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Use Quality Score To Get More Clicks Than Your Competition for a Lower CPC


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In this slideshare about AdWords Optimization, I discuss how working to raise our quality score and click thru rate (CTR) leads to a lower CPC.

While quality score is often a misunderstood metric inside AdWords, the easiest way think about getting cheaper clicks is to boost our click thru rate, or CTR. I start by breaking down some basic AdWords vocabulary, dive into how your cost per click is actually calculated, and how we should start thinking if we want to get more clicks at a lower cost than our competition.

I even give an example of how you can bid 400% less than a competitor and appear above them in the AdWords results (yes, it's possible!)

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Use Quality Score To Get More Clicks Than Your Competition for a Lower CPC

  1. 1. Learn the Connection Between CTR and CPC and get cheaper AdWords Clicks How to pay 400% less than your competition and appear above them
  2. 2. Vocabulary • CTR = Click thru rate (clicks / impressions) * 100 • CPC = Cost Per Click – To Come Next • Quality Score – A relevancy metric Google uses to help rank where your AdWords ads show up
  3. 3. CPC • QS * Bid = Ad Rank • Remember, AdWords is an auction
  4. 4. Sample CPC Calculation High & Low QS Us • Bid $0.75 • QS of 9 • Ad Rank of 6.75 • We’d pay $0.67 AND appear above the competition Competition • Bid $3.00 • QS of 2 • Ad Rank of 6
  5. 5. How Does CTR Come Into Play? • Remember Google’s Goal to show the very best ads to people – Also AdWords is a big business • If you create a piece of ad copy that users click on more often than others for your position, your QS is high – Often, the highest CTR earns the highest QS
  6. 6. Check the Competition’s CTR VS Yours
  7. 7. Look at the impact of CTR & CPC
  8. 8. Link between QS & CPC
  9. 9. More Practical AdWords Help •