The Social Advertising Landscape by Don Mathis


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The Social Advertising Landscape by Don Mathis CEO of Kinetic Social @KineticDHM

The Social Ads Landscape: Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, BuzzFeed & Reddit (#smx #11B)
There’s a whole world of social ad opportunities beyond Facebook and Twitter. Some are mainstream; others on the cutting edge.
Join us as our panel of experts share case studies, tips and techniques to best capitalize on the options offered by these lesser known, but just as powerful, social platforms.

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The Social Advertising Landscape by Don Mathis

  1. 1. The Social Advertising Landscape Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, BuzzFeed, Reddit
  2. 2. If you find social advertising confusing…there’s a reason
  3. 3. A bit about us Marketing strategies remain fragmented across social and digital media Kinetic Social makes sense of the world’s social signal Kinetic Integrates: Campaign Planning & Strategy MVT and Optimization Data Aggregation, Predictive Analysis Programmatic Media Buying Algorithmic / Contextual Targeting Customized Deep Reporting Kinetic Social is a member of the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program (PMD) With more to come!
  4. 4. Facebook…and everyone else Facebook reaches over 1.19 billion active users monthly Twitter reaches 200+ million users monthly with 1 billion tweets every 2.5 days Source: The Next Web, The Atlantic
  5. 5. Social Network Referrals Comparison Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are dominant in driving traffic LinkedIn and YouTube are gaining share Source: Shareaholic blog
  6. 6. LinkedIn Background: Launched in 2003 and had its IPO in 2010, LinkedIn bills itself as the world’s largest professional network 259+ million members in over 200 countries Advertising: Average Revenue Per User (APRU) as compared to Facebook and Twitter Source: LinkedIn,
  7. 7. Social Network Usage Comparison Tumblr beat out Facebook in a recent survey of what teenagers use online. Source: Financial Post, Garry Tan
  8. 8. Teens in Social Media 61% of teenagers cite Tumblr as their favorite social media site, ahead of Facebook (55%) and Twitter (22%). Source: Mediabistro
  9. 9. Tumblr Background: A microblogging platform and social networking site founded in 2007 145.1 million blogs and 66.1 billion posts in 13 languages generating 18 billion pageviews per month (to date) Majority of users are 18-24, with the next largest demographic aged 25-34 Yahoo acquired Tumblr this year for $1.1 billion Advertising: When Tumblr got into monetization last year, it generated $13 million in a matter of months Advertising restricted to “radar” and “spotlight” features, with a $25,000 minimum ad buy Source: Business Insider, Tumblr, Digiday
  10. 10. StumbleUpon Background: Founded in 2002, StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to users 30 million users Over 1 billion ‘stumbles’ per month More than 25 billion clicks of the StumbleUpon button Advertising: Paid Discovery links interested audience to advertiser messages Ads are shown by category and demographic Source: StumbleUpon
  11. 11. Reddit Background: Launched June, 2005 4.7 billion monthly page views 81.4 million unique visitors monthly 6% of US adults visit regularly The largest user demographic is 18-29 year old males, who make up 15% of its visitors Advertising: Ads can contain text, images, and video, and they can also be commented on for direct user feedback Focus is on what users are interested in, and not what demographic they are in Source: Reddit, TechCrunch
  12. 12. BuzzFeed feeds Facebook BuzzFeed is dominating publishers in Facebook engagement Source: NewsWhip blog study
  13. 13. BuzzFeed Background: This social news and entertainment content company was founded in 2006 2.5 million subscribers 85 million unique visitors and 500 million page views monthly Majority of readers are 18-34 Advertising: Works with advertisers to create branded content Promotes their audience of “SuperSharing” users to generate earned media Source: Buzzfeed
  14. 14. Thank You! Don Mathis CEO @KineticDHM