Tips to Improve Paid Search Geo-Targeting by Kevin Lee


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From SMX East 2013 / - Improving Your Geographic Targeting Tactics On Google & Bing- Tips to Improve Paid Search Geo-Targeting by @Kevin_lee_QED- #SMX #11D

Slide deck from Kevin Lee of Did-It on how to improve Geographic Targeting Tactics in paid search advertising.

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Tips to Improve Paid Search Geo-Targeting by Kevin Lee

  1. TIPS TO IMPROVE PAID SEARCH GEO-TARGETING # Kevin Lee Did-It @Kevin_Lee_QED #SMX #11D October 1, 2013 #
  2. @Kevin_Lee_QED “Flavors” of GeoTargeting Geotargeting comes in many flavors: • Mobile vs Desktop/Laptop/Tablet, Mobile geo-intent is different than stationary • Stated Geographical Intent (NY plumber) • Imputed Geographical Intent (plumber) • Different SERPS (Maps, Textual, Hybrid) • Geo goes beyond targeting into experience
  3. @Kevin_Lee_QED Ad units make it easier to talk to your largest profitable segments differently, and optimally: 1. Separate ads by geography 2. Promotional language, offers 3. Different landing pages 4. Don’t rely on Ad Extensions Enhanced campaign bidding… Geo is better with optimal ads
  4. @Kevin_Lee_QED How GeoTargeting Works Most Search geography is not Lat-Long The SERP could improve if a search query included your latitude & longitude (which your phone usually knows) • Privacy issues But it is moving in that direction, with permission and transparency.
  5. @Kevin_Lee_QED Limitations of GeoTargeting Precision does not indicate accuracy The management interfaces at Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. provide an illusion of accuracy in geotargeting. Truth is that geotargeting just increases odds of the person being where you want them to be.
  6. @Kevin_Lee_QED Geo as “Big Data” better results We love data that: • Predicts conversion rate • Predicts average order • Predicts lead quality • Suggests personalization • Predicts Lifetime Value • Predicts influencers (social media or offline) • What other KPIs would you like to predict?
  7. @Kevin_Lee_QED Look Familiar? US presidential election made it clear. Not all geographies share the same demographic.
  8. @Kevin_Lee_QED Geographies Beverly Hills vs. West Hollywood? • Upper East Side of Manhattan vs. East Harlem • New Haven (by zip code) • Think about where you live • Business density and type?
  9. @Kevin_Lee_QED The Power of Audience Keywords tell you very little about audience Geography predicts demographic and psychographic audience segments: • Conversion rate • Income • Wealth • Weight / BMI • Age • and dozens more
  10. @Kevin_Lee_QED Audience Audience Audience My current mantra "Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries
  11. @Kevin_Lee_QED What's your Avg. Position? For your non-branded keywords what is your average position?
  12. @Kevin_Lee_QED Conversion & Profit Lift Deliver Leverage Conversion (and more profitable conversions) deliver leverage. Conversion/Profit =Leverage Benefit of Leverage manifests itself as an increase in reserve bid price (may not be fully needed). Better Audience Delivers Bid Leverage! Big Data delivers audience
  13. @Kevin_Lee_QED Going after the wrong-long-tail There are more powerful tails than the keyword long tail. Failure to consider audience. A very common mistake
  14. @Kevin_Lee_QED Geo Bid Boost: How It Works AdWords $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ • Determine Geo Bid Multipler for AdWords account • Selected keywords that are important enough to boost Demographic MAP Data Interfaces with AdWords account
  15. @Kevin_Lee_QED Map Based Bid Boosts: How It Works AdWords $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ • Customized map applied to selected keywords • New geo structures built and keywords either campaign replicated into the Google AdWords account or Bid Boost in the master account by geo modifier Custom map applied Maps data sync Keywords selected Geo campaigns created
  16. @Kevin_Lee_QED Typical online campaign runs nationally Geo Boost: How It Works
  17. @Kevin_Lee_QED Geo Boost: How It Works Ex: A Map campaign targets many geo regions Hundreds to thousands.
  18. @Kevin_Lee_QED Geo Maps: How It Works Maps can be built to suit many needs • Demographics • Household Income • Shopping cart size • Conversion rate • Family size • Wealth • Client specific goals
  19. @Kevin_Lee_QED Didit Maps: How It Works Maps can be built to different geographic sizes • State (Region) • DMA (Metro) • City • Zip Code*
  20. @Kevin_Lee_QED A Retailer Conversion Map *Based on data previously tracked by Didit 2010-2011 Conversion Rate by DMA Hot conversion region Cold conversion region
  21. @Kevin_Lee_QED Didit Maps: Household Income by DMA For demonstration purposes only Hot HHI region Cold HHI region
  22. @Kevin_Lee_QED Didit Maps: Wealth by DMA For demonstration purposes only Hot Wealth region Cold Wealth region
  23. @Kevin_Lee_QED Geography: Other Attributes Demographics, Political donation levels by party Psychographics Personas Real Estate values InfoScan, Magazine readership, Internet access speeds Apple / Mac / iPad penetration Use your imagination
  24. @Kevin_Lee_QED Geo Segemts - Benefits For Advertisers • Weed out unqualified traffic (non-profitable clicks) • Bid on keywords in areas that are more likely to buy • Customize campaigns that appeal to people in a specific geographical area • Improve ROI performance and VOLUME on top funnel/non-brand keywords • Resuscitate a stale campaign
  25. @Kevin_Lee_QED Conclusion • Take a fresh look at Geo • Evaluate partnerships and Geo expertise $200 adCenter coupon in my recent books * * new US advertisers only
  26. # see more presentations at: #