What Are You Calling a PPC Tool by Andrew Goodman


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From SMX East 2013 - What's in my SEM Toolbox? What Are You Calling a PPC Tool by Andrew Goodman
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What Are You Calling a PPC Tool by Andrew Goodman

  1. 1. What are you calling a TOOL? (PPC tools… my take) SMX East New York, NY Oct. 3, 2013 Andrew Goodman
  2. 2. Making analysis actionable, with or without tools
  3. 3. PPC bid management: “Unemotional baggage”? • First bid managementsoftware was invented to fix a single problem: “bid gaps”. • With a single feature changein the auction (bid discounter), suchsoftware became obsolete. • Pain of managing“multiple PPC engines” gave way to a “Google first” world • These third party solutions were often byzantine and proprietary; best theyrunit for you. Now you’ve picked them as your agency.
  4. 4. Tell ‘em what you did & why it was good
  5. 5. Why smart people can #fail at #ppc • Dysrationalia--coined by Keith Stanovich, WhatIntelligence TestsMiss • “In effect,all animals are under pressureto be asstupid asthey can get awaywith.” Richerson& Boyd,NotbyGenesAlone • Our deskjobsare poorfitsforour evolved tendency toavoid deepconcentration “Your world frightens and confuses me!”
  6. 6. Using AdWords filters to bid… and more (why & how)
  7. 7. Filter #1: “Quality Score as Wise Tea Leaves” • Clicks > 4 • Sort campaign in orderof Quality Score– low to high • Pause duds • Orbid up, down, or nochange, based on: – Judgment of likely commercial intent or“bleeder” – Assumption that Quality Scoreis currently wrong – Wish to increase impressions to “givekeyword a fair shot” – Wish to decrease impressions to avoid saddling the account with a poor QS history
  8. 8. Filter #2: Scapegoating Broad Match!
  9. 9. Filter #3: Keyword intentmyth-buster
  10. 10. Which KPI? When is test won?
  11. 11. AdWords Campaign Experiments (keyword view)
  12. 12. AdWords Campaign Experiments (aggregate)
  13. 13. Save time reporting? SaaS Drives Profitable Business Models in Most Professions Today (Mktg Agencies Included) • Sales Forces: Salesforce • Architectural / Design Software • Legal Practice Management:Clio • Small Business Accounting: Wave Accounting • Acquisio: “I Hate Doing This Shit” reports (custom) • The key is not just our time or profitability, it’s improved communications and forcing ourselves to better understand data and follow long term strategies.
  14. 14. Are we telling theright stories for the right purposes?
  15. 15. Who talks too much about tools? “And it slides back to the point,where Goligoski is waiting with his hockey stick. He tapsit with his hockey stickand it goesover to Dillon’s hockey stick. Nowknocked awaybyChara’sregulation hockey stickthatlooks like a toothpickin his hands, and it rolls into the cornerwhere severalmen carrying hockey sticksconverge on the black rubber disk…Seguin there firstwith his hockeystick and using that stick,gets it in frontwhere it reverses direction abruptlyaftercolliding with Horcoff’s hockey stickand it getsthrough Thomas’s legs despite the extralarge hockeystickhe holds firm against the ice…. IT SCORES!HOCKEY STICK!!!”
  16. 16. @andrew_goodman