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Seavus project viewer

  1. 1. Seavus Project Viewer™Increase Your Business Productivity
  2. 2. About Product• Seavus Project Viewer™ is a complete viewer for Microsoft®Project files that facilitates excellent cooperation in projectswhere the project stakeholders need to view and shareinformation from project management.
  3. 3. Users of Microsoft® Project plans are categorized into 2 groups based on theirneeds from the project plan (.mpp file)• Users who create/modify project plans - project managers• Users who view information in already created project plans - team membersAbout ProductIt’s a small, fast and lightweight stand alone application that does notrequire web access or Microsoft Project it self. Additionally, it is aneasy to use product that lowers costs substantially, and saves time tobe more productive.
  4. 4. Key Features• Provides the Microsoft® Project Ribbon interfaceSeavus Project Viewer™ is the only viewer on the market that brings the users the sameRibbon interface from MS® Project. The view of the project plan for team members isenriched with the ribbons that’s make the view same as in MS® Project, and by thatsooths the work of the users.• Import Master Project Plans from Project Server 2007/2010/2013Project managers can create tasks, assign resources and publish the project planon Project Server 2013Project Managers create projects inMS Project 2007, 2010. 20013Project Server 2007, 2010. 20013Team MembersWeb Access
  5. 5. • Opens large project (.mpp) filesSeavus Project Viewer™ opens large and complex .mpp files (project plans that last for severalyears, with great numbers of tasks and resources) in very short period of time.This makes the Viewer especially useful tool for enterprises running large projects that lastcouple of years.Key Features• Open password protected filesIn order to avoid unauthorized editing of the project plan, project manager caninsert password that will protect the information that is inserted inside the .mppfile.
  6. 6. • Supported Operating SystemsSeavus Project Viewer supports the following operating systems:• Seavus Project Viewer available in 11 different languagesSeavus Project Viewer speaks your languageKey Features
  7. 7. Benefits of UsingSeavus Project Viewer ™Increases productivity as it supports 100% of the views of any edition of Microsoft®Project (including MS Project® 2013) and provides additional custom project viewsSaves money as it costs 90% less than MS® ProjectSaves money since MS® Project training courses for team members are not neededEasily understandable by all project stakeholdersOpens and prints large .mpp filesOffers different types of licensing models suitable for individual and company users
  8. 8. Seavus Project Viewer™ Platforms
  9. 9. CustomersOur value enterprise customers from Switzerland->Orange Communications SA-> UBS-> General Dynamics European Land Systems - Mowag GmbH-> Nissan Technical Centre Europe-> Swisscom IT Services AG-> WWZ Energie AG-> Swiss Re-> Autoneum Management AG-> SITA-> Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd-> Institut Straumann AG-> F. Preisig AG
  10. 10. Testimonials"It is great to work with Seavus Project Viewer, very user friendly, and for alower price then other viewers. It has exactly the same view as MicrosoftProject Viewer, and some other futures that allow me to configure my toolbarmanu the way I like. Very easy to use and with deep functionality.“Mr. Martin Arend, EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG"Thank you very much for the information about MSI setup and activation of theproduct. We really appreciate that Seavus Customer Support representativesare so kind to help us with this matter. Thank you very much for your excellentservice.“Vlastimil Schart, ArcusGruppen AS, NorwayThe best Viewer on the market."I tested all of the viewers for MS Project available in the market place and inmy opinion, Seavus was the best by far. Not only does it look similar toMicrosoft Project (thus reducing our training overheads), but the Seavusnetwork licensing model also made it possible to make this viewer available atan extremely cost effective price to all the users within our organization. Welldone.“Andrew MacBeth, Chief Information Officer, Lycopodium Engineering, Perth Australia
  11. 11. Powered By: Seavus“TURNING TECHNOLOGY INTOBUSINESS VALUE”Thank YouMALMOESeavus ABDjäknegatan 2211 35 Malmoe, SwedenPhone: +46 40 300 940Fax: +46 40 300 941SKOPJESeavus DOOEL11 Oktomvri 33A1000 Skopje, MacedoniaPhone: +389 2 3097 400Fax: +389 2 3097 414BITOLASeavus DOOELUl. Kliment Ohridski lamela 5, kat 27000 Bitola, MacedoniaPhone: + 389 47 220 026BOSTONSeavus USA, Inc2352 Main Street, Suite 200Concord, MA 01742Phone: +1 770-261-1394MINSKFLLC SeavusKorolya Street 51, office 11220004 Minsk, Republic of BelarusPhone: +375 17 200 82 35Fax: +375 17 226 56 69NISSeavus DOOSt. Bogdan Popovic 218000 Nis, SerbiaPhone: +381 18 4577 319Fax: +381 18 4577 325BELGRADESeavus DOOĐorđa Stanojevića 12, BelgradeOffice Park11000 Belgrade, SerbiaPhone: +381 11 22 894 53Fax: +381 11 22 894 57ZURICHSeavus GmbHLeutschenbachstrasse 958050 Zurich, SwitzerlandPhone: +41 76 612 6434