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The New Language of Consumer Engagement by Apu Gupta of Curalate


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The New Language of consumer Engagement by Apu Gupta CEO of Curalate - @apugupta

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SMX Social Media Marketing Las Vegas November 2013
You Oughta Be In Pictures: Close Up With Pinterest, Instagram & Flickr
With the rise of social picture sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest, and the revival of Flickr, it’s clear that we’re living in the age of the image. Smart brands and marketers are creating captivating visual collateral to reach and connect with consumers on these image-centric social networks. Learn what they’re doing and how you can succeed in today’s photo-based world.

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The New Language of Consumer Engagement by Apu Gupta of Curalate

  1. 1. The new language of consumer engagement November 2013
  2. 2. Smarter Marketing Through Imagery
  3. 3. We’ve Come full circle once again We’re communicating with images
  4. 4. 400,000,000 (images shared daily: Facebook + Tumblr + Instagram Alone)
  5. 5. Consumers want “snackable” content Images are consumers’ favored snack
  6. 6. Images drive emotions Emotions drive reactions The result? images drive awareness, engagement, Affinity, and revenue
  7. 7. Consumers communicate across social channels. Images of your brand go where your consumer goes.
  8. 8. whoa, this really happens?
  9. 9. Images come from two sources Brands Fans
  10. 10. reflect the customer journey Aspiration Celebration
  11. 11. Brand: Understanding behavior
  12. 12. user generated content: brand affinity & Revenue
  13. 13. Thinking natively
  14. 14. Don’t just listen. Observe. What you’re pushing to your fans What your fans Actually care about
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