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What Shark Tank and Conversions from SEO Have in Common


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Actionable Insights & Conversion Tactics For SEOs. PRESENTATION: What Shark Tank and Conversions from SEO Have in Common - Given by Lisa Williams , @seopollyanna - Sustainable Digital Marketing, President & Founder. #SMX #23C

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What Shark Tank and Conversions from SEO Have in Common

  2. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C 1) Have a Great Product or Service
  3. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C 2) Laser Focus Your Goals & Assets
  4. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Leverage content research -Search dialog box at landing page level -Pre Not Provided data -Forget keywords, think about categories & topics -PPC data -Competition -Question Mining 3) Think Outside of the Box
  5. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Difference Between Not Provided for Visits and Not Provided for Revenue
  6. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Think about SEO not as Search Engine Optimization but as: Search Experience Optimization Search isn't Just Search Engines
  7. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Know location of all campaign assets and how you can optimize them for a topic/category: -Landing pages -Posts -Video -PR -Product and other schema -Social sharing structured data SEO & Topical Assets
  8. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Shark - Duane Forrester - SEO & Usability
  9. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Shark - Marcus Tober - SEO & Mobile
  10. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Shark - Jonathan Colman - SEO & People
  11. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Scorecards -Model and build out your scorecard/dashboard before campaign launch -Use storytelling (numbers and words) -Case study illustration 4) Help Non-SEO's Understand
  12. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C Help Them Understand Link Building
  13. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C "Build a connection from a site where your target market lives, that's not 'link building' that's smart business, that's good marketing" Eric Ward Organic Link Building Isn't Going Anywhere
  14. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C 5) Ask for Feedback & Advice
  15. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C -About how you got them to a landing page? -About your landing page? -About the check out process? -About your social engagement? -About the links you acquire? What Would Your Customers Think?
  16. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C 6) Think Like a Customer
  17. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C 7) Agree on What Success Looks Like
  18. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C 1) Have a great product or service 2) Laser focus your goals & assets 3) Think outside the box -SEO & Topical Assets -SEO & Usability -SEO & Mobile -SEO & People 4) Help non-SEO's understand 5) Ask for feedback & advice 6) Think like a customer 7) Agree on what success looks Takeaways for Conversion Tactics for SEO
  19. @SEOPollyAnna #SMX #23C