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Online id - Seb Kemmerer


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Online id - Seb Kemmerer

  1. 1. Seb Kemmerer – Online ID My online ID incorporates my passions of Sport, Filmmaking and TV Series. I utilise the online social mediaplatforms to express my own views and connect with other people online who share the same interests. I’ve examined certain sporting professional identities online in order to formulate my own identity thatfacilitates my desire to become a sports media writer. I’ve also examined communities that allow foraspiring filmmakers to share produced content online.
  2. 2. ID hub/Map Link FeedLink Link (Hub) Link Link
  3. 3. is my hub for which people can connect to all my different social media platforms. It offers up a link to all the varying social media sites that I utilise, such as: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Vimeo and Wordpress. I’ve also included a little bit of bio information that states my interests.
  4. 4. Twitter - @SebKemmerer
  5. 5. Twitter Conversations/InteractionsThis highlights my twitter activity andinteractions. As evidenced in theseconversations, witty comments aboutsport and social media is at the heart ofmy interaction.
  6. 6. Facebook is my personal socialmedia space and is a platform thatdoesn’t heavily link in with myprofessional ambitions. Facebook
  7. 7. Vimeo is a space where I can uploadany films or videos that I make andthis facilitates my interest in Film Vimeoproduction.
  8. 8. I created a LinkedIn account to helpfacilitate my professional online ID.It is a space that I plan on using a lotmore in the future. LinkedIn
  9. 9. My blogger account that I recently created is perfectto help build my online sports writing profile. Itallows me to publish all the vary sports articles that Iwrite and let the public view and read them. Blogger
  10. 10. My Wordpress Blog - sebkemWordPressBlog is aspacewhere Ipublish mywork onlinethat relatesto my Uniwork.
  11. 11. ABC Pool
  12. 12. The Roar – Sports Writing Community