SWM SEO presentation Aug 20, 2012


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  • Results/ROI calculation (if time)Explain Compete.com If avg profit on a sale is $1000, and 1 of 5 calls = sale, then w metrics above, 1 call = $250, each Visit is worth $10
  • Google Analytics = free, incredibly useful tool that tells you 2 super-important things. We help clients set his up & encourage monitoring. Beware SEO cos that do not want you to know what is going on w your campaign.
  • Local vitally important. This is tourist attraction, people going to be looking on their phones. Rock Ctr/TOTR = 25% mobile All other reviews = 4 stars
  • Will explain how’s & why’s in monthly reports
  • Short answer – everyone! Depends on % of business’s leadgen SEO is/can bepayScale.com = so important every webdev (there were 4) had regular SEO trainings organized by the SEO manager. At very least, you could send your webdev Google’s Official SEO Guide [show]
  • SWM SEO presentation Aug 20, 2012

    1. 1. Search Engine Optimist ClientsTeam Office Trade Group
    2. 2. Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimist Or:“My site looks great! Now why is my phone not ringing?” • 70% of online searchers will use local search to find offline businesses. • 95% of those people use a search engine to find what they are seeking • 90% of those same people don’t look past the second page of results for their search Source: Forrester Market Research
    3. 3. Different Ways To Get Found on Search EnginesOrganic • “Normal” searchSearch results. Websites. Local • Geographically specific search results. “GoogleMaps/ Places”/“Maps”/+ Places • Requires very differentListings techniques to rank, than Organic search Paid • Sponsored advertising, can be forSearch/ any keyword, evenPPC Ads competitor’s name
    4. 4. Measuring ROI • 10,000 see website on Search Engines • 500 Visits • 20 calls • 5 customers = $10,000 total • 1 Repeat customer (not counted) • Therefore each Visit = $20
    5. 5. SEO Terminology • Search Engine Optimization SEO • Steps and methods to get you website to rank higher in the search engine results • Search Engine Result PagesSERP • The results that are displayed by search engine when a given term is searched through its engine • one or more words which your potential customers will type into theKeyword search engine and which you want to show up #1 for. • Clickable text on a site that loads a different site into the computer. Link Google considers links to be votes for the site linked to, and they are very important for SEO. Page • Google’s 1- 10 measurement of the overall authoritativeness/ trustworthyness of a site. Rank • Misleading, spammy Techniques that manipulate search engines and human visitors to create quick gains in ranks & traffic.Black Hat • Often backfire after a period of time, resulting in penalties or outright banning from the search engines. (See JC Penney debacle in NY Times)
    6. 6. Measuring Success - Google AnalyticsWeb Analytics tool providing rich insights to web trafficand marketing effectivenessShows how visitors found site and how you can enhance their visitor experienceBest “bang for your buck” of any tool
    7. 7. So How Does It Work?
    8. 8. Market Share Potential – Rockefeller Ctr • Rockefeller Center shows up on the first page of 45% of the top 24 keywords • However, of the 17 non “NBC Studio tour” keywords, only 2 are on the first page of Google
    9. 9. Recent Changes to Google’s Algorithm Panda • Focus more on on-page content • Too many exact-match links can get sites penalized Penguin • Linkfarms = bad
    10. 10. Local Presence Search for “Tourist Attractions in New York” shows no local listing for Top of the Rock or Rockefeller Center
    11. 11. Using Google Analytics to Uncover Problems, Opportunities Client #1 Client #2
    12. 12. Search Share - CompetitorsMarket Engine Optimist
    13. 13. SEOing the site: Who should be involved? Website Admin – Make SEO Experts – Prepare a technical changes in the strategy, consult and execute website for positive SEO towards better ROI and Developments branding Website Communicators – Sends out Owners or Managers – essential information about Interact with communicatorsthe company directly to users and SEO experts to discussor to SEO experts, write SEO- goals and road map friendly content
    14. 14. How to convince your organization to invest in SEO?• A Key Metric - First page “Organic” search results are preferred by 91% of consumers looking to make a purchase. SEO is therefore extremely effective for online lead generation, increasing online sales or simply increasing the company’s online presence and brand awareness.• Brand perception - Heavily dependent upon showing up for relevant keywords. When was the last time boss did business with a company showing up on page 3?• Integrate marketing - Studies show that a consumer is likely to go online and search for your product or service after seeing or hearing it through an offline marketing channel. So unless they remember your businesses name, they are going to be searching online for your products and services• Cheap! Compared to print/radio/TV advertising, or trade shows or other techniques, SEO is “cheap insurance” against when more & more customers go online.• Essential - Without good SEO a company risks it’s website sinking into obscurity and a significant loss in internet traffic. It also risks it’s brand not being taken seriously and loss of reputation as a result. Source: Tamar 2008 search attitudes report
    15. 15. How to choose an SEO firm Strong No Track Guaranteed Record with placement case studies Logical + Transparent Long Term Methods + Approach Analytics
    16. 16. SEO Resources Search Engine Optimist1. Beginners Guide to SEOhttp://guides.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-search-engine-optimization2. SEOBook – Free 7-Day Course for Beginnershttp://www.seobook.com/free-account/ 3. Google’s Office Guide to SEOhttp://static.googleusercontent.com/external_content/untrusted_dlcp/www.google.com/en/us/webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf4. How to use Google Places to Market Your Businesshttp://www.inc.com/guides/201106/how-to-use-google-places-to-market-your-business.html
    17. 17. Questions? 206.569.8846 - Carl carl@searchengineoptimist.com Send an email for today’s PPT.