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YouTube Success Stories - The In-House Option by Snapfish


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: YouTube Success Stories For Marketers. PRESENTATION: YouTube Success Stories - The In-House Option by Snapfish - Given by Hugh Burnham, @snapfishbyhp - Snapfish, Web Marketing Manager. #SMX #32C

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YouTube Success Stories - The In-House Option by Snapfish

  1. 1. March 5th, 2015 YouTube Success Stories the in-house option by Snapfish Hugh Burnham Web Marketing Manager Snapfish
  2. 2. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C First a little bit about Snapfish… • Web-based Photo service • 90 MM members / 12 countries / 2 Billion photos About Hugh (that’s me) • Manage SEM / SEO / YouTube + Display in-house Success & Learning In-House
  3. 3. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Having quality collateral makes everything easier. Have something to say We had a 30 second spot that was originally designed for a TV spot but was put on the shelf. Our department took the Ad and brought it to YouTube.
  4. 4. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Here are 4 things we suggest you get going first Yes in-house can be intimidating • Have a video you are proud of… • Install and QA a tracking Pixel (Google Universal) • Sync your AdWords & YouTube Channel together • Build out lots of collateral (banners, text ads etc)
  5. 5. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Build out campaigns that track every format possible. Get your Geek On! In-display advertising In-stream advertising In-search advertising In-stream static overlay
  6. 6. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Use what you know about your clients to direct budget Do Your Research • We knew our Target Gender, Age Group • Measured Placements, Keywords, Topics + More • Ran Cupcake for 1 week • Set Caps on Daily spends
  7. 7. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C We found some interesting information… Cupcake Results… • 12 second mark had a huge drop off of viewership • General placements brought bucket load of views • Stretch your Campaign by keywords or small topic
  8. 8. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Google suggests ads be over 12 seconds… Zig when others Zag • For Black Friday we made an 8 second spot • We ran the ad for 2 days in In-Stream • Promotion was aggressive but not insane
  9. 9. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Google made a Scooby Doo Noise… Black Friday Results … • CPV was 30% less than Cupcake ad • CPC were 14% cheaper than our SEM campaign • 15 Million views / 34 Million IMP / 270K Clicks • Over 4.5 Million people saw ad 3+ times in 2 days
  10. 10. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Tried to recapture what we did the year previous Could we repeat?… • Marketing Budget was halved, but … • CPV was less than previous campaign • 5.6 Million views / 14 Million IMP / 140K Clicks • Over 1 Million people saw ad 3+ times in 2 days
  11. 11. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Sometimes shorter can be more effective Take our lessons to heart… • Be Quick with the Promo within first 5 seconds • Pixel tracking makes everything easier • Spends can be small if placed strategically • You don’t need a big agency to make a big noise
  12. 12. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C Nothing fancy folks, but they worked great! Samples of the work… • Cupcake video • Black Friday spot #1 • Black Friday spot #2
  13. 13. @snapfishbyhp #SMX #32C