value Proposition
  2. 2. So, how to create a good Value Proposition to your customers
  3. 3. How? First define:
  4. 4. What Value do you deliver to the customers?
  5. 5. Which Problems do you solve for them?
  6. 6. Which customer Needs are you satisfying?
  7. 7. Know your customer Like nobody else
  8. 8. Seriously… How?
  9. 9. Do not settle with findinginformation on the internet
  10. 10. Instead, do some Fieldwork
  11. 11. I do not mean this
  12. 12. The goal is to Empathize with the customer
  13. 13. You have to thinkand Feel as your customer does
  14. 14. Understand their Problems Needs Fears & Concerns
  15. 15. Puttin yourself in the customers shoes
  16. 16. Have to find ThemAsk them what they want
  17. 17. Have to find ThemWatch them
  18. 18. Have to find Them Show them your solution and get feedback
  19. 19. Then, go back and Improve your Value Proposition
  20. 20. Finally, the Value Proposition must be Tested