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How SearchLock Protects Your Web Searches' Privacy?


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SearchLock is one of the best tool to enhance your web searches privacy. Know how it protects your web searches and install it in just one click.

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How SearchLock Protects Your Web Searches' Privacy?

  1. 1. SearchLock & Its Installation Process
  2. 2. Your Web Searches are not safe. They can be traced/hacked anytime.
  3. 3. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo trace your web searches
  4. 4. Your web information can easily get tracked
  5. 5. Even your workplace can easily track your searches
  6. 6. You will never know that your information is not secure
  7. 7. Add SearchLock Extension to protect yours web searches
  8. 8. Install SearchLock in just one click!!
  9. 9. Hackers can never track your information
  10. 10. Keep your Web Searches and Keystrokes safe
  11. 11. Add SearchLock to your browser Today!!
  12. 12. Visit Website to install SearchLock for free