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Using Paid Search and Social Together By Jonathon Kagan and Tara Siegel


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From the SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle, Washington, June 22-23, 2016. SESSION: Using Paid Search & Social Together To Deliver The Ultimate Knock Out Punch. PRESENTATION: Using Paid Search and Social Together - Given by Jonathon Kagan, @jonkagan - MARC USA|Results Digital, Sr Director of Search and Biddable Media and Tara Siegel, @tsiegel21 - Pepperjam, Senior Director of Social#SMX #14B

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Using Paid Search and Social Together By Jonathon Kagan and Tara Siegel

  1. 1. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Search + Social = <3 Using Paid Search & Social Together
  2. 2. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Robbing Peter to Pay Paul? No! How Search and Social Work Together to Maximize Performance
  3. 3. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Seriously, we’re legit. We are: Jonathan Kagan MARC USA|Results:Digital Sr Director of Search & Biddable Media Resume: •  10+ Years in digital advertising •  2013 Recipient of Google Search Excellence Award •  Digitas, Mediacom, Forbes Fun Fact: Former firefighter @JonKagan Tara Siegel Pepperjam Sr Director of Social Resume: •  10 Years in digital advertising •  2016 Kenshoo Infinity Award Winner for best Cross Channel Campaign •  2015 Kenshoo Infinity finalist •  2014 Shorty Award Finalist Fun Fact: First time in Seattle! @TSiegel21
  4. 4. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Search and Social crossover optimization is not about the investment, the traffic or even the results. It is about the audience. To truly be successful in this cross media endeavor, you can no longer think about influencers, users, searchers, clicks or even consumers. You must think about people. You must understand their likes, dislikes, where they are from, how old they are, how they spend their free time. You must gather all the information humanly possible to become their friend, before you should consider marketing to them... and then once you have that information, you must analyze the living hell out of it, to fulfill their needs before they can even contemplate them. You must move from marketer mentality, to a big brother mentality Something to think about…
  5. 5. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 What are we going to talk about? •  Upfront •  Social and Search: A Two Way Street •  Social as an Omni-Channel Optimizer •  Why a Social Program is Important Across Five Phases •  Audiences, Personas, Targets •  It’s All About the Audience •  Targeting Breakdown •  Ad Types, Based on Audience Persona •  Audience Insights •  Analytics Makes the Magic Happen •  In the Real World •  Intent Driven Audiences •  Cross Channel Synergy •  Television: It’s Not the Enemy, It’s a Unifier •  Who Can Benefit and How •  What You Should Know •  Future of Search & Social teams: A Great Debate •  At the End of the Day, Your Take Away is This…
  6. 6. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Search & Social: A Two Way Street Because of the similarities between Search and Social, the exchange of information, insights, and optimization strategies between them just makes sense Demographic insights Chatter and language Keyword/common theme performance Create remarketing lists (for search) Creative performance Product success/failure and feedback Device performance Impact from offline media Consumer profile development Time of day and day of week performance Audience performance
  7. 7. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Social as an Omni-Channel Optimizer 7 Display • Display vs. Paid Placements duplication can be avoided by audience segmentation. WCA, and TWA are social retargeting options directly via paid placements. • Prospecting audiences on Facebook will build a pool for Display Retargeting across the web. Paid Search • IDA campaigns use Search behavior to create audiences on Facebook. Keyword targeting on Twitter. • Quality score to Search is Relevancy score to FB is Quality Adjusted bid on Twitter. • Similar ad types. PLA’s, Click to Call, Lead Generation, etc. Email • Utilize CRM list by open, click, and conversion rate and target appropriately. • Build out email list with Facebook via Lead Ads. PR • Paid Social has a natural synergy with Public Relations. It is increasingly difficult to get organic placements on Social channels, as such it is more important that each paid post be consistent with PR standards. • Certain posting options are only available with a paid component. SEO • Social linking will increase organic page rank. • Social Media Profiles rank in organic listings. • Some Social Networks are Search Engines in and of themselves.
  8. 8. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Why a Social Program is Important Across Five Phases Acquire Onboard Engage Retain Advocate Reach users in our core audience segments and drive additional fans and followers to grow our audience base and increase reach Recognize value in each fan acquired and welcome them by serving custom creative and offering exclusive, relevant promotion Continually reach and engage with current fans and non-fans to deliver content and drive affinity to the brand Evolve content strategy to remain relevant and engaging to avoid user drop-off. Test and learn to optimize from historical success and refine retention strategy Leverage user comments and testimonials to create customer advocates and continue the feedback loop. Focus on community building by creating relationships with engagers and influencers
  9. 9. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Search + Social = <3 Audiences, Personas, Targets aka- the People who see your ad
  10. 10. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 It’s All About the Audience You know, in case you haven’t figured out our stance on this yet… •  Search is one of the most reactive form of marketing around. •  You want it, it in turn appears •  You are a hand raiser •  Doesn’t target the audience, targets the intention •  Top closer for DR and Ecommerce function •  Might know your email and recent site visits •  Social is a largely proactive form of marketing. •  You ask didn’t for something, well tough, you’re going to see it anyways •  You are often the case of wrong place, wrong time •  Targets whatever the advertiser is feeling that day •  High up for branding and brand engagement efforts •  Knows more about you than some family members Merging of insights between the 2 channels can creates a devastating blow to your target audience’s wallet. Don’t pay for a target, pay a premium for an ideal audience. •  From Social, search gets: •  Audience targeting for GDN •  Creative and keyword targeting engagement and ideas •  Audience exclusion and inclusion based on performance •  Impact of offline media •  From Search, social gets: •  A better feel on time of day engagement •  Audience targeting off search queries •  Insight of top performing metrics/site activity •  Ongoing demand/interest level of consumers
  11. 11. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Targeting Breakdown Right Message, Right People. Acquisition Fans CRM File Website Custom Audience Prospecting Excluding all acquisition audiences Fan Lookalikes CRM File Lookalikes WCA Lookalikes Intent Driven Audiences Enhanced Interest Facebook Partner Category
  12. 12. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 All information contained herein is confidential and/or proprietary information of Pepperjam, LLC, and any unauthorized use and/or any disclosure is strictly prohibited. Ad types, based on audience persona Product Driven Ads •  Leverage performance from Google PLAs •  Still in Beta •  Only available on Facebook DPA Ads •  Product Feed is loaded into Facebook with a creative template. •  Products will populate based on targeting and audience Classic Ad formats •  Multi- Product Ads •  Video Ads •  Link to Page Ads
  13. 13. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Audience Insights- Free tool, priceless information for all digital campaigns Example: High end fashion retailer found that 7% of their fans were Military and 5% were Veterans. The brand launched a Military Appreciation landing page with a special offer to this audience. Example: Audience breakout by location sheds light on City’s where brand fans are, this can help brick and mortar and other digital efforts.
  14. 14. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Analytics Makes The Magic Happen If you want one to help the other, then make sure you learn to love analytics To deliver cross channel optimization, the first and most important step is to understand the audience that engages with you via channels One of the most effective crossovers of optimization are remarketing lists and audience targeting •  Know your desired targeted audience •  Know what audience you don’t want •  Know what audience visits and engages 1.  Run your media 2.  Investigate your data 3.  Refine your media 4.  Repeat
  15. 15. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Slide is Solely Designed to Get You Off Tinder at the Moment and Refocus Your Attention on This Presentation…FOCUS!
  16. 16. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 What Happens…
  17. 17. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 30% higher return on ad spend 24%increase in AOV 7% higher paid CTR Intent-Driven Audiences Facebook + Kenshoo Case Study: Research with a leading retailer shows that Facebook advertising makes search work harder. Kenshoo intent driven audiences currently in Beta with Kenshoo Social
  18. 18. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 All information contained herein is confidential and/or proprietary information of Pepperjam, LLC, and any unauthorized use and/or any disclosure is strictly prohibited. Use Kenshoo’s Technology to provide bridge between Search and Social as we did for a High End Fashion Brand… Challenge: Prospect on Facebook and Instagram to find full price buying customers for launch of new season. Solution: Use IDA (Intent Driven Audiences) to find customers who were searching for brand, competitor, and category terms. Results: CTR rose 480%, and CPC dropped over 70%, resulting in a more efficient campaign thus increasing ROI. Cross Channel Synergy, Search + Social Customer Searches Clicks On Ad Cookies Matched Audience Built Facebook Custom Audience Lookalike Audience
  19. 19. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 TV shows and commercials typically does one of two things to consumers quickly (and then does the other thing not long after) 1 in 5 social brand engagements is driven by TV* TV drives up to 80% lift in brand searches** Television: It’s Not The Enemy, It’s a Unifier Don’t shy away from TV efforts, ride that deliver until the wheels fall off #Tweet/Status Update (likely not on G+) *”Television Advertising is a Key Driver of Social Media Engagements for Brands”, 4cinights **”TV ads drive 80% rise in branded search”, Efficient Frontier Performed a search relevant to the brand (usually on mobile) Engagement Rate Up 300%+ Brand Search Rate Up 200%
  20. 20. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Who Can Benefit and How Short answer: Everyone, Long Answer: Defer to Short Answer The media optimization crossover, is not about getting additional traffic and driving better revenue. It is about making your media more cost efficient through effectiveness. Target audience is not always the most engaging audience. Understanding who visits vs. who converts can save you big time ad spend. Sample: Senior Living Facility Chain Theorized Audience: Primarily Adult Children (55+), even on gender, heavy affinity to travel, cooking and TV Top Actual Engaging Audience: Upper Middle Age (45-54), female dominant, with heavy affinity toward movies, news and travel (a 38% higher conversion rate) Assumes a 1% CTR, all audience sees 1 impression (70% reach), $1 CPC and 1% CVR Assumes a 2% CTR, all audience sees 1 impression (70% reach), $1 CPC, 1.38% CVR = = 2.45M Impressions, 24,500 Clicks, $24,500 in cost and 245 conversions at $100 CPA 1.75M Impressions, 35,000 Clicks, $35,000 in cost and 483 conversions at $72 CPA By adjusting audience targeting to converters, spend increased 42% but conversions increased 97%
  21. 21. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 What You Should Know…
  22. 22. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 Future of Search & Social Teams: A Great Debate Needless to say, our opinions do not align… As paid social and paid search continue to show overlap from for strategy, implementation, management and reporting, the concept of consolidated teams within operations has been debated. Some operations have put it in motion to combine, while others are going the complete opposite direction. For Merging Operations: •  Disciplines share similar optimization reporting •  Overlap on settings and audience targeting •  Creative development •  Trafficking alignment •  Similar impact (engagement and timing) from offline media •  Teams are more accustomed to executing work vs. just planning (ie display) •  Reduced overhead costs •  Agency increased billability opportunities (varies) •  Have a team vs. Have a Discipline Against Merging Operations: •  Dedicated team to monitor and react to industry changes became necessary. •  Insight writing on audience vs. keywords •  Client Marketing Team responsible for overall client story, social team responsible for reaching goals specific to social channels •  All social responsibilities under one department head •  Clear line of sight on hours/profitability of search vs. social teams. •  Create experts in social, community, influencer and reputation management •  Partner with best in class social technology
  23. 23. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 At the End of the Day, Your Take Away is This… Providing you were paying attention. Only you ultimately know what is right for your business, not us. But when you have to justify the cost of the very expensive tickets to this conference you can rattle off the following: Knowledge: •  3rd part analytics capturing both disciplines in a universal spot is needed •  The give/take relationship between the disciplines is great, but when you break it down, it really comes down to targeting •  To get crossover media optimizations to work, you must stop targeting the intention and start understanding the audience •  Overlapping insights->optimizations->cost efficient traffic and savings to be reinvested •  Technology updates are linking search and social behaviors and tracking results •  Social media is an omni-channel optimizer Actions: •  Compare demographic behavioral performance •  Continue to target the ideal customer, but also begin to segment and target the converting customer •  People on couches watching TV go between search and social, coordinate strategies to effectively execute •  Segment social campaigns the way you would search campaigns (you wouldn’t put broad and exact in the same adgroup, same principles apply to social) •  Link product listing ads free to DPA ads for a quick social win
  24. 24. #SMX #14B @JonKagan & @TSiegel21 LEARN MORE: UPCOMING @SMX EVENTS Thank You For Showing Up! Have Questions or Just Want a Pen Pal? If you try and pitch us via LinkedIn, the conversation will go bad quite quickly Jonathan Kagan @JonKagan Tara Siegel @TSiegel21