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Google Analytics - Advanced Insights

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Score advanced analytics_06192013_final

  1. 1. Google Analytics:Actionable Insights & Custom ReportsAdvanced Features & Settings
  2. 2. Search Smart Marketing• Mission▫ Deliver superior client service and results by effectively integrating strategy,project management, client service and technology.• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• Paid Search Advertising• Local Search Optimization• Social Media Marketing• Review Monitoring & Management• Mobile Advertising & SEO• Video Optimization• Display/Banner Planning & Placement
  3. 3. Kate Hamilton-Miller• Graphic Designer• Started Digital Marketing, 2004• Joined Search Smart in 2008• Certifications▫ Google▫ Bing▫ Social Media• Memberships▫ SEMPO▫ National Association of ProfessionalWomen (NAPW)▫ Women Centric
  4. 4. What Is Analytics?• Definition▫ Analytics is the discovery and communication ofmeaningful patterns in data▫ Web analytics is the measurement, collection,analysis and reporting of internet data forpurposes of understanding and optimizing webusageSource: Wikipedia
  5. 5. Types of Analytics• Onsite▫ Visitors▫ # of Pages Viewed▫ Time on Site▫ Popular Content▫ Common Exit Pages▫ Actions Completed• Offsite▫ Potential customer pool (search opportunity)▫ Share of Voice (visibility)▫ Commentary (reviews, social engagement)
  6. 6. Google Analytics 101• Terminology• Proper Set-up• Top 5 Reports• Turning Findings into Actions
  7. 7. Analytics Lingo• Tracking Code▫ JavaScript placed on each page of your site• Tracking URL▫ Web Address of the page on your site you want todirect visitors to + relevant marketing info• Campaign▫ Marketing initiative; Email Blast; Paid Search Ads
  8. 8. Google Analytics Setup• Free account▫• Link to AdWords▫• Webmaster Tools Integration▫• Define Goals and Conversion FunnelsUSE THESAMELOGINACROSSALLGOOGLEPRODUCTS
  9. 9. Analytics Tracking – Tag Everything!• What▫ Pay-Per-Click (CPC)▫ Email▫ Social Buttons, Posts▫ Display• How▫ AdWords Auto-Tagging▫ Tracking URL Generator SEARCH: Google Analytics Tracking URL Builder
  10. 10. AdWords Auto-Tagging• Login to AdWords• My Account > Preferences• Edit, Check Destination URL Auto-Tagging• Save Changes
  11. 11. AdWords Auto-Tagging
  12. 12. Reviewing Your Data – Report #1
  13. 13. Report #1 – Audience Overview• Derive Meaning▫ Compare Month1 vs. Month2▫ Have visits increased? Decreased? Remained flat?▫ Major shifts in bounce rate or new visitors?• Take Action▫ Are you aware of any recent changes in: Marketing activities PR coverage Offline events▫ Move onto Traffic Sources to determine cause ofincrease or decrease in visits
  14. 14. Report #2 – Traffic Sources• What sites are delivering visitors to your website?• Traffic Source Types▫ Direct to Site▫ Organic Search▫ Paid Search▫ Referral• Filter by Traffic Source type for consolidated data• Referral sources include Social Media, PR & Blogs
  15. 15. Reviewing Your Data – Report #2
  16. 16. Reviewing Your Data – Report #3
  17. 17. Report #3 – Popular Site Content• Derive Meaning▫ What pages of your site are visitors drawn to?▫ What pages do people visit, then immediately leaveyour site?• Take Action▫ Popular Content Create more content of a similar nature Send relevant paid search traffic here▫ High Bounce Rate Revise the text on the page Misleading keywords? Try a new layout
  18. 18. Reviewing Your Data – Report #4
  19. 19. Report #4 – Visitor Information• Derive Meaning▫ Where are most of your visitors located?▫ Do they fall within your area of service?• Take Action▫ Increase advertising or sales activity in lowvolume/high response areas▫ Review paid search targeting settings if traffic iscoming from outside of your service area▫ Remove any geographic references to areas you do notserve that are mentioned on the website
  20. 20. Report #5 – Goal Conversions• Online Purchase▫ ecommercetransaction• Micro-Conversion▫ Visits to Contact Us• Contact Actions▫ Form Submission▫ Newsletter Sign-up• Downloads▫ White Paper▫ Brochure• Site Engagement▫ Pages per visits▫ Time on site• Social Engagement▫ Blog comment
  21. 21. Reviewing Your Data – Report #5
  22. 22. Reviewing Your Data – Report #5
  23. 23. Report #5 – Goal Conversions• Derive Meaning▫ What action(s) do you want people to take?▫ Define GA Goal for that page URL• Take Action▫ Are your marketing efforts generating the desiredaction(s)?▫ Which efforts are performing best?▫ Do under-performing campaigns have a clear callto action?
  24. 24. Key Takeaways• Proper Setup Ensures Maximum Data Collection• Don’t Get Lost in the Details > Focus on ActionableInformation• Recommended Reports▫ Audience Overview▫ Traffic Sources▫ Popular Site Content▫ Visitor Information – Geographic Location▫ Goals/Conversion Performance
  25. 25. Measuring Marketing Initiatives• Traffic Sources>Sources>Campaigns
  26. 26. Advanced Segments
  27. 27. Advanced Segments
  28. 28. Is Mobile Important?
  29. 29. Mobile & Tablet Traffic Growth• Audience>Mobile>Overview194% increase in Mobile Traffic
  30. 30. Mobile Device Specifics• Audience>Mobile>Devices
  31. 31. Goal Conversion Funnels• Conversions>Goals>Funnel Visualization
  32. 32. Creating A Conversion FunnelClick Admin ButtonSelect Website Profile
  33. 33. Creating A Conversion FunnelSelect One to Begin Funnel
  34. 34. Creating A Conversion Funnel
  35. 35. Reverse Goal Path
  36. 36. Creating A Conversion Funnel• Log into Analytics & click admin button• Select your profile (• Goals tab• Click Create A Goal button▫ Or select a goal you wish to edit• Enter Goal Description• Add URL of conversion page under Goal Details• Turn Funnel button on• Enter each step of the conversion process youwish to track• Note whether a step is required
  37. 37. Top Conversion Paths• Conversions>Multi-Channel Funnels>Top Conversion Paths
  38. 38. Assisted Conversions• Conversions>Multi-Channel Funnels>Assisted Conversions
  39. 39. Value of Your Social Media Activity• Traffic Sources>Social>Overview
  40. 40. Social Trackbacks: Who’s Linking to You?• Traffic Sources>Social>Trackbacks
  41. 41. Audience>Visitors Flow
  42. 42. Visitor Movement Through Your Site
  43. 43. Primary Navigation Path Details
  44. 44. Real-Time Events & Widgets• Overview of real-time activity on site• Traffic Sources• Location of Visitor• Content Visited• Events & Conversions Currently in Beta
  45. 45. Real-Time Report: Overview
  46. 46. Real-Time: Visitor Location Data
  47. 47. Real-Time: Traffic Source Data
  48. 48. Real-Time: Site Content Viewed
  49. 49. Key Takeaways• Conversion funnels help identify drop-off points inyour sign-up/checkout process• Mobile & Tablet site visits are on the rise – makesure your content is mobile friendly• Understand how your different marketing efforts areworking together with multi-channel funnels• Real Time Analytics – Fun to watch, but avoid kneejerk decisions based on small data sets• Presentation available online at
  50. 50. Thank You!Kate or Suggest A Topic: Use #SSMGASearch Smart