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What Would Beyonce Do? Fierce PPC Tactics to Make Your Account A Super Star By Maddie Cary


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 1-3, 2016. SESSION: What Would Beyonce Do? 5 Fierce PPC Tactics To Make Your Account A Superstar. PRESENTATION: What Would Beyonce Do? 5 Fierce PPC Tactics To Make Your Account A Superstar - Given by Maddie Cary, @MaddieMarketer - Point It, Senior Client Manager. #SMX #13B1

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What Would Beyonce Do? Fierce PPC Tactics to Make Your Account A Super Star By Maddie Cary

  1. 1. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer Fierce PPC Tactics To Make Your Account A Super Star TITLE SLIDE ALTERNATIVE LAYOUT w/ IMAGE
  2. 2. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer §  Senior  Client  Manager  at  Point  It  Digital  Marketing     §  5  Years  in  PPC     §  Oversee  $35M  in  Yearly  Media     §  Global  SEM  Program  Lead   §  20  Person  Team   §  30  Languages   §  60  Markets     §  2015  US  Search  Award  “Young  Search  Professional” §  I QUEEN BEY!  
  3. 3. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer
  4. 4. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer DRUNK     IN     LOVE     WITH     PPC  
  5. 5. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer UPGRADED URLS §  Destination  URLs  became     Final  URLs  on  July  1st,  2015   §  Ads  keep  performance  data     §  If  changes  made  to  tracking  template,     ads  aren’t  sent  back  for  review                 Partner,  let  me   upgrade  you     AdWords  Editor  still  shows  the   Destination  URL  field,  so  it’s  easy   to  miss  updating  your  Final  URL   field  when  building  or  updating  ads      
  6. 6. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer More  bulk  edit/   multi-­‐select  options     New  navigation     &  advanced  search     not  as  intuitive  to  use   ADWORDS EDITOR 11 §  Redesigned  interface   §  New  features  support  for   §  Labels   §  Call-­‐only  Ads   §  Upgraded  URLs                   Did  you  know  there  are  new   keyboard  shortcuts  to  use  with   AWE,  including  CTRL+B  to  change   bids  and  CTRL+U  to  change  URLs       CON   PRO   HAPPY  BEY   SAD  BEY  
  7. 7. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer RLSA – GOOGLE ANALYTICS AUDIENCES §  No  longer  limited  by  the  AdWords  tag!     Now  can  also  use  GA  audiences   §  Not  all  GA  data  available  to  use  due  to     privacy  policies   §  Limitations  for  GDN  dimensions  and     specific  language  &  tech  dimensions                   Get  the  most  out  of  RLSA!   Duplicate  star  campaign,  write  new   ads,  and  bid  up  on  narrowed   valuable  audience  by  using     target  &  bid       Where  my  audience   data  at?  
  8. 8. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer AUTOMATED SHOPPING EXTENSIONS §  New  extensions  displayed  alongside     PLAs  at  no  additional  cost   §  Automatically  show  free  shipping  &   price-­‐drop  information   §  Promotional  text  retired  end  of  Sept  2015         Tell  me,  what  you    think  about  me?     I  buy  my  own  diamonds  &     I  buy  my  own  rings               Want  to  highlight  other  offers?   Utilize  Shopping  extensions  like   Merchant  promotions,  Product   Ratings,  &  Trusted  Stores   certification      
  9. 9. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer IF  YOU  LIKE  IT     THEN  YOU   SHOULD  HAVE   PUT  A     BID  ON  IT  
  10. 10. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer FLEXIBLE BID STRATEGIES AdWords  offers  multiple  automated,  algorithmic  bidding  strategies,     found  in  the  Shared  Library  –  and  you  should  be  testing  them!       Maximize     Clicks   Target  Search     Page   Location     Target   Outranking   Share     $ Target     CPA     Enhanced     CPC   Target     ROAS  
  11. 11. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer TARGET ROAS §  Case  study  with  Gaming  client     §  One  of  the  first  to  test  strategy     §  Aim  to  maximize  conversion     value  to  hit  goal  ROAS  target     §  Bids  changed  based  on  predicted     performance  of  ads     ROAS ROAS  up     +47  points       Revenue  up   +8%  
  12. 12. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer TARGET OUTRANKING SHARE §  Case  study  with  Consumer     Electronics  client     §  Set  goal  percentage  of  target   outranking  share  relative  to  main   competitors  in  last  3  months     §  Focus  was  to  start  outranking   competitors  following  up  to     Black  Friday     Top  of  Page  Rate   increased  +5%   Avg  Position   improved  +13%   Better  position  in     100%  of  searches     on  Black  Friday   +3%  profit  increase   Yeah,  that’s  right.     WHAT’S  UP  
  13. 13. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer MULTI-STRATEGY FLEXIBLE BIDS §  Case  study  with  e-­‐Commerce  client     §  Used  multi-­‐strategy  approach:   §  Target  Search  Page  Location     to  drive  volume  for  promos   §  Maximize  Clicks     to  increase  traffic  with  brand  value  keywords   §  Target  CPA     to  maximize  orders  on  last-­‐click  conv  keywords         +65%   increase   in  convs     Reduced   CPA  by   4%  
  14. 14. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer FLEXIBLE BID STRATEGIES NEED TIME TO LEARN Learning   §  AdWords  gathering  performance  to  optimize  bids   §  WHY:  New  Strategy?  Budget  Changed?  Setting  Changes?   Added/removed  from  the  strategy?   Limited   §  Strategy  needs  to  be  edited  in  order  to  start  optimizing   §  WHY:  Max  Bid  Limits?  Not  Enough  Data?  Low  Spend?   Budget  Constrained?  Low  QS?               Check  Your  Flexible  Bid  Strategy   Status  in  the  Shared  Library     to  see  if  it  is  Learning  or  Limited        
  15. 15. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer SAY  MY  NAME   SAY  MY  NAME  
  16. 16. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer BRANDED PPC - BIGGEST CHALLENGE Protecting  The  Brand   (Favoring  Brand  Voice  Over   Best  PPC  Practices)         Testing  &  Innovating   (Having  Fun!)        
  17. 17. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer PROTECT THE BRAND §  Discuss  ad  messaging  guidelines  before   launching  new  ads   §  Consider  internal  vs.  external  brands   §  What’s  the  appropriate  CTA?   §  Be  realistic  about  what  can  fit  in  95  characters   §  Brand  protection  isn’t  only  done  with  ads   §  Avoid  being  generic  in  your  landing  experience  –   searchers  notice  and  bounce  off!   §  Drop  searchers  on  most  relative  page  you  can   §  Multiple  accounts  and/or  campaigns?     §  Set  up  regular  auditing  for  consistency   §  Align  with  other  internal  teams’  bidding    
  18. 18. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer PRIORITIZE VALUE PROPS §  Brands  have  to  work  hard  to  compete   &  stand  out  in  PPC!   §  What  are  your  value  props?   §  What  are  your  competitors    doing?   §  What’s  your  audience  looking  for?       §  Back  up  the  argument  to  test  best   practice  PPC  over  brand  messaging   with  data!     S***  
  19. 19. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer MANAGE COMPETITION §  Use  Auction  Insights   §  Seriously,  it  better  be  your  best  friend   §  Label  &  Regularly  Monitor  Top  Keywords   §  Keep  an  eye  on  your  high-­‐converting,     lower-­‐funnel  keywords                 Set  Up  a  QS  tracker!     Implement  QS  Tracker  AdWords   Script  &  generate  graphs  to   monitor  historical  QS        
  20. 20. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer YOUR  PPC?   ***FLAWLESS  
  21. 21. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer Your PPC team should measure RESULTS Asks  about  specific  goals   §  What  is  your  target  KPI?   §  Do  you  have  monthly,  quarterly,  yearly  goals?   §  How  were  those  goals  set?   Delivers  consistent  &  transparent  reporting   §  Doesn’t  lump  all  campaigns  together   §  Clear  segmentation  of  campaigns  &  categories   §  Includes  all  relevant  metrics   #RESULTS             §  Are  you  able  to  access  your  raw  data?   §  Do  your  reports  always  include  only  positive  results?   §  Are  many  metrics  hidden  or  deleted  out  of  reports?      
  22. 22. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer   §  Do  you  go  months  w/o  hearing  about  PPC  updates  &  new  features?   §  Do  they  dodge  discussing  decreases  or  fluctuations?   §  Are  they  genuinely  excited  about  learning?       Your PPC team should value KNOWLEDGE SHARING Keep  your  account  updated   §  Implementing  applicable  new  features   §  Ensuring  best  PPC  practices  set  up   §  Looks  for  opportunities  to  change  areas  in     order  to  improve  performance   Shares  new  ideas  &  new  learnings   §  Talks  about  the  good  &  the  bad  performance   §  Excited  about  learning,  innovating,     testing,  &  growth     I  got  beauty,     I  got  heart   Keep  my  heads   in  them  books,     I’m  SMART          
  23. 23. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer Your PPC team should consistently COMMUNICATE Quick  to  communicate  &  collaborate   §  Regular  calls  &  check-­‐ins   §  Proactive  with  ideas  &  initiatives   §  Discusses  tactics  and  revisits  with  you  to  ensure     they  align  with  your  goals   Doesn’t  just  say  yes  to  everything   §  Challenges  things  if  they  think  it’ll  hurt  performance   §  Partners  with  you  and  discusses  in  detail  to     come  to  the  best  solution     I  KNOW     IT’S  CRAZY   OMG,  we’re   SO  successful!             §  Do  they  miss  calls,  meetings,  emails  often?   §  Are  they  proactive  &  detail  oriented  in  their  communication  style?   §  Do  you  often  have  the  be  the  first  to  take  the  initiative?      
  24. 24. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer I’M   A   SURVIVOR  
  25. 25. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM   FIRST:  Where  did  the  drop  in  performance  happen?        
  26. 26. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer BrainLabs  has  an  awesome  Auction   Insights  Script  that  you  can  run  in  a   Google  Doc  to  visualize  your  Auction   trends  over  time.             ASSESS COMPETITIVE IMPACTS WHERE  MY   COMPETITORS  AT?          
  27. 27. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer ALLOW FOR FLEXIBILITY §  Set  KPIs  per  campaign  category   §  Branded  vs.  Non-­‐Branded   §  Product  Specific   §  Testing  Goals     §  Set  thresholds  to  determine  when  it’s  time     to  pivot  your  bidding  strategy   §  Give  yourself  room  to  test,  but  set  guardrails   to  keep  things  in  check   §  Budget  caps   §  Max  CPC  caps   §  Automated  email  reports/notifications     Yes,  that  is  human-­‐being   Beyoncé  doing  that  
  28. 28. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer BOUNCE BACK IN BEYONCÉ STYLE §  The  great  thing  about  PPC?     You  can  make  changes  nearly   instantaneously  and  bounce  back!   §  Be  proactive   §  Learn  from  your  mistakes   §  Remember  you  are  human   §  Share  your  wisdom  with  the     SEM  community    
  29. 29. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer 1         2         3         4       5             New  Features!  Try  RLSA!   Test  Flexible  Bid  Strategy   Find  Intersect  of  Brand  Voice  +   PPC  Best  Practices   Work  with  PPC  team  w/  results,   knowledge,  &  communication   Use  Auction  Insights  Script  to   Bounce  Back  Faster   ASK  YOURSELF     WHAT  WOULD  BEYONCÉ  DO?  
  30. 30. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer I’M   A   SURVIVOR     QUEEN     BEY     ALL     HAIL      
  31. 31. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer CAN’T GET ENOUGH BEYONCÉ? Story of my life… Check out my presentation blog post for more info & resources: what-would-beyonce-do- webinar ALSO, check out this playlist of my favorite Beyoncé jams! Beyonce-Do
  32. 32. #SMX #13B1 @MaddieMarketer See you at #SMX Advanced in June! Thank you!