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Groupon Presentation 2013


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Groupon Presentation 2013

  1. 1. Seb Kandasamy 2013
  2. 2. What is Groupon? Groupon - a name that blends “group” and “coupon”, presents an online audience with a special offer or incentive on a product or service on the best things to do, see, eat and buy. Act now, says the pitch: You have only so many hours before this offer expires. What's in it for the vendor - which might be a museum, a restaurant or a health spa? Exposure. Since the resulting revenue is not only discounted but shared with Groupon, the vendor may break even or profit on the incremental sales. But it now has customers who might never have thought of visiting the business. “Mason’s model is transforming the way companies snag sales…the next web phenomenon” ! - Forbes
  3. 3. Why Groupon? • Groupon serves 500 markets and 48 countries • Groupon database consisting of 39.5 million customers and 200 million subscribers • Groupon offers a highly effective, measurable and risk-free marketing opportunity at no upfront cost • No other marketing campaign can generate this much excitement and reach this number of high quality customers in just a matter of hours! Local subscriber stats...! !London – 3.9 million ! London North – 495,000! London East – 460,000 London South – 640,000 London West – 845,000 “Best money saving application 2012 winner - Groupon” ! - The Carphone Warehouse Appy Awards Groupon sales are split 60% online and 40% mobile
  4. 4. How does it work? Bespoke Campaigns! Our consultants work closely with each business to put together a great deal on your product or service. Once the deal is finalised, it goes through rigorous quality assurance checks before it is scheduled to feature Your business gets the spotlight! From online and mobile to additional word-of-mouth advertising, Groupon puts you at the top of local consumers minds. Our dedicated Marketing and Social Network Team create an online campaign whilst creating a buzz around your brand on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels to make the deal go viral Merchant Centre! Groupon invests heavily in technology with systems including merchant centre and scheduler which lets customers book online 24/7, at no cost Post and pre-sales Support! You can rely on us for help and guidance during every step of your promotion, from initial consultation to day of feature launch and on-going partner management support. Our business consists of the following departments relevant to your business:! ! 1. Research & Development 2. Sales! 3. Quality Assurance & Compliance 4. Scheduling! 5. Partner Management (after-sales) 6. Customer Service
  5. 5. Generating value for businesses & consumers! “We bought two vouchers for A La Cruz, and we brought along a couple of other friends as well.” – Customer testimonial, A La Cruz “On top of the redeemed vouchers, I made an additional £20,000 on drinks in one month alone.” - Owner, Rodizio Preto “We set up our deal with Groupon and have taken a lot of calls as a result! We thought it was great for us in terms of heightening the awareness of your company and attracting new people.” - Marketing Manager, Greenwood Hotel and Spa “The deal provided me with new clients who were very happy with the deal, many of them have already started to book in new appointments as regular customers” – Manager,Tina Steenberg Spa
  6. 6. Meet our partners Is this you
  7. 7. Meet our subscribers According to a recent business survey: ! 66% use Groupon primarily as a guide to explore their city ! 92% said Groupon brought in quality customers ! 89% said those customers were likely repeat customers ! ! In short, Groupon subscribers are one of the largest, most desirable audiences for any business. “This type of ‘collective buying’ has caught on. Since the firm started it has brokered sales of more than 8.8m ‘groupons’ and saved customers around $375m” ! - The Economist
  8. 8. Subscriber = Customer Measurable advertising that works!! Not only does Groupon offer massive reach— with millions of users worldwide —it brings you new customers and growth. Our subscribers are out to discover their new favourite spots and know that Groupon is the place to find them. The higher quality of experience you provide, the more likely you are to convert new customers to repeat business ! - Groupon
  9. 9. Preview LA Fitness: Ten Individual Day Passes Including Exercise Class Access for £27 (82% Off)
  10. 10. Competition analysis “Voucher site of the year 2013 winner - Groupon” ! - Consumer Moneyfacts Awards
  11. 11. Conclusion • Groupon only features deals on the best stuff to do, sea, eat & buy • Groupon has 75% of the market share over competitors • Ranked 26th best website by Time • Over 2000 affiliates to promote deal • 100-5000 vouchers sold on average ! When you work with Groupon, you get free tools to measure your campaign results in detail. You will see precisely how we’re growing your business. With dashboards and a dedicated Groupon after sales team, you’ll learn more about your customers, where they live, how they spend, and what they buy. ! For all the thousands of pounds a print ad, online campaign, or other media will cost your business, you get no guarantee in return. Groupon, on the other hand, gives you a fast, easy, risk-free alternative that achieves marketing goals far beyond the scope of traditional media – at no upfront cost!